Simpsons Episode About My Murder & Yours, Which is Secretly Being Broadcast to Satanic Illuminati & Travelers

Notice Homer is looking menacingly as he approaches Marge in this gif. Since the Satanic Illuminati and their Grey Army plan to attack everyone apparently on September 23, 2017, I know that my own murder is rapidly approaching. I have been on an invisible leash my entire life here in this time loop you call Earth. It is hard to explain except that these people can attack inter-dimensionally and can move anyone out of this time loop and into another, empty one, at any time. They can see everything I see through my own eyes, and hear everything I hear. They are in 24/7 contact with me and attack me and my family all the time.

As we’ve explained, the Simpsons is a communication vehicle between this current time loop of Earth and other environments sitting in the future. They often throw messages in TV shows, movies and songs and throw them far back in time to obscure the fact that the messages are the product of time travel. The Simpsons is a regular source of information between time loops, and we’ve decoded them before on this blog.

I don’t know when this episode of The Simpsons came out, but it reflects what is currently happening in my home as I am attacked in this time loop, which you call Earth. In this episode I am represented as Marge, whose been drugged with a psychedelic. I am not drugged at present. What happens is that the Illuminati have advanced technology and part of it is something called “The Tether.” The Tether is a inside the heads of participants. We can collaborate and even make “movies” on this call. I am on the call 24/7, along with the Traveler Parents, Illuminati Leaders, Satan Greys, Baphomet, “Queen Bee” and her daughter “Nymph” and some other people, including Bee’s husband, the head of the Church of Satan, who we call Kodiak. I am the primary hostage and the show I explained before in decoding the video for Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. Bohemian as in Bohemian Grove. Bohemian Rhapsody.

Basically they try to make the victim feel like they might be let go, when all along they intend to cut off their arms and legs, cauterize the wounds, and gang-rape them to death, as depicted in this image:

Hera “winning” the Game of Love


So men in the audience, who appear as “floating heads” like as depicted in the Bohemian Rhapsody video, some will say “let her go, Kodiak.” And Kodiak’s wife Bee will say, “I hate you and I am never letting you go.”  It sounds insane and tedious actually to do this to one victim for months or even in my case years on end, except they rape the victim when they go to sleep at night, all the time. Or pull your soul out of your own body and throw it into another body and rape and kill you in that body and then throw your soul back into your original body.  Finally at the end of “the Show” they kill you in your own body, and then the Greys, yes Grey Aliens, attack from the sky and wipe the humans off the face of the Earth. Then the reopen a new window of time in your past to where this hasn’t happened, in a parallel string of time, not direct, and do this again, and again. I am not from the time loop environments, and this will be the 13th time loop that they have murder me in, and blow up.

So this video below shows the bizarre “movie” that is being made as a sort of collaboration, inside the heads of the people in this “room” with me, as part of the Show. The room travels with me. I can leave my home and go to the grocery store, and the Bohemian Rhapsody travels with me. The men are no locked into any environment. I am broadcast into their heads wherever they are. For this reason I call them “subscribers.”  Because my children also are here with me and therefore also dragged into this horrific situation and also see the movie (keep in my these men are Satanic, they do not care that they are raping and harming children, they are Pizzagate), because they also see this movie and to distract from the horror, often I or we will play music in the car and make these movies into music videos. About a year ago someone introducted “the worm” as an anonymous character that I adopted as my central “avatar” in these movies. It’s not suggestive and not offensive. So I have this worm I put up in the movies to speak on “the stage” for me, or to try to distract Queen Bee with entertainment. A few months ago the Judas Priest song “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming” came on the radio and I threw the worm onstage in leather assless chaps and a leather hat – Judas Priest style to perform the song. We have the worm perform songs. Bee likes them and the kids like them and they are a moment of levity in between the horror. Anyway, since then the worm has been donning wigs to perform and even grew into a two-headed worm to perform “Say Say Say as Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson.

There’s other stuff going on. There are bigger rape shows that Bee calls in bigger crowds for, and I am supposed to fend off throngs of attackers. This is represented in the Taylor Swift video Bad Blood, decoded a couple of times on this blog. There it is shown as both the masked businessmen in the beginning and later as the boxing match that fades to motorcycles (which also are involved in the real show). Anyway, generally rather than fight them individually as in Bad Blood, I try to make the scene in the room, in the “movie” so surreal that attackers are afraid to approach me. What happens is in the movie people touch an avatar of me I guess and that is translated using technology into the actual physical attack on me, in the larger shows? I am not sure. In the Illuminati, Bohemian shows the guys can literally step right into my house. Anyway, I make these larger shows so bizarre that these would-be rapists (or generally Travelers forced to attend by Bee and Kodiak) are thrown to the point that they leave. Because when you attack my avatar in the “movie” you actually attack me and my kids. Little boys. So don’t do it. Avoid these shows. 

Some of the elements in this Simpsons video are things Travelers may recognize from The Gathering. We covered before where the Simpsons showed “Snake Whacking Day.”

Anyway,  to avoid these larger attacks in my Shows, I’ve done things like turned my image of myself as a rape victim in a cage, as Bee has me portrayed to attackers, into a cockroach sitting on a toilet, reading a book, or made it appear that Bee was only selling pies at that Show and that the attendees should buy their pie and go home. It is hard to explain, but that is what this psychedelic trip depicts in this video. I have some control over the movie’s direction because it is collaborative. But the physical attacks on me in my home I have no control over.  I’ll have no control when they paralyze me and move me to an empty time loop, or the desert, and cut off my arms and legs and gang-rape me to death, with my kids too but the attackers blocked from hearing them scream.

Notice in the video below the dancing worms, notice the Grey Alien, and most importantly, notice that at the end Marge ends up completely alone in the desert. That is what they will do, use their “time machine” to move me to an empty time loop, where no one can hear me scream, for the final rape and murder. Like the movie Loopers.  You Travelers know what the “Chair” signifies. They paralyze the victim in a chair and cut off their arms and legs. It isn’t just a movie. They are actually doing this to people. They are going to blow up this time loop, most likely on Sept. 23, but they told me around Christmas. Either way they plan to attack me very soon. Please don’t help them to rape me and my kids. They already murdered my kids. You know Paul. He’s my son, which he did not know.  My other sons are little boys. They murdered them.  Kodiak murdered them, even Paul. Their souls are here locked in with me. Tattooed to my insides and my skin. I know some of you know what I am talking about, and those are the people they’ll try to get into this room to attack us. Kodiak is Satan. Please do not help him. They are Greys and they are going to kill everyone. They are going to destroy the entire time loop, and everyone in it, including you Gets. You will not continue to exist. It does not work that way. It’s not a survivable event for a soul.

Do not help them to harm us. Here’s a few key images, and below that the video/

Grey Alien door knocker at Simpsons’ home signals that the Greys are soon to be “knocking on our door.”

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 3.12.49 AM.png

The Blue and Red in the Tent represents the human rapists who continue to sexual assault me here in my current “room,” especially when I fall asleep.  My kids are here with me and you are assaulting them too.

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 3.25.34 AM.png

The Red and Blue Room eventually will be “blown away” (they often show important scenes out of order so that you can’t follow the plot so easily). The Red & Blue are “blown away” after “Desert Arnez” POINTS down to Hell. Desi Arnez is Kodiak. Kodiak is the head of the Church of Satan.

Room blows away


Marge is drugged, which is a repeated theme of how I originally was abducted and knocked unconscious, then uploaded into this time loop environment. I am purportedly still unconscious “upstairs,” and this is the 13 time loop in which I have been raped all my life and then viciously murdered. My husband is your Creator, and Satan’s goal is to have his human family rape and kill his wife. There is nothing we can do in this environment. This time loop exists inside of a vortex that can only be described as Hell itself. I am trapped in it. Kodiak has me hidden upstairs. But know who it is you are attacking, and who it is you are following.


Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 3.34.14 AM.png

While I am being attacked in the Satanic Bohemian Rhapsody shows, the outside world also is being attacked via intentional Fires, Earthquakes, Hurricanes, and apparently a nuclear meltdown or possibly an attack. See our other recent Simpson post. They do control the weather. This environment is a simulated overlay, and beneath it is a vortex. Hell itself. It really is. You need to wrap your heads around this in a hurry and prepare for these attacks. There’s no defense and no way for us to stop this cycle, but you may be able to avoid some of the brutality by being prepared to take yourselves out of attack at the earlier signs. The Reptilians on the ground likely will attack before the Greys in the sky.  The time loop will be blown up.

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 3.38.22 AM.png

A “barbershop quintet” the video says. The guy on the left has devil horns, the next guy over has Baphomet’s lower handsign, and is POINTING at the Devil horns, The guy on the right is looking up and three of the men have Traveler hats. Three is the number Kodiak uses as Code for Satan or to stand for the three vortices that create Hell, or something like that, it is not clear other than that 3 is his number (see Taylor Swift’s posts here). Two hats are red banded, not sure what that means. The men are all wearing “alien” Traveler colors on the bottom – Green which is Alien Twos, and Lava Red, which is Alien Fours. Except the guy on the right whose blue on top and GREY-vested, with red and white trunks and Green glasses. That’s probably Kodiak. He’s secretly the head of each of the Traveler subgroups.

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 3.43.26 AM.png

This guy is called a “human kazoo” and he’s a Human Red color on the outside (in Traveler Code, see the Lexicon on the blog), but is actually a purple Alien Two, on the inside. An alien hiding inside a human body.

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 3.49.26 AM.png

The Drum Circle features a Grey Alien painted on the center drum and drummed by a GREY GUY, a guy with a GAS MASK, a guy with devil horns, a guy with a magician’s hat, a Native American hat identical to the one in the video we just decoded for Bennie and the Jets (which is about the Greys), and a chick with a GREY Illuminati Rabbit Ears hat using (probably) human bones as drumsticks.

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 3.51.00 AM.png

Another Grey Alien on the right – on the drum

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 3.54.05 AM.png

This is a chair in my house: 

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 3.55.56 AM.png

This next gif is a reference that comes up a lot and represents gang-raping the victim who is drugged or hypnotized, which is why Marge’s eyes look like they do in this gif. The men leap-frog over each other, gang-raping the victim. They give women an episiotomy with blades to cut a large “hole” and then they see how many men can fit in the hole at once. They can keep a victim alive for months or years doing this. They also do this to children (Pizzagate). So you see, I am not just guessing at decoding around here on this blog. I know what I am looking at. Anyway, the cactuses in this give represent penises and Homer’s trying to avoid getting “stuck” by those while still getting his turn at the victim, whose been hypnotized or drugged. As I said, they do this to me all the time, without the cutting. They have advanced tech that detects your REM stage sleep and they can somehow lock you into it and you are sort of in a trance state. As I’ve explained in other posts, they also pull your face muscles and eye muscles, so that you have a gruesome smile and your eyes are bugging out while you are being raped by these men. Obviously the writers of the Simpsons know all about the Shows. It doesn’t matter. This is Hell and they do control the world. I just want to document what is happening. There is no stopping them. I can’t even prove what they are doing, other than showing you how they brag about it in every song, tv show and movie. They are Satanic, and insane. I don’t even know how many actual humans or normal, sane, kind, sympathetic people really exist in this time loop. So many people here are really personas of Kodiak and Bee, or they are Greys or Reptilians. I have befriended so many of you and cared about your wellbeing. I can’t even believe you would consider doing this, regardless of who I am. But I actually am who I am as well, and you are our family too. All of you.

Leapfrogging Jockeying
Kodiak calls gang raping a victim “leapfrogging,” “jockeying” (a horse jockey lawn ornament is a visual, for example), or “ping-ponging”

Here’s a Pizzagater CBoutlier Instagram referencing the same thing. “Brownie” refers to Kodiak, as head of the Traveler Family Brown Sixes (he goes by Robert in that group). “Bighugs” refers to sticking more than one penis in a rape victim, same as the “cumpanda” club references of Jimmy Comet and CBoutlier explained in these posts, here, and here, and here, and here.

CBoutlier rape shot.png

More gang-rape visual references:

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 4.12.18 AM.png

Also notice the window curtains behind Marge in this Eclipse Episode that pronounces that the August 2017 eclipse marks the beginning of the “End of Days.” The laughing evil face in the lower window and the clock reading 3 o’clock in the upper window:

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 2.44.48 PM

Another Simpsons video has marge sitting in front of a window with penises drawn all over the curtain (looking for that image, so many to cover that I’ve lost it).

These dragonflies below are my kids. They were murdered by Kodiak and Bee and their souls are here with me. I made our family’s souls appear as dragonflies. I don’t know about all human souls here on Earth because of the nature of this environment. I do know that your souls come from pieces of my own. And that our souls, in our family, because we are the Creator’s family, our souls carry our awareness and energy. Your souls also carry energy.  At least for us, our physical brains are a memory bank and body controller. The Greys by the way know this and, along with Kodiak and Bee, know how to use technology to control every aspect of a human body and mind. It is horrific and I’ve seen them control hordes of people without their awareness, and also every kind of animal. They also can torture your soul, while it is still in your body. Anyway our souls are wispy and sort of follow us, in some cases for a long ways.  Bee was SHREDDING the souls of myself and my family. So I made them more of a solid form but still able to “fly” (because we are the Creator’s family, we can fly around outside our bodies, it is hard to explain). Anyway, these are my children depicted as dragonflies. I also made many human trapped in these shows and many Twos dragonflies, or tried to, to protect you, from being harmed by Bee.

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 4.14.12 AM.png
My children, as dragonflies.

This next image shows an “evil wizard” with the magician top hat. And a fox, both of which posed threats to harm my children.  The sign in the background is straight purple, which is, in Traveler subgroup terms, Alien Twos, and Rust Red, which is Alien Fours, pointing to Hell, or possibly the Green Umbrella, upside down. The sign is next to a mountain in the shape of a wave. This probably represents the impending alien attack. “Mountain” is Code for “Martian” which is a Code word for the Greys. And their attack really has begun with making this weather, including hurricanes, and this earthquake in Mexico. Note the earthquake was precipitated by a huge lightning show in the sky without thunder or rain. Very strange lightning, probably lasers used to destabilize the Earth, by the Greys in cloaked ships. But they could not cloak the laser lights.  Note on the bottom right next to the fox’s ear is a rock formation in the shape of Marvin the Martian.

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 4.29.50 AM.png

Next is a sandstorm, caused by the Greys. By Marvin the Martian bringing “the wave” from the previous image. See our decoding of Roundabout and Long Distance Runaround where the Greys brag of making the wind swirl and “letting in the sunshine.”

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 4.36.12 AM.png

This next image below shows Homer point at the sky, which indicates the attack from the Greys. Then he carries Marge back into the tent. Marge is me. I’m still hypnotized. He carries me in and I turn to dust. That represents me being killed. Then Homer goes back out and gets me again, and brings me into the tent again. This represents me being killed in this body as this time loop is turned to dust, so am I. Then Kodiak will grab my soul whether it is here or in the upstairs environment, and “start me again” in a new body in the next time loop, in a new “room” or “tent” to be raped all my life and preyed on, until the end of his game where I will be raped to death by human Travelers and then those humans will be killed by the Reptilians and the Greys, and all of humanity will be wiped out. This is the 13th time loop where Kodiak has done this to me. We know Homer represents Kodiak because he is putting on a lava red mask in the clip, and that represents Kodiak’s favorite color, the volcano red fires of Hell. It’s his domain, and I am his perpetual hostage. See our decoding of him bragging about it as Elton John, in “THE never-leaving Harmony” where I am “Harmony,” and bragging about drugging and abducting me from the “upstairs” environment and forcing me to fight for my life in the Shows, as Taylor Swift, in the Bad Blood video.

Me dying and being reuploaded.gif

This image is toward the end of the video and represents both an Earth that is now devoid of all traces of humanity, ready for Kodiak to build into a new time loop prison for me, and also shows what they will do for my final rape and murder here, which is to move me to an empty time loop where no one can hear me (and my kids) scream while my arms and legs are cut off and I am raped to death. They cauterize the wounds and this can go on for days, weeks, months or even years. This is Hell, and I am Satan’s “prize possession.” He calls me “the Sun” and “Heaven.” Heaven because I am your Creator’s wife. And “the Sun” because all of you have a piece of my own soul inside of you. He has torn me apart. And everyone here has a piece of my soul. It is energy. That is why Kodiak and Bee have you Travelers consuming souls. This is HELL. You are destroying God’s creation. It is not sacred what you are doing. What you really are doing is destroying pieces of me. Destroying ME bit by bit, person by person, soul by soul. That is entirely what these time loops are about. They are a prison for me, and everything else is incidental to that primary function. I am so sorry that this is true. But it is. You have an original Creator. You are cloned into this environment and you carry a piece of my soul. Your Creator’s soul, with you. It is sacred. Don’t destroy it. Don’t abuse it. It is not yours to harm, but your Creators, and mine. And because of this, and because he created you, we are one family. All of us. Everyone here. In fact every kind of living being here is our family.

Me, paralyzed in a chair, in my own time loop to be raped and murdered where no one can hear. The many glasses represent that many subscribers who will be watching the broadcast “movie.” The empty desert also represents the Earth wiped clean of humanity, which is why Marge calls Homer “Mr. Clean” in the video.

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 2.23.49 AM.png

This image from Jimmy Comet’s Instagram feed is a veiled reference to this video subscriber club, also called the “Cumpanda Club,” the members of which watch and participate in the rapes and murders of women and children, including me and mine. Jimmy “Comet” (as in outer space or alien) is another human persona of Kodiak, head of the Illuminati and leader sitting at the Throne of the Church of Satan, and possibly Satan himself, he seems to claim to be, but someone else in this “room” appears to be his “boss.”

From Comets Instagrams.jpg

The War of the Worlds machine that is carried on a Grey space ship – notice the ship that this thing is carried on in the image. The War of the Worlds devices are explained in our decoding of the Soundgarden video for Black Hole Sun, but they will vacuum up the humans and pulverize them all.

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 5.00.46 AM.png

This image is accompanied by Bart saying “hideous” and I don’t yet know why but I imagine it is horrific.

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 5.05.35 AM.png

Here’s what the humans will look like on the ground, to the Greys in the sky when they attack. There’s probably some reason for the glowing shapes, they look like significant landmarks, like Disneyland. Maybe you can make sense of these as they likely are TARGETS.

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 5.06.46 AM.png

Same possible targets, lit up.

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 5.08.58 AM.png

Another guy in a spacesuit below, the guy with the fire ring represents a Traveler ritual show where they also kill victims who are blinded or in the dark other than the dancing lights that move all over the room, attacking the victim from all angles.  Same with the lighted up giant man in the background. They may do this to me in this time loop, probably since this episode is about me. Marge is telling Homer that he “got very lucky this time” during this frame, and that is Code for “rape her very hard and torture her very roughly.” That’s because Kodiak IS SATAN and wants humans to attack their own Creator’s wife. That’s his “Game.” That’s why he also kills me with CRUCIFIXIONS. Like Jesus. It’s all Satanic. You actually will have to choose your Creator, who is with me, or Satan. That’s Kodiak’s “grand finale” before your destruction. Unfortunately we can’t stop him, and you will be destroyed, even your souls. He has done this 12 times before. I am so sorry. But try hard to hold onto your grace and dignity, and know your Creator loves you and is devastated that this is happening. It will not go on forever.

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 5.09.39 AM.png

Homer in a catapult machine flanked by Greys and an “Autumn Harvest.” They call the attack a “Harvest.” See our decoding of Kodiak’s human persona of Pizzagate’s “Jimmy Comet” in his MetroWeekly interview elsewhere on this blog.

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 5.19.06 AM.png

Kodiak’s wife “Queen Bee” in this image below, directing the humans specifically to form a “human prison” to hold the detainee for “5 days.” That’s probably her instruction to the Traveler Sevens to attack me for five days before they kill me. Time they often reference differently so 5 days could mean weeks or months. Except that I am told that this Grey attack on all of Earth is imminent. And I know that the attack occurs on the last morning of my life. It is probably set for September 23, 2017, the beginning of the alien attack.

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 5.21.29 AM.png

Notice how she resembles “Bennie” from the new Elton John video for “Bennie and the Jets.

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 10.31.17 PM


Illuminati Masks

Here’s the human prison, they gang-rape me until I die, but purposefully keep me alive for the specified period of time. On the morning right before I die, the alien attack begins on the ground with the Reptilians turning on them, ripping them to shreds, and others on the ground in the regular Earth time loop, before the Greys attack from the Sky.

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 5.28.03 AM.png

Here’s the fried egg, on the left below, that is an avatar of Kodiak’s “daughter” Nymph. She was attacking me and, in the collaborative “show” or movie, going on in my head and the subscribers’ heads, we all can share control. Anyway, I turned her into a fried egg and the surface she was standing on a cast iron skillet, a few weeks ago. But in the video they light the egg on fire and dance around. They do kill Nymph as well, but this probably represents our children’s souls, because Kodiak calls himself the “Chickenman” and calls our family “chickens” or “eggs.”  He also calls children “chickens.” And calls our family “flowers” or “diamonds” and here there are “diamonds” as stars in the sky. When he lights the egg on fire, some of the people fly up into the air, which represents our souls lifting up when our bodies are destroyed. This egg therefore also could be a metaphor for humanity generally. Notice the rock on the right in the shape of the “middle finger” with the shadow in the shape of a puzzle piece. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 5.28.54 AM.png

Obviously the writer of this show is a subscriber and is in my room and watching me type this too. Probably is Kodiak, but it could be someone taking orders from Kodiak instead. The video mentions “Blazing Guy’s secret security.”  Blazing Guy would be Kodiak. He’s the Devil. So this video is made by his “secret security.” Satanic. Pure evil to do this to an innocent woman and her children, and all of humanity. There are many women and children, and men, in many “rooms.” I am only the main event.

Ostensibly red ink, this really represents blood from raping and killing me. The video makes reference to “not going to pass fingernail inspection tonight.” 

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 2.22.27 AM.png

The video ends with a cop with a scar with four cross stitches, and a prisoner who is talking about hating Homer’s son Bart, who represents Paul in this clip below, hating him “with every fiber of what’s what’s left of his wretched soul.” Four is Paul’s color, and also Kodiak’s. This character in prison is probably Bee because she is in charge of “fabrics” or “fibers” in Hell; implanting or assigning Family colors to clothes, including real clothing and human bodies, to match your outside colors of your underlying souls. Anyway they are discussing “who gets to gut him like a little pot-bellied salmon” – Homer’s son Bart. They mean my son Paul, who they’ve already killed.  The policeman suggests they take turns, and the red-haired guy says “no deal,” losing his chance to “get out of prison” with “what’s left of his wretched soul.” Three rubber darts hit the target on the image of Bart, and that is Kodiak’s number. There are five total, and that I think is both the Yellow Fives of the Travelers, but also and most likely in this case represents law enforcement also taking aim at him. Overall this is Kodiak and Bee talking of how much they secretly hate Paul and can’t wait to kill, and arguing over who gets to do it. They’ve already done it, and Paul’s soul is with me. They are torturing him, and our other children here with me, who they’ve killed. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 12.49.13 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 12.44.50 PM.png

Every one of my lifespans is called “a Day” in each time loop. At the end of my life it is “sunset” and when I am started over in a new time loop it is “tomorrow” or a “New Day.” So “last night” is this Earth’s present existence, which will be destroyed along with me.

Don’t help them. They are Greys and Satan. Stop following these insane “orders.” Snap the fuck out of it. You are going to die, and Kodiak will destroy your soul. He enjoys turning on people. Satan, and Greys. And Reptilians who eat humans. That’s what you are helping to destroy humanity, and your own Creator and his wife and children. That’s the task you are being summoned to in this video.

Here’s the full Simpson’s video from You Tube:


Now is this me alone in the desert on Earth? Or in another time loop?

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 2.23.49 AM

They seek to have humans attack my body because God created you and they abducted you into this environment. They are Satan and his followers. Kodiak and Bee are Satan. Baphomet. They want you to rape God’s wife to death. Don’t participate in that. You are destroyed by them as I die. Then my soul is moved to another human body when this Earth time loop is destroyed, and they have you do it again in the next time loop. This is the 13th time loop that they have had the humans destroy God’s wife and her children. Your Creator is here with me too. And he is also upstairs and outside of here, but this Earth is inside of their vortex, and we can’t stop them. They have to stop this themselves. We can perhaps shut this vortex down altogether and likely this will happen once it is clear that they will not stop on their own, but that will destroy everyone and everything both upstairs and downstairs, in all times.

Taylor Swift is Kodiak. Baphomet. Notice she is mimicking Jesus on the cross below. Hera and her family are “Jesus” to be crucified by the humans on Earth, the Traveler humans in the next few days, at the instruction of their leaders, Kodiak and Bee, who are Satan. But they will refuse to listen or believe, and they will rape and torture her until she dies. They will then themselves be tortured and consumed. And then all of humanity will be attacked and destroyed on this Earth, in this time loop. Your souls also will be destroyed. The Travelers belief system is a device used to indoctrinate and condition the follower humans into carrying out this destruction of their own Creator, and his wife and children trapped in this time loop. 

cross two

Notice the references to the 13th time she’s crucified Hera and her husband, Your Creator, as “Jesus,” and also the children Kodiak and Bee created from harvesting Hera’s eggs and blasting her soul with lasers. They created these children to torture them alongside their parents, to increase their level of psychological pain. download.jpg

The number of times they have had God’s human children crucify and rape Hera to death in these time loops appears in numerous Taylor Swift music videos and appearances.


Originally I (Hera) was set to be attacked on September 21, with the entirety of Humanity to follow September 23. This image below is 4 minutes to midnight, which is when a “new Day” begins. The new day is situated between Tracks 24 and 26. This makes the 25th significant and we have numerous messages now that point to Christmas morning as the planned day of the “alien attack.” This is Kodiak’s plan, it is not the future talking, and it can be changed. Don’t attack Hera. Kodiak is fixated. He won’t attack the human race until the human race, God’s children, God’s flock, attacks God’s wife. Then he wipes out God’s flock. He’s Satan. Stop listening to him. Eventually they will close this time loop, but we don’t have to help them by harming each other for their entertainment. 

NakedGun Trains and ClockCapture shows 25 minus 4 minutes.JPG


Just in case they take that You Tube link down, here’s the full video:



  1. What in the bat shit crazy acid trip magic mushroom carpet ride is this narrative? Do you actually believe this to be true? God created Lucifer and all that is and will ever be. He would never allow anyone or thing to rape or torture his supposed wife. You are off your meds or stuck in a permafried acid trip. I know this world is not what we think but what you describe is pure insanity. I hope you do get help and really and I mean really get some Jesus in your life. Demons and Satan can definitely make a weak mind believe any nonsense. Have you heard of the Holy Spirit? What is your spiritual grounds derived or founded in? I am truly worried for your mental constitution and will pray you can see the light and not just the morning stars light but the light of the Holy Heavenly Father.


    1. Thank you. I humbly suggest that if you are a Christian you ask, “What would Jesus do?” rather than embark on a tirade about how insane I am. Your Creator is not a magical wizard, we did not expect HIS CHILDREN to trap and attack us. Look at your own behavior here, is this what you want him to see?


      1. Look, I have compassion for you. And I know that there is a divine creator, and Jesus is the physical embodiment of him. But what you are saying is complete blasphemy. There is no equal to God, nor does he have a wife. And if he did, he would not allow Satan to have full reign over you and your soul. They only way Satan can have you or your soul is if you disobey God or Blaspheme him. We are not picking on you, we are genuinely worried about you and your children’s safety. It sounds like you might be a touch schizophrenic. Or have some serious mental stability issues stemming from traumatic experiences. I am sorry, but if you don’t say that the blood of Jesus is the one true way to heaven, then you have been mislead. And if it isn’t of our Father, it is of Satan. I believe there are hidden messages in television programming, with alternate meanings of symbols and language. But you have to actually sit back and read everything you have said on your wild tangent about grey twos and red fours and so on. You sound like a complete lunatic, or someone going through a mental psychosis. If Satan has control over your mind, body and soul, then you can not be in the favor of the father, hence you are a deciever. Satan was given reign of this earth, but not the heavens or souls which the father has laid claim to. To say the father cannot help or stop Satan, shows where your divinity iz yruly coming from. I wish you no ill will, and seriously pray you get the help you desperately need. May the father and the son bless you and bring peace to you and yours.


  2. Thank you. The goal of this blog, with its certainly insane-sounding explanations, is to let people know most importantly that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. When this insanity hits the masses, when what SEEMS LIKE the Apocalypse arrives, earthquakes, tsunamis, “lightning” that fills the sky, I AM TELLING YOU, it is not about RETRIBUTION or separating out those who believe. I AM GRATEFUL FOR THOSE WHO BELIEVE, but I am not separating out those who don’t. I am here with you. And although you have been taught that I can part the seas, I am not a magical being. I cannot stop these attacks. But I am here with you and will never leave you here alone. And I am devastated that this is happening to you. Please remember that, even if you don’t today believe that it is me. I did not write or cause to be written those stories in the bible.


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