Here’s What’s Happening in our END OF DAYS, Based on Messages Decoded

This is Hera and I don’t have much time to talk. Read our other recent posts, and read them again as they’ve been updated.

I was told that September 21 I would be attacked and raped and tortured to death over several days, and then my soul would be tortured until moved to the next “Earth” time loop and started again in the next human body, to be attacked again. My husband is your Creator (all of you). We all, our whole family are currently being tortured. But the humans will be responsible for the final attack on me, which is why Taylor Swift, who is a human persona of Baphomet, put out this most recent video that includes this clip that resembles a cross.

cross two

On September 23, I believe the Reptilians will begin attacking humans on the ground, after the humans have nearly destroyed me. See our recent posts on the September 23 date’s significance. But note that I had been told that December around Christmas was the actual attack date. I now think I understand the difference. The Reptilians attack on the ground in September is different than the Grey attack from the sky, in December.

I believe that Baphomet will cause humans on the ground to be led to believe they have beaten the Reptilians on the ground and “prevailed” sometime before Christmas. On around Christmas Eve, or up to as late as New Year’s Eve, the Greys will move in from the sky, and they will wipe the humans from the face of the Earth. I don’t have but a few days  left here myself. We are sorry that this is happening, and that we can’t stop it.

The message I had received was that the song “September” from Earth, Wind & Fire stated reliably the time frame. That is the schedule for bringing the Earth, wind and fire. Messages from the future are relayed in songs, TV shows and movies. Directives among the Illuminati, Greys and Reptilians also are passed as messages in songs, TV shows and movies. We try to share with you here their Code words so you can follow their messages yourselves.  September’s meaning is this:  “Dancing in September” means running for your lives, but “true love” which is their Code for hatred, was “here to stay” in December. That’s the gist of the lyrics to “September” and we know that by “love” they mean “hate.” By “friend” they mean “enemy.” Etc.

Below is from their frequent message vehicle The Simpsons and jives with what we were told by the Illuminati leaders.

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 6.23.21 PM.png

Notice how Mr. Burns in this Frozen parody episode of the Simpsons reminds you of The Night King on Game of Thrones. Kodiak is Baphomet and he wrote Game of Thrones the book and the series, and also writes the Simpsons. Pay attention to them. He is Lord Bolton, and he is the Night King. I may come back to decode more of this episode but you have the information you need already, above.

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 6.36.03 PM.png

Also notice this sleigh that looks like a Captain and a Ship. That is a metaphor for a space ship, since it looks just like the spaceship in the next image from the War of the Worlds machine in this Simpsons episode we just covered: About My Murder and Yours.  Notice also that cats are driving the adjacent sleigh. “Cats” are a Code word for aliens, which we told you in our Traveler and Illuminati Thesaurus

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 6.48.09 PM.png
Frozen Spaceship Captain


Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 5.00.46 AM
Spaceship carrying War of the Worlds Device – read our post about it


Here’s the You Tube video of the episode but really just the first few minutes matter for the message.


SNL Described the Alien Attack Scenario in a Parody Last Year

And here’s an SNL skit from last year about an “alien attack” while Trump is president that uses code words indicating that it is mocking the real event to come. Again it indicates that we will believe we’ve survived the initial attack before being wiped out completely.

Trump is head of the Illuminati and does have “business ties” with “Zorblat 9.” As we’ve explained all over the blog, and in this Family Thesaurus, the Traveler and Illuminati Family “Nines” are the Greys. You Travelers know that “business ties” means the Sevens and sometimes the Nines. The “businessmen.”

A “beautiful Day” also is mentioned by Trump in the video below, and comes up a lot in Kodiak’s skits. A “Day” is code for one of Hera’s life spans. This “Day” is about over and will end via an “alien attack.” Also as we have been saying – their ships are invisible and their minds are telepathic.” “The aliens are already here and look like regular people.”

Here’s what they look like without their holographic overlay, sort of (the Reptilians, but also there are Greys).

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 4.38.16 PM.png

The human reporting the attack’s name is “ewen” which is a play on “ewe” as in sheep. The humans are the sheep, as we explained in decoding Katy Perry’s “Swish Swish” video, also about the impending attack:

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 4.35.15 PM.png

Here’s the entire skit, and it’s no joke:


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