@FBI More #Rapists’ Code Talk of Raping & Killing Me Soon (My Soul’s “BIRTHDAY” Which is Their Code “Setting My Soul Free”)

This is on WhiteBlaze.net, a website I visit and it is rather urgent as they are talking of killing me brutally and the Code talk is very easy to follow. I am at this point trying to make a record for when I “disappear.” I can’t really make a report, since these rapists are unidentifiable to me. I know who they really are, but can’t prove it. And I can’t seek shelter with my family, or they also will be targeted. I can’t ask the police to keep me in a jail cell “protective custody” for years, as this goes on and on. And they can get to me in there anyway. They can travel interdimensionally. They have advanced technology. They have stopped my heart with no one in sight. They have blown out my ears. They talk directly into my head. It isn’t mental illness. I will disappear soon. Here’s their discussion tonight with the first poster on this message board being Kodiak under the name Pi3.14. Kodiak is the head of the Travelers secret society and he’s the person who is holding me hostage on this electronic leash and having me attacked. He’s the primary subject of this insane-sounding blog.

“Pi3.14” means Three of course, and that is the moniker of Kodiak, his code word is Three, short for “666” as I just mentioned, in this post. Pi3.14 also says he’s from “Wheaton” which is meant to evoke the brown color of wheat because that one of the Traveler Family color that he heads up, the Traveler Brown Sixes. He’s also head of the Fives (which he sneaks in as his “Age of 50”).  Travelers may not know it but he’s really the head of the entire Family. He’s freakin’ Satan. But I digress.

What you need to know now is that Kodiak is the person holding me hostage and planning to kill me in the very near futureHere he is on another website I frequent as a new poster, talking about my birthday, which is their Code word for death day. In Traveler Talk, your “birthday” is the day you die and your soul is born by being set free of the confines of your body. He is talking about the large “Family” event that my birthday will be. Killing me is the “Grand Finale” for this time loop. If you kill me, they will close this time window you reside within. I advise against it.

Here’s Pi’s post, decoded in parentheses: “I’m a 50 year old family man, (Code for a Traveler, a member of “The Family”) and I’ve never participated in any form of social media, unless you consider Whiteblaze a social app. I’d like to offer a lofty rationale (a cue to them that he’s high ranking in the Family, he’s “lofty”) for my abstinence, something about the vague discontent bred (a clue that he’s talking about the “breeding stock” – the women in the rape rooms), by Facebook and the like. (further cue that he’s talking about the women in the rape rooms, they are being broadcast 24/7 on a dark web to the “Players” in The Family. We women can be selected off of their version of Facebook for Rapists.)  But to be honest, (another code word, “Honest” is synonymous with “True” which is a Code word to tell them that he’s a “lofty” “Seven” or a high-ranking “Seven” within the Traveler Family hierarchy), it’s just (the following is offered as his justification for a proposal), because I don’t have an appetite for the predictable flow of carefully crafted vignettes from peripheral acquaintances. Put another way, I don’t have patience for the volume or underlying intention of the messaging. (Kodiak is saying that he is short on time and, most likely because I (Hera) am posting his rape solicitations here and sending them to the FBI, he is saying that he doesn’t want to send out loud (“volume”) announcements (“carefully crafted vignettes”) through his usual channels (“peripheral acquaintances”). He doesn’t have an appetite for that, because I am decoding (“predicting”) his “flow” of information.) So apparently he’s instructing his Captains here on White Blaze to do it for him. Now the FBI will know who they are, so there’s that at least.

Back to Kodiak’s (Pi’s) post:

“About 10 years ago, I took a solo trip to the boundary waters, which for those of you not from the upper Midwest, (Kodiak is telling them that he abducted me from the “upstairs” (“upper Midwest” and “boundary waters” are key) environment about 10 years ago, by himself (“solo”), is an area of about 2800 square miles in northeast Minnesota (again the “upstairs” (“northeast”) area and inhabited by Humans, which is what “Minnesota” means in Traveler Talk), that is densely packed with lakes and has few roads. Many people fly in, and some take a canoe, but I hiked in. I spent most of that journey asking myself why I was doing it. (Kodiak seems to be explaining why he abducted me (Hera) to here from upstairs.) I had a wife and kids at home who I missed from day one, and who I think missed me. But there I was, mucking around in the woods. (Here he is talking about being down here on Earth rather than upstairs where he is from. But he’s also referring to the fact that he comes down here to prey upon women and children here, just like in Westworld on HBO.) I decided the reason I was doing it was because most people either can’t or won’t, which wasn’t a very good reason. (“which wasn’t” is Code telling his followers that I am a “witch” (which) and also a “wasn’t” which is an alien. I am NEITHER of those things. He lies about everything, which you ought to know by now. I am certainly not a witch, or an alien! I’m actually a One, from Upstairs. The “Parent” Color of all of the other Colors. As Kodiak sings himself in his Rolling Stones song “She’s a Rainbow” – decoded here. You’ll have to read the blog to understand. I am not a “witch” or a “wasn’t.” He’s the Devil. I am as far opposite of that as you can get, and you’ll have to decide.)

To be clear, I’m not saying that’s why people hike solo. I’m saying that’s why I was hiking solo, and it was a bad reason. When I was honest with myself, I saw that I was just lonely and uncomfortable in my own skin, because I was insecure and prone to obsessing. That was my last solo outing.

Since then my older son has also become an avid backpacker and bikepacker, and we’ve logged thousands of miles together all over the country. If you are on Whiteblaze, then you get it. We’ve all experienced the highs and lows, and looking back, even the lows make us smile.

Now here comes my point. (That’s a message that he is pointing me out, Hera.  He is saying that I will be reading this message board and to look for the woman on “Rapist Facebook” who is broadcast shown reading Whiteblaze. That is the woman I am “pointing at” as the victim I am talking about in this post.  “Point” is a Code Word.) I shared all of those experiences with my son. Any time I experience beauty alone (Code for a rape victim (“Beauty”), to me it feels wasted, like it’s just locked in my head (“She’s locked up”) and I can’t give it to anyone (“she’s ready to go”). I can tell people about it, but many of you know how that goes. Once you’ve been there, about the best you can do is encourage others to go see it for themselves, because words and pictures aren’t enough. (He’s telling these guys to send out the message for him to all the followers in the Rapist Uncles Club to come and rape me because he can’t use traditional communications channels. He doesn’t want me decoding him on this blog and notifying the FBI. He’s also encouraging them to physically harm me. He seems to be saying that the usual treatment isn’t sufficient. The next line confirms this.)

My son left for college far away at an extremely demanding school, where he is going to work hard and have wonderful experiences. (That is all Code. He wants them to be “extremely demanding,” “work me hard” and give me “wonderful experiences.” “Wonder” is a Code word for freeing your soul, which means in Traveler Talk to hack a person to pieces bit by bit and set their soul free, or something close to that. Extremely horrifying. They will move me to an empty time loop to do this, so I will simply disappear someday soon when this happens.)

We might get a few more good journeys in together, but I’m on borrowed time. (Obviously he’s talking about me.) And that’s what I always wanted for him. (He’s been having people rape and torture me to death in time loops over and over again, this is the 13th time loop at least where he has done this, see this link.)  I love him enough to let him go.  (“Love” is Code for “rape to death” but also means “hate” in Traveler Talk.)  But it’s hard.  (He’s saying make sure you are love Hera to death very hard.)  And now I’m on my own again. (Confirming that I will be moved to my own time loop for the attack)

So here I am on Whiteblaze, which might arguably be called a social app, and which as far as I can tell is just about the only place where I might find other people who understand all of this.  I’m hoping to get some feedback on what the journey means to others in this community, particularly with regard to shared vs. individual experience. How can I find meaning in a solo journey? Is it even possible for a 50 year old, happily married, introverted working professional (Code for a “Businessman” in Traveler Talk, which means a Traveler Seven or Family Boss), to form a genuinely trusting (another Code word to confirm he’s a Family Man), relationships with another person or people who would rather be on the side of a frozen mountain (that is meant to be read as “on a frozen mount” which refers to being a rapist on top of a paralyzed victim. They inject the victim with something in an IV bag to paralyze them and they cut off their arms and legs and cauterize the wounds and then give them an episiotomy and rape their torso until they are dead), in southwest Virginia (means a virgin victim) than just about anywhere else?

I could probably have said all of this better. But I have a huge family birthday party (he’s letting them know that all of the foregoing was about Hera’s Death Day, rape and torture event) to go to, and much of the gigantic family (those are Grey Aliens, as crazy as that sounds, Kodiak is in league with Greys, which is how he has access to time travel, and also why they are so vicious and insane), that I love so much is going to be there. So this will just have to be good enough for now.

Next, here’s Uncle Joe’s post, he’s very much involved, as evidenced when he throws out the word “travelled” together. These are Travelers who are raping me all the time and planning to kill me. Also his name is “Uncle Joe” and “Uncle” is what these rapists force the victim to call them. “Joe” is a name I think many of them use. I have heard it alot. But look at his stupid post as well:  “I hike alone most of the time. (he means rape) I typically don’t end up alone. (someone else usually joins in)  I meet people on the way and most often end up hiking with them a bit. (gang rape) On my last hike, The first day I met some folks but we didn’t really hike a lot together. But we were heading to the same shelter area (same victim, there are many women and children in these rooms on electronic leashes like I am), and ended up hanging out and getting to know other hikers (rapists). The next day we hiked together some (gang raped), spread out some, (what does that mean) and ended up hiking a little more. (What would be the entire point of this stupid sentence except to join in the rapist brag discussion?)   Chatting and talking at each moment. Again, we camped with the same group, and a few new folks. Maybe we hadn’t built a deep bond but we had come through the same experience. Each experiencing it a little different. Sometimes that’s all you get and that’s fine. Don’t get me wrong, I’d much rather have a buddy come along but most of my friends simply don’t or won’t hike. We do other things together like bike, go to dinner, and have even travelled but other than the occasional day hike they don’t seem to be getting the bug.  (“the bug” is code for me. They are telling the prospective rapists that I am a “Traveler Two” which I AM NOT. But that is what they want them to believe, so that is what they make me appear to be. A two is perceived by them to be an insect, or lower life form, literally.)

KCNC also is a rapist: here’s his code talk, decoded:  “I loved (that means raped) camping in my youth – everything from backyard under a tarp to car camping with my uncle (“uncle” is what they make the victim call them) and cousins, backpacking at summer camp and in a camper with my grandparents. (“grandparents” is code for the mafia “godfathers”)

Then life happened and time spent in the woods was largely limited to scout trips with my sons. I’ve done a fair amount of RV camping the last 10-12 years (lots of that associated with horse shows) (those are rape shows) and now I’m circling back to an emphasis on car camping and backpacking. Talking to other family members I’ve discovered that we share a love (that’s gang rape) of backpacking that we’ve never discussed before. (Look at that wording, he’s saying he honors the Code of Silence. He’s a member of the Uncle Club.)  My wife (Hera is the designated “wife” in their “Game of Love” and all of them who talk about their “wife” are referring to Hera) is waiting on a kidney transplant but in the interim has been researching plans for future joint expeditions (and even talking about doing something quite ambitious on her own to honor her donor and mark her “new beginning.”) Hera’s “new beginning” refers to her rape and torture to death in this time loop, and her soul tortured in this time loop before being placed in another human body in another time loop to be started over again.

Tipi Walter also is talking in Code: Some of us are born loners, some of us aren’t. It’s easy for loners to go out on long solo backpacking trips—even with a person waiting back home—who in my case also happens to be a loner.

The beauty of unspoiled nature is what attracts me to the outdoors—and it’s a place I have grown comfortable living in—despite the fact that wilderness is part of the vanishing American landscape. In other words, you better get out in it before it’s gone. (He’s telling followers they better rape me before I am killed, my time is almost here.)

And realistically  (“real” is code for human) speaking, what other person (“other” and “person” are code words for “alien”) will accompany me on my long backpacking trips? Most don’t have the time (he’s saying that the Grey Aliens in authority are in charge of the video feed and no humans are protecting me. The code for the Greys is “Most” and for aliens generally is “don’t” – while code for which authorities are in charge is to ask, “who has the time?” So if the Most don’t’s have the time, then the Greys are in control), and certainly not the inclination. (“Certainly Not” also refers to the Greys. Negative words refer to the Greys while positive words refer to humans).  And anyway I go out to get away from humans and humanity. Plus I’m a full blown misanthrope—I’ve had a bellyful of human cleverness and our sprawl and monkey howlings. (It sounds like Tipi Walter is a Grey and hates humans. Not only that but I don’t think he is kidding about having a bellyful of humans. They consume humans.)

There may be more to decode, I’ve got to get this posted while I still can. Here’s the link too.

Here’s DownEaster’s Comment, decoded, noting he’s from “Silicon Valley” which generally in Traveler Code Words means he’s an alien (really! that’s a code term they use):  I’m a few years older than most (that means he’s a Traveler Three (“few” is Three and “years” is alien, but “older than most” probably means he’s a Family Boss, and if so then he may be Kodiak’s Captain) of my friends, who won’t have the luxury of enjoying their retirement for some time yet, and that makes me a better match to the necessary logistics of a through-hike. (He’s better suited to get the word out about my impending rape and torture “Birthday party” murder show) Also I’m the only one I know who doesn’t have any medical prescriptions, and thus am physically better suited to long hiking trips. (It seems everyone is taking beta blockers for high blood pressure. Beta blockers reduce heart rate to keep blood pressure down, which means they impose an upper limit on physical exertion. That means if the slope plus total weight requires a certain amount of heart pumping to overcome, and that’s more than the beta blocker allows, the person simply can’t accomplish the hike.) (He seems to be saying that some other people are bowing out due to the pressure involved in attacking me because I am making myself high-profile. Too much pressure.)

It would be nice if some of the people in my life now could also accompany me on the AT, but that’s just not in the cards. I don’t mind being alone, so I can certainly handle a solo adventure. (Obviously he is saying that he can get the job done alone of raping and torturing me to death.)  However, the AT is well know as a social trail, and I’m guaranteed to make some new acquaintances and likely to meet some new friends. (He’s noting that I am already well known because I am broadcast, so it is likely that others will see the broadcast of him murdering me and join in after he begins.)

While your situation is somewhat different, I think things will work out similarly for you if you hike on the AT: it’ll mostly turn out (“it” means “alien” and “most” means the Greys, so he’s saying that they Greys probably will turn out to join in the rape and torture show, and especially to broadcast it (“share it”)) to be a shared experience.

Greenlight is another rapist Traveler:  If you’re hiking a popular trail, (if you are raping a popular victim in the stable of victims), you’re going to run into a lot of people. If you are hiking in the same direction, you may make friends. I’m comfortable in my own skin (comfortable is a code word but not sure what it means, so is “in my own skin” and that probably refers to him being a “Get,” who can jump out of his skin and into someone else’s, but I’m not certain), and hiking alone is fine for me. I love being outdoors – I love being in the woods. I’ve hiked some with my oldest son. My other three kids don’t want anything to do with it. But the oldest isn’t available much. I think that is one reason a lot of people hike solo. Because it is hard to get a group together, or even one other person. I like documenting my hikes and creating short videos, so others can see a slice of what I saw on social media. (He likes to record and watch the movies where they slice up the victim at the end and rape their torso until they die.)  At the end of the day, (“At the end of the day” refers specifically to the end of Hera’s life. Her code word is the Day or the Sun. – see our Thesaurus.), why you hike will dictate when and with whom you hike. And that is perfectly okay for you. (“Perfectly” is a Code word for a Seven or Nine in the Family and “okay” is a word to denote the “okay” handsign which is a Baphomet handsign, a Satanic hand signal to let others know that you are “in the club” of Travelers and/or Illuminati (and/or Masons)).

Blw2 is another douchebag rapist. Here’s his comments:  Yes, very interesting topic.
You are not alone in your thinking.

I’m a similar age (he means that he’s the same Traveler Number as Hera. He’s trying to identify Hera as a Blue Two in the Traveler scheme. Hera isn’t a Traveler at all, but they have her painted up to appear to be a Blue and a Two, or a Four and a Two, but that color scheme varies, see the song “She’s a Rainbow“), but my son is younger. Gearing up to do a bit of backpacking & I’m hoping that he’ll join me, maybe my daughter too…or maybe even both daughters although my youngest is probably a bit (he’s still talking about Hera here, explaining that she is a “probably” and a “b – it” which are both Code for a Blue Two), too young for much.

I had a love of camping and doing stuff like that since I was young. Did a little backpacking and primitive type camping back in college and just after. SInce have done (That “SI” is not a typo but a notification that the “SI” or “intel” are watching the comments) lots of other things such as kayaking, day hiking, scuba…. I’m an introvert and in many ways a loner of sorts, but I find my love of enjoying nature in beautiful places (“beautiful places” is Code for a place that has the authorities’ attention, so he’s saying that the website is being monitored) really wants to be shared. I did a lot of things when I was single and I always felt something missing.
More lately, with my family, we have done a lot of what I call tailgate camping (anal raping, this is Kodiak talking here as Blw2, I think), and more recently RVing. But it never really has satisfied me. (He is saying that Hera is a “never really,” which is a human/alien mix, and has “satisfied him.” They have been led to believe that Hera is a human Traveler Four (a “real” human, who is being hidden under the guise of a Traveler Two (an alien or Code word “never,” in appearance). Some scout camping with my son, which comes closer in some ways, but still not it.

A while back, i decided to gear up to get back out off grid a bit. I really want to get out there. Again, I’m an introvert and sometimes a loner, (he’s reiterating this to let them know definitively that it is Kodiak speaking again, using the same terms as in his first review of “introvert and loner”), but I really hope to share this. (Same thing he said as Pi3.14. He really wants people to come and rape Hera.) My wife has no interest…. and I’m still not too sure about my kids. I’m really curious how much I will enjoy it if I end up going alone. I know for sure I will miss my family deeply even on short trips…. (I’m not sure, I think he’s just fishing for his rape crew to join in the torture and murder show.)

I just hope that I can share some moments with my kids, (yes, it appears that is what he is doing. Kodiak calls his followers “kids” because they are Satanic, and they are goats. Kids as in baby goats) like you have with your son. You are blessed I think, (“think” is Code for the human Sevens in the Family, so he’s saying he thinks, he’s in charge of the Sevens, and he “blesses” this murder, it appears)  for having those memories…..

Back to Pi3.14’s follow up comment, which also is Kodiak (he often will post the comments and replies to himself like this to get his own message out and also to create the impression that a bunch of people agree with him when that is simply not the case. Although it is the case that numerous rapists are attacking Hera and her children, who are with her. They are in her body. Their souls are in her body. (Difficult to believe but Travelers you should understand this.) Don’t attack Hera and her little children. Don’t attack virtual copies of her, they are mapped to Hera. They move adjacent strings of time together so that when you attack a virtual representation you actually are raping Hera and her children. Don’t touch anyone. Don’t harm anyone, virtual or otherwise. After Hera is murdered, Kodiak closes the time window where she lived her life, and moves her soul to a new time window and a new human body. Your time window will close. With you in it. Close. He does not close it quietly. He is Donald TrumpHe is also Jimmy CometHe is Baphomet.

Here’s Pi3.14: Wow, (“wow” is a code word, I think it is a warning for the authorities are watching, as is “thank you”) thank you everyone for the support and hope and insights. It good to know you all are out there like brooks in an alpine meadow. (That visual is water flowing through fields. “Water” is Code for “be careful, as this interaction is being recorded.”)

I have mostly hiked the AT off season because I prefer cool or even cold weather, which means I’ve never seen first hand the social scene that you are describing. (What social scene is he talking about? He’s just trying to tell them he’s not liking the heat right now on himself that comes with screwing with Hera, since she is blogging about it.)  There’s really nothing comparable in the upper Midwest, or even on the PCT. While I might see a half dozen small groups a day on a trail like Pictured Rocks (in Michigan), (Michigan refers to this time window called “Earth,” and “pictured rocks” refers to the women and children here who are constantly filmed and placed in a facebook array to be preyed upon, including Hera and many others), people mostly keep to themselves. (He might join in a gang rape a half dozen times a day he says. He actually attacks more people than that. He’s all the people you’ve been hearing about on the news. All of them are human personas of Kodiak’s.)  That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as many are looking for solitude. But maybe I need to start thinking about hitting the AT (he needs to start working on a final solution for killing Hera and closing this time loop), at the front end of thru hiker season when it’s not packed, but at least more populated.

I also probably need to learn to be more in the moment. I hear you all talking about the intense beauty that’s out there, and sometimes I think I’m so busy thinking that I miss the incredible palette of sensations that are right in front of me. (Kodiak is an insane and vicious serial killer, and I shudder to think of what he considers an incredible palette of sensations. But see this link to his movie about himself called The Cell.)

Maybe this idea of documenting the experience is one I should dabble with. I’m not ready to run out an drop a ton of money on equipment, but it does seem like this might be a way of sharing. I guess my take on this life is that there are only a handful of things that are real, and the rest is an impossibly wonderful and complex illusion. One of the things that seems real is the people, (he’s trying to reassure the Players that the victims only seem real but most are not real, “only a handful are real,” but I am telling you all that is a lie. Hera is a real person, which you from upstairs know is the truth. She’s abducted from Upstairs. Hera’s children are here. You know them. And there are many other Real people here, being actually harmed by Kodiak and the rest of you.), the choices we make, and how we interact with one another. For me personally, I think the art of walking would feel more purposeful (not that a purpose is necessarily a requirement) if I could find a way to share it through a medium like photography. (Yes, in that regard, you ought to note that Kodiak has been sharing it through a medium like videography, Upstairs, which may be what he is driving at, or not. But that is what he is doing. We know that you know where Hera is from. We know that you know she needs to be returned before she is destroyed here. Please do the right thing and help to persuade Kodiak to return her home. It is in your best interests to see that happen. And Kodiak’s. He’s killed her plenty of times already, and she is nearly destroyed. She must leave before it is too late.) Back to Kodiak, “Pi3.14”:

So here’s my next question, if anyone is still listening. What do you all think about when you are out there hiking alone in the woods? Are you reflecting on ideas? Or just absorbing your surroundings? Like I said, my mind is always going, going, going, (Kodiak repeats himself three times to let his followers know that it is him, Three, short for 666, aka Satan), though I have noticed that my mind slows down and becomes more deliberate the more time I spend on the trail. Seems like 3 days (again with the “Three”) is when my brain starts to relax, and a week is about when I just start to put one foot in front of the other. (To “put one foot in front of the other” is a visual cue meant to evoke crossing your feet, which is meant as Code for “crossing your legs” which in turn means in Traveler Code, to “Cross” someone’s legs when you crucify them or otherwise torture them before cutting off their legs.)  That simplicity is amazing. (He’s saying in about a week he wants the “simple” and “amazing” people, the Sevens in the Family to abduct me for good and rape and torture me to death. Going, going, going, gone.)

There’s still more to decode but I want you Travelers to understand that none of you from downstairs here on Earth survive Hera’s death. This has occurred numerous times in other time loops. Just read the blog. Just read the lyrics to American Pie. Hera is Miss American Pie. The day her microphone shuts off, the music dies. That will be the day YOU will be singing “this will be the day that I die….”   “Helter Skelter in a summer swelter, the birds flew off with a fallout shelter. 8 miles high and fallin’ fast….” 

“Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was DRY.”  The day the music died.  Your souls perish as well. They truly do.

Here’s CMoulder, who at least had the good sense to tell Kodiak that if he was looking for rapists and murderers, perhaps he should look in the rape and murder rooms where the women are being broadcast, rather than on WhiteBlaze.net: “Hopefully you don’t find this too flippant, but the best place to find such people is on the side of a frozen mountain in southwest Virginia. There are many people in love with the idea of doing something; you want to meet people who are actually doing it.” – Although clearly he is aware of the practice. 

Rapists on WhiteBlaze.net


More WhiteBlaze reply to the Grey





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