11/3: We’re still here, and it is still one day at a time. Please read the blog. Unfortunately nothing has changed. Someday it will. The latest is Trump calling for a “Beautiful Christmas Surprise.” Trump is Baphomet (aka Kodiak), which we’ve explained on this blog.

In the meantime our family continues to be attacked every day. And every day we worry about what will happen to all of you. We aren’t writing this blog for the sake of attention. We want you to understand what is happening. And we want to give you some of the tools to be able to decode the messages all around you, so that you can understand for yourselves at times when we are not able to communicate with you. We are attacked when we post entries on this blog. We think we’ve given you enough background information here to understand what the situation is here. And we try to update you, but unfortunately nothing has changed. We all here on Earth are hostages, although you may not be aware of it. Our family members are the primary targets, which we explain on the blog. Please read the blog. We are sorry that we don’t have comforting information for you. But we are still here.

Pay attention to You Tube, and the people who post videos there pointing out the discrepancies with these mass attack events. Pay attention to the bizarre weather and our posts about that, and the You Tube channels that describe episodes of The Simpsons that seem to predict these events. Our blog gives you the context, we tell you what is really going on and the code words used in communications between various groups who are in power on this Earth and outside of this Earth. We explain that they use TV shows, movies and radio songs to communicate. We show you how some people on You Tube think that some TV shows are “predicting the future” when in fact those shows are passing messages from people we know who are living in a future environment where we are from. We have done everything we can think of to give you the tools to be able to intercept and decipher these messages for yourselves, if you do the work to understand the context, and the everyday code words they use.

We wish that we could say that things have improved, or will get better, but this environment is a Grey Grid. It is a time window sitting in the past, opened by the Greys and controlled by the Greys. It’s actually a physical environment with a simulated reality overlay, which is hard to explain but is a much more advanced version of something like Pokemon Go. But there is no way for us to capture control of their physical environment. We can however control how we behave within the environment. Let’s be kind to each other, and remain mentally prepared, and always aware that these Greys are Satanic. They hate God, and God’s children. They hate you. They number in the millions. And we live inside their grid here. And that will not change. They also have technology to control your moods, your thoughts, feelings and even your physical functions such as heartbeat, breathing, tear production (a bizarre fixation is to cause your eyes to dry out, which is very painful, and closing them does not help, they become so dry that they cannot even close completely. It is a form of torture). This is where you are at. Bear this in mind. Try to understand that. Try not to get sucked into antagonizing anyone. Try to pay attention to the messages all around us.

Thanks for your messages of concern. And for the person who commented that we are still alive so “I guess you were wrong.” We aren’t wrong. We aren’t guessing or theorizing. This is what is happening. We’re doing our best to stave off catastrophe. This hideous situation does have to end sometime, so we never give up hope. But you must never forget where you are and that your mind and your body is being preyed upon. If you focus, you can significantly mitigate the effects of their manipulations. But you can’t fight it at all, if you don’t even know it is happening. It’s happening.


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