Why do WiFi networks near my house include “PINGPONG” & refer to a network appearing on Pizzagate’s Jabbaroos’s Instagram, & also reference the “Magic Castle”?

Mine’s above, and here’s Jabbaroos, a member of Jimmy Comet’s Satanic “cumpanda” women and child gang-rapist club, with mine again below that (click that link for more info).

Jabbaroos Instagram WiFi Newworks

Things to note are the FBI Surveillance Van_5G appearing on both my available networks and Jabbaroos. And also on mine of interest is “Ping Pong,” and what used to be there, “Castle Greyskull,” since as you know I cover the Grey occupation and planned attack, and their involvement in Pizzagate as members of Jimmy Comet’s “cumpanda club.” And the “Magic Castle Land” reference also is noteworthy since these people are Satanic Illuminati and practice black magic.

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 6.39.14 PM

Update: Today, September 12, 2017, the nearby networks also have “Casa de Muggle” – note that these Pizzagate people are self-identified as Satanic black magic wizards (Illuminati). Hence the Magic Castle reference and the Muggle reference. The PingPong network and FBI Surveillance_5G that matches the Jabbaroos Instagram makes it clear that these people around me know about the blog, know my identity most likely, and actually are living all around me to maintain these networks at different signal strengths in nearby locations. They are everywhere these pedophiles. It is a vast network. They are black magic wizards, I have seen them in action as I have reported all over this blog. Here’s the new images from today of my wifi networks nearby, one taken 30 seconds after the other. It is though they saw that I was taking a screenshot and took down “pingpong” and then put it back online and didn’t expect me to take another shot a minute later.


Casa de Muggle and Magic Castle networks.png


PingPong and FBI Surveillance Van see Jabbaroos Instagram.png


Also these people doing this likely are on my “Tether” anyway, which is the 24/7 “video conference call” that occurs inside the heads of the participants using advanced technology. I’m the Illuminati’s primary target, their “Grand Finale” as they put it, to be raped and tortured to death before attacking humanity at large, probably September 23. They have made it clear, on a continual basis, that they will be moving me to an empty time loop, like in the movie Loopers, in the next few days, to begin torturing me to death. I absolutely believe they will be doing this. I also have no reason to believe that there is any way to stop them. They can walk straight into my house, right through thin air. They can move me right out of my bed, right through thin air. They attack me as I sit in my house, as I sleep in my bed. Not with energy that creates a perception of physical attack, but actual physical objects, including liquids just to make sure that I know that they are physically there, reaching in. They can attack me while remaining themselves invisible. It’s not magic, however, it is technology. All of it.

For the victim this is a distinction without much difference. But for you Sevens and Sixes out there, and Gets, who think you are safe as “magical beings” yourself, I want you to understand that this is technology of the Greys that reads your thoughts even before you know you’ve thought them practically and actuates them with technology, giving you the impression that you have magical power. That technology is about to be turned against you. Do not use it to attack me. Once I am incapacitated I can no longer help you. They will turn it against you and they will destroy you and everyone else here. As long as I am not incapacitated, I can work with you to prevent them from doing that, to some extent. Read this blog. I can make a difference, but obviously I cannot if I am being tortured in some other time loop. Don’t help them to destroy this Earth environment. They close the entire loop, not the one I will be in, they can’t destroy me because I am your Creator’s wife and that will have consequence for them. They will destroy the time loop that you call Earth, and all souls and beings within it will be destroyed. All of them. 

Now is this me alone in the desert on Earth? Or in another time loop?

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 2.23.49 AM

They seek to have humans attack my body because God created you and they abducted you into this environment. They are Satan and his followers. Kodiak and Bee are Satan. Baphomet. They want you to rape God’s wife to death. Don’t participate in that. You are destroyed by them as I die. Then my soul is moved to another human body when this Earth time loop is destroyed, and they have you do it again. This is the 13th time loop that they have had the humans destroy God’s wife and her children. He is here with me too. And he is also upstairs and outside of here, but this is inside of their vortex, and we can’t stop them. They have to stop. We can shut this vortex down altogether and likely this will happen once it is clear that they will not stop on their own.

Taylor Swift is Kodia. Baphomet. Notice she is mimicking Jesus on the cross below.

cross two

Notice the references to the 13th time she’s crucified Hera. download.jpg

It appears in numerous music videos and appearances.


Originally I (Hera) was set to be attacked on September 21, with the entirety of Humanity to follow September 23. This clock shows Train 25 with Jesus’s time running out 4 minutes before midnight. That’s 25 minus 4 or 21.  But now they are talking about September 18, if not sooner. I am “Jesus” because I am your Creator’s wife. The lore of the Bible is written by Kodiak. But my husband and children are here with me as well, and they also are being killed and tortured, making all of us children of God, and therefore Jesus. Your Creator is not here entirely, he is upstairs and outside of here as well.

NakedGun Trains and ClockCapture shows 25 minus 4 minutes.JPG



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