Have You Seen This Person “UPSTAIRS”? Here’s Where We Are On “EARTH” and What’s Happening, Based on My Best Information, Knowledge and Belief

This document is meant to serve as a succinct explanation to others of what is happening to the people here in this environment we call “Earth.” It is based on my best knowledge and belief, according to my own firsthand experiences and additional information obtained from numerous sources, primarily people from the outside environment, the Greys and the Reptilians. Some of those sources are identified throughout this blog but there are many others. Because I am operating within the Earth environment with no recall of the outside “universe,” I have no way to verify that any of the information I have been provided is accurate. In fact, nearly all of the information that the people held hostage within the Earth environment have been given about who they are, where they are, and what is happening to them here on this so-called “planet,” is objectively, verifiably, false information.

With the foregoing in mind, the following statements convey my understanding of the facts of our situation as “human” hostages of Earth, based on my own personal knowledge and experience:

  1. Human DNA was taken from some outside environment and possibly genetically modified, and then the resultant miniaturized “human race of Earth” was created by cloning these modified humans into this Earth environment based on that DNA. The Greys are responsible. Evidence of this includes the numerous visually identical human beings present here, particularly the identical “social leaders” here who are human bodies occupied by the people who visit Earth from the outside or “Upstairs” environment. By way of example, I offer the following images of completely different, unrelated humans who just “happen” to resemble each other but are the wealthy “celebrities” of Earth:

2. The leader of Earth goes by “Kodiak” (aka Steve perhaps upstairs) informally and uses the following names most frequently here: James (Jim), Steve, Taylor, David Sinclair, Donald (Don), Robert (Bob), Paul, Denis, and especially Tim and Tom. Kodiak’s favorite human body to occupy on Earth is pictured here, male and female.

The females are known here as Karlie Kloss, Taylor Swift and Zeena LaVey. The clones are spread out over different years of birth into this environment.

The males are known here as Kelsey Grammer, Fred Thompson, Mark Strassman and James Alefantis, and also from 60 years earlier, “August Landmesser.”


3. The Upstairs people and the people who are torturing us in here claim that there are Grey Aliens who are running this human prison and who facilitated the transfer of human DNA into the Earth environment. This may be true, or not. It is feasible of course that humans upstairs gathered the DNA from people pictured above, and numerous others, and cloned the humans into this environment, and that they are the ones attacking us. Certainly many of them are raping, torturing and killing the adults and especially children here. Read the blog at herasblog.com. That’s what the upstairs people and the Greys are doing to the humans here. The upstairs people, who come in from an external environment, are here for that purpose. 

4. I have told the upstairs “humans” that I will testify on their behalf that they were responsible for our rescue here, if indeed they help us to be rescued. But thus far it appears that will not occur. Moreover, some of them are calling for me to be killed as quickly as possible. Kodiak has been reporting that Bee, a Grey, has staged a coup and taken control of this Earth environment, and that he wants me, and everyone else from upstairs released immediately. 

5. Is Kodiak killing the women upstairs to get them in here, or putting them into a sleep state, or just cloning their DNA? In the movie “Jennifer 8,” Kodiak’s dialogue says, “She looks just like Suzanne…. That’s because she is Suzanne, except she can’t run away.” The movie itself refers to Jennifer 8, which likely refers to that movie being made in the 8th time loop in which I’ve been killed. And the movie looks like it wasn’t made in this time loop.

Kodiak says that this will be the 17th time loop of Earth where I have been murdered. Each lifespan of mine in a time loop is called a “Day.” The time loops are open only for the length of my lifespan, from “Sunrise to Sunset.”

Kodiak explaining 17 time loops (DAYS) and only fell here ONCE

In this “product review” Kodiak tells the Upstairs people that this is the 17th time loop, although numerous Taylor Swift images report this as the 13th. This can only mean that Kodiak has been holding the upstairs people over, and has been for the past 4 time loops, while erasing their memories completely of completing the 13th loop. Because they have now relived this 13th loop – four times. Kodiak for his part, confirms this, and tells them he won’t let them return homeAnother movie, “Hot Tub Time Machine 2” (another Kodiak script and movie, and a true story), notes at the end that the character hasn’t “changed shirts” in two or three “days.”  The lifespan of each time loop is code-worded as a “day.” And human bodies are called “clothes” or “cars.”

Kodiak also in some songs claims that I am his sister. Kodiak also now claims that it is Bee who is not letting me, Kodiak or the upstairs people out of this environment, holding us over for 3 repeats of the same “13th time loop,” while wiping our memories of the repeats (yet data remains proving the holdover).

6. The woman on the magazine cover below is named Gwyneth Paltrow, and hers is the human body I am told that I was placed in the last time I was murdered, in the last “time loop” version of “Earth.” A primary code name that they use to discuss me here in secret is “the Sun.” So this magazine cover below is a coded reference to me. But more importantly, have you seen this person pictured on the cover in the Upstairs environment?


7. Gwyneth Paltrow is depicted in several images in videos by a band that makes music celebrating the rape and torture of children called “Heavy Breathing.”  There is no reason whatsoever to believe she is involved. Rather, I am told that her body was the “vehicle” for my soul in the last time loop of Earth. Heavy Breathing is Kodiak’s persona Jimmy Comet Alefantis’s restaurant’s band, and he likes to retain souvenirs of his past killings. This is the only conceivable reason that Paltrow appears in images of his “house band” Heavy Breathing. Here is one image from one video called “I No Love.” It is possible that Gwyneth Paltrow is still being attacked like I am, with her memories blocked. Generally they pull adjacent strings of time together (time travel) and appear when a victim is sleeping. They hypnotize victims using advanced technology, and then pull the victims into a far future string of time to attack them. That way when they are returned to their beds they have no marks or scars, since the harm is in the future, and no memory of the attacks that have not occurred yet. The time shifting itself is forgotten due to the hypnosis, usually, by most victims. I remember being dragged through time shifts, being hypnotized, and also being attacked. Most people don’t.

This is supposed to evoke Gwyneth Paltrow
This image is supposed to be Gwyneth Paltrow, and is found among several images all crammed together within about 1 second of footage, within the “I No Love” video by Comet Pizza band Heavy Breathing.


8.   Here’s a video of Kodiak’s Heavy Breathing’s music band, there isn’t much actual music involved. You can see what they are all about. They are Greys. 

9.   We have reason to believe based on numerous statements by Kodiak that he is recording what occurs on Earth and keeping numerous copies. He claims to be altering the sound so that it obscures what you see happening. The dialogue causes outside viewers to misinterpret the recording as a movie, as some bizarre fiction, as acting.  Look at the recordings without the sound and perhaps you’ll realize what is happening. Understand that the attackers sit a couple of milliseconds into the future from the victim, so that they are being currently physically harmed in the present, but the attacker is situated a couple seconds in the future and therefore remains invisible in the present.  Kodiak also is saving the images out of order. The movie is not saved in linear order, i.e. in chronological time order, to obscure what is happening here. Separately Kodiak also maintains audio recordings, certainly, since he is fixated on the sounds of torture, which he calls “Music.”

10.  Kodiak and these other people from outside, and the Greys also consume the victims they kill. Here are several photos and videos bragging about that:

11. While raping and torturing victims, they often hypnotize them to force them to smile to give the appearance that they are enjoying being attacked when really they are in agony. They wipe the memories of victims who survive the attacks. They often attack children sleeping in their beds at home by opening an adjacent string of time, a time window next to the victim and dragging the victim into a string far into the future. They can hypnotize and attack a victim and simply return the victim to their bed before they wake up. REM stage sleep facilitates hypnosis. They also throw victims conscious awareness or “human soul” into a different body, then rape and torture them to death, and then return their “soul” back to their original body with those memories blocked or erased.

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 9.42.16 PM

They do this to all the humans held hostage here on Earth. Everyone who is not aware of being in here from Upstairs is a hostage and is considered prey and is “fair game” for all of the people visiting from upstairs to attack at will. Often they will gang-rape and torture a victim together. They even solicit hostage humans from downstairs to join in attacking other humans, because those attackers are unaware that they also are preyed upon. It is a hideous environment. They call this rape and torture group the “Panda Club” because they often wear hockey masks that resemble the face of a Panda or sloth in order to increase the terror to victims. Thus Panda and Sloth references are Code for rape and torture plans. 

12. Kodiak and his Grey alien “wife” Bee hypnotize victims using remote technology and then also control them to make them appear to be witches. They also use that tech and hypnosis to make victims smile while being raped and tortured. The victim is in agony, they are not enjoying the attack. They also do experience the attacks, they are not a perception. The Greys also use time travel tech to facilitate “magical” or “invisible” attacks from another dimension. They are not magical. The Greys open up an adjacent string of time next to a person that an attacker can reach through. You as an attacker are, for example, 50 milliseconds into the future from the victim, so that it is imperceptible to you the time difference. From the future, you can see the victim in the past, and the victim experiences the attack as normal with an imperceptible delay. This makes you invisible to the victim in the present, although you can see and attack the victim, because the victim can’t see into the future (even by 50 milliseconds) without physically traveling there.

Below depicted: Head in the past or future  time string, feet in the present. This is depicted frequently in movies, tv shows and music videos. And in Kim Noble’s child torture pizzagate paintings. Noble’s no victim, but rather a perpetrator. She is Bee.

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 11.36.18 AM

“Hera Sinclair” is a name assigned to me by Kodiak. I am told my name outside of here is Suzanne (and also told it is Michelle). A few names are recirculated in many of Kodiak’s songs and movies bragging about abducting me here. Probably the names reflect different names I was assigned in various time loops. In this time loop, Kodiak broadcast details of my life and identity in the movie series “Back the Future,” a movie series about time travel.

I will continue to update this but want to get it posted. See this post for Code Words that the humans, Greys and Reptilians frequently use to discuss raping, torturing and killing human beings here, among other things (but mostly that is the topic they discuss). See this post for cartoon depictions of them talking about coming in here from the Outside or Upstairs environment to vacation here. Here is what they tell us is our Sun and Moon, which are outside round planetary bodies that provide heat and energy to our “planet Earth.” They don’t, those are fake.

Another note: Kodiak has spent the last several days assuring the Upstairs Parents and others that they won’t get caught, and alternatively that I am just a robot. What is there to be caught doing, if I am indeed a “robot”? If the humans here are artificial intelligence beings?  My response is: Ditch that idiot and get us some help, before you get caught. Otherwise, dead men tell no tales, but they also can’t testify on your behalf when they find Kodiak’s videos showing my repeated rape, torture and murder, and the killings of multitudes of others here. Make your story the one about rescuing us all from the Greys holding us hostage in this human farm. We will back you up if need be, and if not necessary, we won’t make a public issue of this situation.

Further to this point: Here’s a video of Kodiak as “Pie on the Trail” saying that next time he’ll use a “mummy bag” which is Code for saying he’ll stick to using the people cloned into here as victims, rather than me, a live victim directly taken from the outside world and held hostage here. (Actually, just see this entry, where Kodiak jumps through hoops telling you that you can’t get caught, while simultaneously ordering humans here to torture me to death.) He wants that robot to be murdered before you get caught! UPDATE: Kodiak now claims Bee is mimicking him, remoting him, and also wiping his memory. She’s the one who won’t let us out of here. Kodiak asks for your assistance to get everyone upstairs out, including Kodiak, and Hera.





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