Who’s the “Grey Seal” in this Elton John Song by Kodiak?

I’m the Sun, but I don’t think I’m the Grey Seal in this Elton John song. I’m living Bohemian Rhapsody, which is taking place in my own home. This Earth is a SIM environment, the sun here is not real. But I am code-worded as “the Sun” and I am almost certainly unconscious upstairs. And according to this song, the Sun here may refer to the live person I am upstairs compared to virtual version down here in this Earth SIM. If so, this reinforces the information contained in the Taylor Swift video “Bad Blood” and in Kodiak’s movie called The Cell with Jennifer Lopez. In both it appears that he is abducting women, or at least me in particular, from upstairs and knocking them out, and leaving them under some sort of anesthesia, in order to attack them down here. Possibly he is killing them upstairs after a few times attacking them down here, as Kodiak seems to be bragging about in his Lionel Richie song, “Three Times a Lady.”  So it appears they abduct women upstairs, put them into the machine apparatus, kill them three times down here and then kill them upstairs to avoid witnesses, maybe? But according to Kodiak in this review below, he dragged me into this Earth environment 17 “Days” ago from upstairs completely. I decode it in this post. That’s 17 lifetimes ago. – Hera

Kodiak explaining 17 time loops (DAYS) and only fell here ONCE

Here’s his insane “Grey Seal” lyrics as Elton John:

Why’s it never light on my lawn (because he’s in Hell)
Why does it rain 
And never say good-day to the new-born 
On the big screen they showed us the sun (the sun in this environment does nothing, it is fake, the heat is provided by external means. “They” are the Greys.)  
But not as bright in life as the real one
(the real sun in the outside environment)
It’s never quite the same as the real one 

And tell me grey seal (that’s Nokia, an “upstairs” Grey and the leader)
How does it feel
To be so wise
To see through eyes
That only see what’s real (the upstairs Greys can easily see the “real” which is code for human souls)
Tell me grey seal

I never learned why meteors were formed 
I only farmed in schools (“farmed” is a code word Travelers use for preying on people; “schools” are schools of fish which is what they call groups of potential prey. “Going fishing.” The upstairs people call the entire Earth “School” or “University,” which should tell you what they think of their fish in this barrel called “Earth”)
That were so worn and torn (schools are worn and torn here because they attack the humans here on “Earth,” which Kodiak calls the “Taco Factory” or “Chicken Ranch.” He’s the Chicken Man, and the Taco Factory Manager. He’s the farmer. They blow up this “school” called Earth every few decades)
If anyone can cry then so can I (Kodiak can cry on any cue, like Meryl Streep. He’s the Devil)
I read books and draw light from the eye (this seems like it might be about painting but I suspect it is about snuffing out the light in a living being’s eyes, drawing out the light of their souls by releasing their souls from their bodies, by killing people)
All my life is drawings from the eye (reinforces my interpretation of the previous line. Kodiak is a serial killer. He literally spends his days raping and killing victims under the guise of his various human personas (many of whom presently are taking heat for sexual assault, while many others have gotten a pass for far worse, like Jimmy Comet))

And tell me grey seal
How does it feel
To be so wise (This is an owl reference, where the “Great Owl” is an Illuminati symbol, which refers to the upstairs Greys)
To see through eyes
That only see what’s real
Tell me grey seal

Your mission bells were wrought by ancient men (the humans cloned into here come from what they claim is ancient human DNA extracted from the outside environment and hybridized)
The roots were formed by twisted roots 
Your roots were twisted then (the Greys are more ancient than the humans cloned into here)
I was re-born before all light could die (Kodiak does not die when the Greys blow up the time loops. Before the loop is destroyed (and “all light dies” within it), Hera’s soul is moved to a new environment, and so is Kodiak’s, and thus they are “re-born” before all light could die here)
The Phoenix bird will leave this world to fly (Kodiak and Hera’s souls are moved to another time loop, to new bodies, but this line seems to refer to Hera’s husband, the real Creator, who leaves the loop to be with Hera in the next one before this one is destroyed)
If the Phoenix bird can fly then so can I (Kodiak always tries to compare himself to Hera’s husband and pretends to be him, and also often claims to be the “Son of God.” He is fixated on becoming him, which he also wrote a song about, called Become You by the Indigo Girls)

And tell me grey seal
How does it feel
To be so wise
To see through eyes
That only see what’s real
Tell me grey seal


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