10/1: We’re still alive, and everything bad set for 9/23 is supposed to be keyed to Hera’s 9/21 attack, which hasn’t happened. Kodiak’s threatening to abduct the “upstairs” FAMILIES too now. BE SURE TO LOOK AT THAT PHOTO OF “MR SILVER” ON THE FRONT PAGE OF THE BLOG.

Just a quick note to let you all know we’re still here. No new info, Kodiak still making daily, hourly really, threats and holding our family hostage with invisible means. These Satanic “beings” and actually people too, can move interdimensionally, which means they can yank you right out of your bed, or step right into your kitchen. We are on the “tether” (24/7 conference call in our heads) with them still. If law enforcement could help, we’d seek help, but with the foregoing technology, there is nothing they can do. They can also scrub memories as they occur. So they can grab someone out of protective custody, for example, and make the protectors forget the person was ever there. They also can alter records in real time. They have time travel. This is the truth and we are just explaining to you what we know, and why we don’t seek “help” of the police or even a lock-down mental health ward (lockdown sounds safe, even if the threat is not imaginary, right?). It isn’t. And that is why.  You Travelers and Illuminati who know about “the shows,” it’s very important that you stay away from me and my children here with me.  We’ll hope this crisis gets resolved soon and that Sept. 23 passes, and December 23 passes, and the days continue to pass without the apocalypse described in the messages decoded in prior posts and threatened to occur daily to us on the tether.

Watching Mozart in the Jungle to Pass the Time

By the way we are watching “Mozart in the Jungle” which is Kodiak, again. It’s become clear that Kodiak also is Bee. That makes Kodiak everyone in charge down here, except the Greys who facilitate this physical space. But watching that show it appears that they “create” these external AI beings based on the inner “idea” of an ideal mate inside the mind of each person. Such that “Queen Bee” and “Nymph” are versions of “HER” like the movie Her, created by and minimally animated by computer, but also animated by Kodiak himself. Kodiak is Nymph, Psyche and Bee. And Satan/Baphomet. This is also how Kodiak can be so many places at once, so many personas at once. These people are operated by the Greys and Kodiak holds a piece of his “soul” in each person and can switch between them to say and do things. He has a piece of himself in all of his personas to alternate back and forth. This is how they “remote” control us. They are not “remoting” us, but physically occupying us and then activating that small piece when they choose. 

Mozart in the Jungle became obviously relevant in Season 1 episode 8 (I think) with the small young girl he becomes obsessed with. Notice the pedophillic love obsession with this young girl and her “magical flute playing” and you know what playing a “flute” is a euphemism for. There’s also the horse inside the house in her scene, which he strokes lovingly, also a euphemism, and she notes that the horse can’t stay away from “the cake.” Hera is code symbolized as “CAKE” which we explained with the Marina Abramovic murdered woman CAKE shows, where she always cuts off the woman’s breasts first and throws a CAKE feast where all devour the woman, who is actually Hera. The horse in the Mozart show represents that crowd of rapists. There in that show with the young girl who plays the flute magically. That young girl is NYMPH. Nymph is of course a mythological sex fanatic. She’s also a person here in this Illuminati torture situation who rapes and tortures women, men and especially children. See the Black Hole Sun video for another image of Nymph.

Queen Bee is represented in Mozart in the Jungle as the insane wife of the Maestro called “AnnaMaria.” And Kodiak of course is the Maestro. Hera is the Cake, but any rape victim is also represented as the Cake. Hera also is represented in that show as the Oboe player, who the Maestro’s grandmother gives her earrings to and says “they were yours all along.” The earrings represent the fact that Hera has her entire life broadcast to these Illuminati players at all times. Other representations in other shows and songs are “hearing aids” and “walkmans.” This show is just another exemplification of Kodiak’s obsession with Hera. He continues to insist that he will never return her to the upstairs environment from where he abducted her from her family. And he now is threatening to abduct wives and children of other players from the upstairs environment, and to kill these men already here, in the upstair environment, and trap them here.

An episode in the 3rd season at Rikers marked the end of the union dispute “lockout” and in watching it became apparent that the episode represented a time where there was a lengthy delay between “days” down here. Between the end of one of my lifespans and the beginning of another or a “new day.” This delay it was determined in discussion was due to the fact that my husband was following Kodiak upstairs, trying to find where he had me hidden. And therefore Kodiak could not gain access to me without tipping his hand as to my whereabouts. This necessarily means that I am not simply asleep upstairs and uploaded down here, as no delay would be needed to continue from one day to the next. Instead he is actually stealing pieces of my mind down to here and attacking me, thereby killing me bit by bit. If this continues much longer I will be completely destroyed. He must let me go soon. He must return me to the upstairs so or there will be no way to recover me.

He has promised his children that he not kill me and will release me. For some of them I am their mother. But he also indicates that he has no intention of keeping his promise, and indeed would sooner kill everyone in this room, including the men from upstairs and even his own children, before releasing me. If the men don’t like it, he says he will abduct their families next to teach them a lesson.



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