Still Here, nearly 9/23. Stressed. This blog reports what we’re experiencing, & shows examples of relevant msgs coded into nearly all songs, TV shows and movies. We aren’t “theorists.” We are hostages trying to warn others about what’s really going on. Here’s the latest that WE know.

There isn’t much new to report except that I (Hera) am still alive today. Kodiak today admits that he also is “Bee,” “Nymph,” Psyche,” and “Satan.” People have been trying to persuade him to let me go, and my kids, and he refuses. I’d like to believe that these people may be able to help us in the future. My children here are the result of Kodiak’s harvesting of my eggs, making him their father. They are his children, yet he is torturing them along with me. If you are called on to attack us, please don’t. You know Kodiak’s children, they are my children. And we are suffering, them much more than myself.

But today is the “21st of September” and we all here are very concerned that he may move me to an empty time loop. He has the ability to torture me for months or years with no one to find me. In fact I come from the “upstairs” environment and he’s held me down here for 13 lifespans. He’s blasted my soul to pieces and spread it among all of you. He prompts you to attack me as your “mother,” because you carry my soul with you. And because over 13 lifespans of harvesting my eggs in human bodies, many of you are biologically children of mine. I know it sounds nuts, but that is what’s going on.

The attack set for Sept 23 may or may not occur. It’s predicated on the human men here raping and torturing me beforehand. As I am about to die, the Reptilians (yes) will attack them in retribution for a number of things, but really because they have been conditioned by Kodiak to expect this event. Later by days, weeks or months even, the Greys wipe out the entire face of the Earth. Before the year is through. That’s the plan. They also destroy and/or consume your souls. There is no Traveler next life. That’s the big lie.

But the reality is that Kodiak has shattered my own soul to such a depleted state that there is very little left to fuel all of you for another lifespan. He needs to let me go now before I am completely destroyed. And that means that he needs to reconsider this plan to destroy all of you.


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