“Back to the Future” is a Movie Used to Identify Me to the Rapists & Murderers from the Future (the “Upstairs”)

These movies detail not only my name, but also my employment history and the major events of my life, before they occur. The series detailed my life when they were released in the 1980’s, decades before these events occurred in my life. Although I have many proofs of my attackers’ use of time travel, including them dragging me through different windows of time directly, these movies are perhaps the easiest evidence for me to prove it to you. 


I am depicted as “Marty McFly’s” wife in Back to the Future, “Jennifer Jane Parker.” See: http://backtothefuture.wikia.com/wiki/Jennifer_Parker

My abductors in this time loop call me “Hera Sinclair.” It is their followers who are from this time loop called “Earth” who I am trying to reach with the real facts in this blog. They are heavily indoctrinated members of the Travelers secret society. They are being lied to and mislead, and they, just like all of you here, live in a window in the past.

Similarly to the movie Back to the Future, I am a “JJC” here in this time loop, and my husband here also is a “JJC.” Kodiak, head of the (self-styled) “Illuminati” and also the “Church of Satan” chooses his own names of his human personas in these time loops, and often chooses names with “JJC” initials, or “JJ” initials. Or “JC” initials. He does this because he is Satanic, and he is fixated on hating God. He tells people he’s the Son of God. And the “Fallen Angel,” a Biblical tale he made up entirely. He made that up! Anyway, he  considers me to be “Jesus.” He actually does. He’s insane, see our explainer of his movie The Cell about his own exploits abducting me and other women. An utterly insane Satanic individual with time travel abilities and very advanced technology. Hideous does not begin to cover it.

According to insane Kodiak, I, (a J.C.), will “die for your sins” on my “birthday” of “Christmas” because the human Travelers here will murder me. That’s the “sin” of yours I will be dying for. That’s the entire meaning of the story of Jesus in the Bible, according to Kodiak. Given that these vicious monsters have time travel, and use it to rewrite history and texts, and that Kodiak claims to have written the Bible,… I believe it. I am a “JJC” and I have no reason to doubt that I will be dying soon in this time loop, because these vicious Travelers here plan to crucify me and also rape and torture me to death. In seriousness. They have had the humans in other time loops do this to me before. After I am murdered, they grab my soul and throw it into a new body in a different time loop and do it again. That is actually the reason that they are identifying me in these Back to the Future movies: So that the players can find me in each new time loop. In this time loop they plan to start my final days before my death on November 19 with my death day on Christmas, the “birthday of my soul” as it is “released from my body,” according to them. (Apparently they had planned to start the final torture on Sept. 21 or 23, but thus far we have thwarted that plan. But they are still attacking me, and my kids.)

Here are some proofs from Back to Back to the Future of the time machine situation:

In this movie, my “husband” is an “MM” with a “J” middle initial, while his wife is “JJP.” But her name is “Jennifer Jane,” as is my own.


In my real life, I put myself through college in the early 1990s working here:



After I graduated from law school in 2000, my biggest case and nearly my only case as it monopolized my time for several years, involved this real estate mogul:



Less obvious, but equally well-understood to the Players who are used to these messages, before school I served in the Coast Guard:







These movies were made years, even sometimes decades before I engaged in the activities identified in the movies. There are numerous additional similar details sprinkled throughout all three movies about me, but those are three of the most obvious and easily verifiable by law enforcement, as an example. For the Players, they have my name. And they are watching everyone here on Earth. They prey on young women, and children. So they have my name, and clues on where to find me. I don’t know all of their coded references, but they do. And they’ve been preying on me for a very long time, and in numerous time loops. It’s a cat-and-mouse game they play where they throw me in a different human body and then play hide-and-seek. They block my memory so I don’t know until much later that I am being tracked and preyed upon. They try to hunt me down based on these clues, and clues in other movies, and in songs and TV shows. After I am found by just about every Player, they rape and torture me to death and then throw my soul in a different human body, in another time loop, to start the game again.

There are other things that Back to the Future movies are well known for “predicting” such as the 9/11 terrorist attacks (at the “Twin Pines”) and various technologies. They are not predictions. They are messages about events that already had occurred, being reported by people sitting in a future string of time, to the people from upstairs who are visiting in this time window as “players” in the “Game of Love.” The Game of Love is what they call it when they come here from the future to play “Westworld” and prey upon all of you here as though you were disposable human beings, because you sit in a window in the past. It culminates with my murder. At which time the window is closed. I am not from here, I am from there. I am repeatedly thrown in these windows in the past to be raped and tortured, and murdered, over and over in time windows by these vicious people, because they can get away with it. Sooner or later they will be caught and stopped.  In the interim, if you value your continued existence, do not participate in these “shows” or attack me, my family, or anyone else! And do not listen to “the Parents”! They are from “upstairs.”  They survive. You and your souls do not.  

Finally, I don’t know what these numbers mean from the movie series, but just like the numerous 9-11 references, they undoubtedly mean something.


On a tangential topic, some of the references in the movie are to events that will occur in this time loop. They have already happened, from the perspective of the people sending the messages in the movies and shows. They are not predictions, they are news reports, just as the information above was reported about my life, although it had not yet occurred for me, here in this time loop. So below is a discussion of some events mentioned in these movies that have occurred, such as 9/11, or will occur but that we haven’t figured out just yet.

The film clip below ties these numbers above to the movie “The Walk” about the Twin Towers. I don’t really know about that. But I do know that the clip below is off base by calling Zemeckis a “precoging conduit.” These events have happened. I’ve done the traveling. They are not predictions. They are events that have occurred. Zemeckis isn’t predicting anything, he’s reporting.  I am concerned about this image from the movie, because one of Kodiak’s human personas is Donald Trump:

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 5.33.39 PM


Here’s the 9-11 “prediction” video in case you haven’t seen it. They aren’t “predictions” – they are reports. The Simpsons is another message vehicle reporting on events that will happen here in this time window, because they already have occurred. They also pass down orders from the powers that control the time windows, and other messages.


Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 5.40.27 PM

Twin Towers burning in the window

One of Illuminati/Traveler leader (and my abductor) Kodiak’s “human personas” in this time loop is Donald Trump, and this is a great video showing “predictions” about Trump from old movies and from the Illuminati playing cards. They do use these playing cards as part of their Game here in the time loops. And these old movies are passing info from the future down to the Players in the loop. Here’s the video, watch it and you’ll eventually really understand what I am saying about the time machine existing. It does. And don’t worry about Trump being assassinated, he’s the leader of the Illuminati, and has a gazillion human personas in this time loop. He’s Baphomet. He’s Satan

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 11.45.43 PM

Here’s Trump (Kodiak) slipping up in an interview and mentioning Pizzagate, five years before Pizzagate happened in this time loop. Here’s a photo of Jimmy Comet taken in Nazi Germany.




  1. you’re literally insane. I know it’s never a good thing to tell a person they’re having a mental breakdown while they’re having a mental breakdown, but you need to learn to tell real conspiracy theories from crazy mind tricks. The mind can convince itself of a lot of things. Just take a deep breath and tell yourself you’ll be fine. This blog is the ramblings of a schizophrenic, looking for hidden meaning in literally everything. It’s like an English class, but you’ve gone way too far. I know it’s impossible for you to drop all this, but there are no time travelers or demons coming to rape and torture you. Fiction and mythology have completely evolved how our minds run on a daily basis. I assure you, this is all in your head. Crazy how it all seems to line up in your head isn’t it? Well that’s the product of generations of technology and evolution; as humans, we’ve literally been around too long and our minds are beginning to look for an escape, I beg you, just ask yourself is this really worth it? There have been plenty of people in history just like you, and guess what, they all die. The status quo doesn’t change. Please talk to someone with a sensible mind, I know it all seems real, but the mind is complex as hell and can convince itself of practically anything. As a fellow conspiracy theorist, I’m just trying to help you realize that you’ve gone a bit too far. If a person like yourself can realize they’ve gone crazy from all this thinking and connecting, maybe you can heal yourself and since you have a natural inclination for finding the truth, maybe a healthy you will be able to uncover some real damage.


  2. There are several people writing on this blog to try and explain to people what is happening. If strange things are happening to you, if you think you are a “targeted individual” for example, we are telling you WHO IS TARGETING YOU. The rest of the population who has not noticed commercial planes stopped in midair in the sky, or suffered pain from “invisible” causes, not wondered how the moon you see in photos is plain old rock and dirt yet the moon in the sky “magically” glows without phosphorescence. Or those who are not TRAVELERS especially, since you already know there is more here than others notice, we can only tell you what is happening and give you the TOOLS to be able to confirm this for yourself. Watch the sky, watch the clouds as they take specific and detailed shapes. Look on this blog at the cloud photos and tell us that the detailed movie poster for Alien vs. Predator painted in the clouds is “in our heads.” And how can we all be suffering the same delusions? We aren’t even there. We are the Parents talking to you, FROM THE FUTURE. Do yourself a favor, and LISTEN.


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