#Trump is Baphomet, as we’ve explained….GET THE PICTURE?

October 28, 2017: “A cyclist flipped off Trump’s motorcade and entered the annals of presidential protests…” The Washington Post.

Flipping off Trump Oct 29.jpeg

October 31, 2017: “Terrorist” attack on cyclists in New York, Halloween, in New York, which caused Trump to grandstand about the Death Penalty notwithstanding his paucity of remarks regarding the Mandalay Bay mass shooting event.

Manhattan Shooting

He also caused the recent hurricanes (this grid we live in is climate controlled), and then made an inside joke about it, by throwing Puerto Rico a roll of paper towels with which to clean it up. That was the joke! (He’s a Klansman, also a big middle finger to the ideals of middle America and the clergy who voted for him.) But this isn’t about politics, Trump is Baphomet. Actually Baphomet. And he is the snake who lies in disguise, in many places and faces, which he brags about in this songWe know him, and one of his faces is on the body of Donald Trump.

President Trump throws a roll of paper towels to residents gathered in a chapel while visiting areas damaged by Hurricane Maria in San Juan, Puerto Rico

By the way Baphomet and Uncle Sam are one in the same:







Here’s DaVinci’s “Jesus” painting, same:

Baphomet DaVinci.jpg

And a very good video showing the multitude of Satanic beings buried in DaVinci’s Last Supper:

This does not mean all Americans are Satanic. Most have no idea that this Satanic undercurrent is there.  Nor are most Americans racist idiots. But Trump is Baphomet, and he is planning a “Beautiful December Surprise” to coincide with Christmas. And it isn’t tax cuts.

Our family are still his hostages. We are still being harmed every hour of every day. We know that Baphomet (Trump, who also as one human persona is “Jimmy Comet,”) planned an attack for September 21, 2017. We are continuing to stave that off. But we also hear him talking, every single day, about his Christmas surprise. We expressly are not advocating that anyone do anything detrimental to anyone, most especially the President. Nonetheless, people are realizing that he is “insane,” and he’s insane because he is Satan himself, as unbelievable as that seems, and his behavior goes totally unchecked. Other of his human personas include: Jimmy Comet, OJ Simpson, Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Taylor Swift, Mick Jagger, Kevin Spacey. “Spacey” as in outer space or “alien.” “Jimmy Comet” as in “outer space comet.” Another persona of his was “Marshall Applewhite” of Heaven’s Gate, another “space alien,” and another was Jim Jones, like Applewhite, (and Satan), the purported “son of God.” Another persona is David Miscavige, and another was L. Ron Hubbard. And also “Don” (as in Mafia Don) “Trump” as in “the Trump player”of the Illuminati Game). That’s what his name means. He chooses his own human names. Don Trump, James Achilles Alefantis. “Weinstein” is a reference to the color of red wine, which is his favorite color as evocative of the fires of hell (it is, as stupid as that may sound to you or me, he often uses “wine” in his names.

He’s Baphomet.

Incidentally, when Ivanka recently said (in connection with recent sex scandals and Roy Moore in particular) that “There’s a special place in Hell for people who prey on children,” she was being seriousThey especially prey on children. They are Pizzagate.

Read the blog. Don’t ignore the signs. He’s the snake. We spend every day captive on the “tether” with him, and we are telling you firsthand.

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  1. Yes I heard Trump is a shareholder in Raytheon, Raytheon is involved in weather manipulation, weather warfare. Jared’s brother has a chipping/RFID comp. and heard they sup 5g.
    Trump supporters still worship him yet claim to be christian I dont get it, they actually think hes against a nwo and a messiah. They lash out in hate if anyone disagrees with them or would try to reason with them. Brother James Key on youtube is also trying to get the message out about trump being the antichrist.


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