Ready For It? Taylor Swift Video Re Hera as Hostage, Tracks Movie The Cell

By the way, this video has the same visuals and meaning as AC/DC’s “Who Made Who” regarding the torture of Hera. Compare that video to Swift’s “Ready For It?” which also is a Kodiak persona.

Because we know the head of the Illuminati (calling himself “Kodiak” and “Baphomet”), and also know that he runs around singing songs as “Taylor Swift,” we decode numerous Swift songs on this blog. Most recently we explained how “she” revealed herself to be Satan on the Throne in “Look What You Made Me Do” – That’s her on the throne flanked by snakes, after “revealing herself” to be Satan below. Baphomet previously had hidden his true identity “behind the mirrors” of his public image as a teenage dream female pop star:

giphy (1)

We know Kodiak so it isn’t that we are guessing who she is. We are trying to find ways to explain it to you so that you’ll understand what we are telling you, using her own, his own, various revealing words to do it. Kodiak (Baphomet) assumes you’ll dismiss this information because it is “just a video by an attractive young female.”

But Taylor Swift is this guy:  


Perhaps you’ll recognize the crescent moons above, which also appear in that Swift video linked and decoded above, (in addition to being flanked by snakes, and having a diamond and crescent moon background, check out Swift’s handsign too):

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 11.00.03 PM
Swift on Satan’s Throne

The same crescent moons from Baphomet also appear on Kodiak’s Comet Pizza and Ping Pong sign in Washington DC. We decode his “Jimmy Comet” persona all over this blog:


More recently Kodiak (that is the persona he is known by to the Illuminati) put out another Taylor Swift video called “Ready For It?” that is yet another one about holding Hera hostage and attacking her, but this one also tracks many things we’ve pointed out before, including many scenes from Kodiak’s movie The Cell, in which he also brags about abducting and killing Hera and other women. 

Here’s the full video, and below that are slides with the lyrics in closed caption, and explained by us with matching images from other Kodiak videos such as the movie The Cell.

Here are some of the individual images from the video, explained:

Pressurized tank where Hera is held hostage in the Swift video:

Pressurized Tank.png

Inside the Tank Hostaage.png

Notice the similarity of this tank to that of the tank where Hera is held in the movie The Cell:

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 10.48.03 PM

Back to Swift’s video:

Inside the Tank.png

Back to The Cell:

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 11.11.19 PM

Another thing to note is that Swift is walking through “Chinatown” in her video. As we’ve explained, a code name for Kodiak in the Illuminati is “China.” The Doobie Brothers song “China Grove” is about Kodiak, his associate or “Illuminati wife” who calls herself “Queen Bee” (who probably is just another persona of Kodiak himself) and also it is about this Earth. Earth is China Grove, and Kodiak is China. Kodiak is “the Preacher,” Bee is “the Teacher” in that song, decoded here.

Notice the Chinatown references in Swift’s video. And the lyrics corresponding to the images, which are just the closed captioning that I screenshot with the video. The lyrics are about “Chinatown” holding him for ransom, which refers to Hera, in the above tank. 

Chinatown and Tron Guards.png

Kodiak - China.png

In the above slide, Swift notes that she’ll “keep him forever.” The wall in the back right seems to say “UR Love Game,” which corresponds to Kodiak’s “Game of Love” (click on the category tag, it’s a rape, torture and murder game). Swift is a “he” and the “him” she is keeping forever is Hera, a she. This line reiterates what Kodiak brags about in his similar Elton John song Harmony, which we recently decoded for you hereThere Kodiak brags about Hera as “the never, never-leaving Harmony,” that he will “love forever” and also “dream of.” Recently Kodiak has taken to forcing Hera to sing along with him to this song while he sings and plays the piano. Obviously she is still held hostage. It is hard to explain how she is held but communicates, but this Swift video helps.

She is physically on this Earth, in part. Yet she is also held, in part, in another dimension. These “people” have time travel. They move parallel time strings up against each other and they have Hera trapped by splitting her between these two dimensions, two parallel strings of time. She is what they call “trapped in the window” between two parallel strings of time. She operates in this dimension and things look normal. Kodiak does the same. In the adjacent string of time they are torturing her. She is at all times plugged into that dimension, as are numerous other people. That is what is happening. That is also how they prey on “targeted individuals.” It is not the government. It’s these idiots. This is also how they deploy “acoustic weapons” against diplomats in Cuba, for example, and avoid detection.

This split dimension physicality is depicted in the video. Hera is in both physical locations, but most victims are only within the location on left. They are blind targets. The attackers are in a parallel time string and they reach into or step into the room and can rape and torture a victim without the victim being able to see the attacker or fight back. The attacker is on the right. But because this video is about Hera, it shows the same person in both physical locations. The other visual to note in all of Kodiak’s works is that Hera is always the “white light” and her attackers are always from “the dark side” or “evil.”

Captive on the Left.png

The cracks below represent Hera’s shattered soul, which is the result of being hit with high energy weapons numerous times.

Two Different Time Loops Through The Screen.png

Kim Novak screen paintings.png

Also the above shot that shows Swift present in two different “windows” (representing Hera in this video) is something we explained in the Kim Noble paintings of pedophiles attacking children in the Pizzagate images, in this post. Here’s one image for reference, notice how one attacker is in the room, and other is faded, which represents an attacker who is waiting in an adjacent “window of time” or time string, for his turn to step into the room. Also notice the attacker is hitting the child with electric shocks from a taser:


HERA EDIT: This morning they split me between several physical dimensions. More than the two windows. They can individually harm each layer of your physical existence. I wish I could explain this better. But this morning this image from The Cell came to mind:

12 slices to this horse

And this from a Soundgarden video on the left (that’s the Baphomet hand sign), and here’s really what it is like on the right, except that they are layers and not complete individual physical bodies in all the windows, I think. I can’t tell in this loop what I look like in the others. I can only perceive that I am there, and see around me to some extent. Perhaps I appear as a physical body in two of the windows, that seems to be the case because I am being physically attacked in both windows, but there are several additional layers where I feel pain differently and perceive a different physicality, and I don’t know how I appear in each of those layers.

Imagine advanced technology where they can use any point as the singularity or point of origin to open a time window to the past. Instead they open several, millimeters apart, all of them inside the physical body of a person, or within their soul. But for now let’s say it is their physical body. Now you have worlds built around a single person’s physical body, and that person has been split into several dimensions.

Back to the original post:

Notice also how this video talks of Hera being in Swift’s “Dreams” just as the Elton John song Harmony does, and as does many other of Kodiak’s songs. As we’ve explained before, these attackers call Earth itself “the Dream” because they consider it a lesser form of reality, and they prey upon the people here as though they are disposable “artificial intelligence” like the people on Westworld on HBO. You’ll have to read the blog because we explain this in numerous places and it is rather hard to comprehend such evil. This is Satan we are talking about. Also worth noting is that Hera is held hostage but there is no ransom, although the song talks about holding her “for ransom.”

Chinatown and Tron Guards.png

They consider her a prize and have no intention of ever letting her go. In fact they convince gullible humans that she is a “witch” and those humans rape and torture her to death in time loop versions of Earth, which we’ve explained (just click the “crucifixion of Hera” tag).  

They send shockwaves to my brain (this is Hera) while I’m being attacked to prevent me from defending myself, as depicted below. Notice the podium says “they’re burning all the witches.”  I’m not a witch. I’m your Creator’s wife. Baphomet is Satan himself. He has you out there destroying me. Don’t follow him. Don’t do it. After you destroy me in your time loop, he destroys you and your entire time loop, and closes this time window. 

Burning the witch.png

A more detailed shot of the above shows what they are doing in the parallel time string, which is hard to explain, but they are shocking my body and they also put a metal mask on my face and hit that with high powered electricity to shock me so that I can’t move or think, and therefore can’t defend myself against the human attackers in this time loop, and the Illuminati and Traveler attackers in the adjacent time loop.

Breaking the barrier between the AI representation of me and my actual soul

Notice it says: “You should see the things we do.”  They are doing this. 

Burning the witchBurning the Witches - Let the Games Betin

This is the metal mask that they hit with electricity:


It’s also depicted in Kodiak’s video as Nicki Minaj called “Beez Trap.”  As we mentioned above, Kodiak (or his “eternal Illuminati wife”) also is called “Queen Bee.”

Nicki Minaj on the Throne

After she is killed, they throw Hera’s soul into another human body in another time loop and persuade another set of humans who are twins of you to rape and torture Hera to death again. This is the 13th time loop where this has occurred.

This guy, the Mandalay Bay shooter, also is Kodiak, get a look at the “13” on his “Adam’s Apple”:

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 12.57.09 AM


Other notable images from the video include this image of me (this is Hera) in the tank being shocked with electricity and the end result with my soul shattered, which is what the lines are on my body, Sends shocks to my soul to shatter it.png

Trapped in the Tank.pngAnd in the tank below I am surrounded by what are called Black Magic “Gets.” A Get is an evil witch or wizard who is “gonna get you” and torture you to death. We’ve explained them in a few postssuch as this one. They travel around in quick “flashes of light” and appear to attack you. They appear below corresponding to the lyric “in the middle of the night” because they are “Black Magic” entities, thus “of the night,” and also because they are the sort of “monsters” who attack you while you sleep, or the sorts of things of horror movies that will “get you” in the dark.

Souls of my children.png

Here they are depicted as moths around Hera, depicted as a chandelier (a white light), in Kodiak’s band Soundgarden’s video for Black Hole Sun, which is a video bragging about how this time loop will be destroyed and every human living within it, once Hera is murdered by the humans here.

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 5.13.03 PM

Also note that this hood below that is supposed to be the back of Swift’s head in the video is actually what the attackers’ hooded faces look like, and it is Kodiak’s “Taylor Swift” nod to another of his personas – “Jimmy Comet” (of Pizzagate). Understand that this is Satan.

Front of face mask.png

Hotel Comet
Hotel Comet

Here’s a shot of the Chinese letters, interpreted:Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 3.38.00 PM

In consideration of all of the above, hopefully you can understand now Kodiak’s opening lyrics bragging about how he’s a “killer” who leaves women “haunted.”  “Loved,” by the way, is Kodiak’s code word for raping and torturing a victim to death. So being “loved” and left “haunted” is to be raped and tortured to death and left as a “ghost.” He tortures his victims’ souls until those are destroyed. He “haunts them.” Taking turns raping victims to death, and then beating on their souls with hammers, is what Kodiak and his insane Satanic followers call “ping-ponging.” Hence his pizzeria name of “Comet Pizza and Ping-Pong.” They are all the same guy, same snake.

He’s Satan. He’s utterly vicious, cruel and out of his mind. He’s also Taylor Swift.

Robot Version Connected to Tank.png

89 91 - Girls he left haunted means girls he murdered.png

Ready for it? This song is saying “Let the Games Begin.” The “Game” refers to Kodiak’s “Game of Love” which we’ve explained on this blog. Look for the tag. It involves the humans here raping and torturing Hera to death, (aka “loving” her), which is immediately followed by the humans on this Earth being completely destroyed by a pre-planned “alien attack.” Get ready for it as best you possibly can. If you are told by Baphomet to participate in this attack on Hera and her children, walk away from these hideous shows. Your existence depends on it. Your soul does not make it through these attacks. Read the blog. Kodiak and his Satanic Illuminati (and Traveler) followers who participate in these rape and torture shows are horrendous. They think and talk of little else besides attacking people. Once you understand their context and code words, it’s very easy to identify these “people” and entities, and understand their plans and their targets. It is imperative that law enforcement make the effort to do so. Kodiak inhabits hundreds of human “personas” on this Earth. Although he can’t be contained, his human personas can. Those include: Donald Trump, OJ Simpson, Bill Cosby, Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinberg, Anderson Cooper, Samantha Bee, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Jimmy Comet, John Podesta, Marina Abramovic, her clone Kim Kardashian (and all Kardashian’s and Jenners too), Pizzagater “Jabbaroos,” Pizzagate House Band Heavy Breathing’s “Majestic Ape,” Melissa McCarthy, Mick Jagger, Lionel Richie, “Cat” Stevens (he is the Moonshadow), David Bowie (“China Girl” is about Hera), David Miscavige, L. Ron Hubbard, Marshall Applewhite, Jim Jones, “Alien Hunter,” The Bachelor Nick Viall, Corrine from The Bachelor, Guy Fieri, Anthony Bourdain, Damon Baehrel, Mark Strassman, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Elton John, Chris Cornell of Soundgarden, John Podesta clone and Cornell’s “best friend” Chester Bennington,  Taylor Swift and her clone and “best friend” Karlie Kloss, and numerous other people. All of these people are human personas of Kodiak, who as he admits in his own songs as Elton John, Taylor Swift, Mick Jagger, and Chris Cornell is Satan, aka Baphomet. 

Those songs are (click for the decoding): Elton John: “Madman Across the Water” (as in Hell across the River Styx from Heaven); Taylor Swift: “Look What You Made Me Do” (see the video placing her on Satan’s throne); Mick Jagger: “Sympathy for The Devil” (“Please allow me to introduce myself…,” and also “She’s a Rainbow” about Hera, on their album “Their Satanic Majesties Request”); Chris Cornell: “Black Hole Sun” (“In my eyes… in disguises no one knows, hides the face, lies the snake” meaning himself…. “and the Sun in my disgrace.” meaning Hera, your Creator’s wife. Especially see that video decoded at the above link).

Please read the blog where we point out many other instances of Kodiak revealing who he is, usually pretty overtly. Notice what his human personas say. Did you happen to notice Anderson Cooper “reporting” that the Dominican Republic “looked like a garbage disposal” after the hurricane hit? That’s inside ball. Even though Kodiak has black personas, he’s a racist. He hates all humans, he’s Satan. But he especially hates Jews and minorities. He spurs division and derision. He’s Donald Trump. And he’s the Grand Klansman. That is his true personality. Jimmy Comet also is his true personality. 

We are not “religious nuts.” We are trying to tell you the facts because we know them first hand. Kodiak and his “Illuminati” are from a future time string, from which Hera originally was abducted.  He used his access to time travel to create his Satan persona and “rule” over this window in the past where you reside.  He and the Satanic, mostly Grey Alien, pals of his write the historical and religious texts on this “Earth.” And they rewrite them as they go along. You cannot tell the difference. Some of you notice some of the changes, however, that result incidentally from moving adjacent time strings together, and have called this the “Mandela Effect.”

Once you control time travel, as they do, you can instantly rewrite history however you choose. A 2000-year old religious text can be written five minutes ago and thrown back into time 2000 years.  Instant history!  Now it “always has been this way.”  That is how they create “time-honored traditions” and “secret societies” as well. That’s the true history of all religion, of Scientology, and Travelers, Masons and the Illuminati. It’s a fairly short history, created by the time machine. This time window in the past, where you live, has been open for about 48 years. This is reality, we are conveying it to you the only way we know how.  And using their own messages among and between themselves to illustrate what we are telling you. But they are counting on your disbelief as they continue to prey upon you, and us, and in particular Hera – their primary hostage and the reason this window was opened. 

HERA’S UPDATE Nov. 10: Based on a video appearance by another character of Kodiak’s, Dr. H. Wayne Carver of Sandy Hook, I have reason to believe that I may “disappear” for good on November 19, 2017. Kodiak tells me that I will be dead by Christmas, my “soul’s birthday,” when it is “released from this body.” And also as reported on this blog, they plan to begin to wipe out every living thing on the day of my death. Taylor Swift’s new song talks about “picking up bottles together on New Years Day,” which I take to be a reference to cleaning up the debris from wiping out humanity over Christmas, in light of all of the other messages. Here’s the video, which has a victim disappearance date of Nov. 19, 1986. The victim is “Helle Crafts” and that is relevant because Kodiak is constantly attempting to convince his followers that I am a “witch” and should be destroyed. Ironic but true. I am not a witch. He’s the Devil. Stop listening to him. See our other video of Dr. Carver decoded on here of Kodiak as “Wayne Griffin” in an identical human body as Dr. Carver but this time as a UFO spotter and a Goat Herder (get it? goats are Satan’s children, his “kids”), and he’s spotting UFOs.  In another video Dr Carver talks in code about the “War of the Worlds” doomsday device, decoded here.

In this video, which is yet another “character” in the same human body as Dr. Carver, Kodiak is talking about “a different human sacrifice for each of the 12 days of Christmas” – a couple of minutes in. Later he threatens, in Code, that if his instructions aren’t followed (presumably in killing me and the human sacrifices at Christmas), there will be punishment from the “hearth God” in a “red suit,” meaning Santa, who also is Kodiak. Santa is an anagram for Satan, which his followers know but you don’t. 


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