#PizzaGate: Look Familiar? THIS “Killroom” is a Gas Chamber at Auschwitz

By the way, these are the same people who are attacking my family, using their time travel access. Jimmy Comet (Kodiak), Nilay Lawson (Nymph), and GordysPickleJar (I think that is Bea (aka “Queen Bee”). I’m sure “Werkinonmahnightcheese” is around here somewhere too. “Fun” is a code word for raping and torturing a victim. You all already know what “cheese” is code for. “Pickle Jar” is a reference to gang raping. They have a practice of seeing how many men can gang rape a victim (male or female, including children of course) at the same time, in the same “hole” before it rips the victim in half and kills them. I am completely serious. So that is what “GordysPickleJar” means. That is Bee’s fixation, and also Kodiak’s. Kodiak is Jimmy Comet. He’s also head of the Illuminati and the Travelers. “Gordon” also is Code. “Gor” is short for “Gory” and “Don” just means mafia don, aka a head of the Travelers organization. So I’d put my money on Gor-don with the PickleJar obsession being Queen Bee. She’s not really a She anyway. She’s Joe Pesci’s Goodfella’s character. And note what GordysPickleJar is saying: “Mama Big” – a reference to that room itself being the receptacle. That’s where her mind goes…how many cocks can fit in that hole? For real.


Gordy – Queen Bee – and Kodiak, Jimmy Comet, consider Nymph – Nilay Lawson – to be their “Daughter” in their “eternal Illuminati family.”

Here’s the video identifying it, completely unrelated to Pizzagate at 43 seconds in:


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