Neil Armstrong Time-Shift Interview in the 1950’s Answers Illuminati Leaders’ Questions Raised Today About This Grey Alien Human Farm (Earth), And the Reptilian Interference Signal Shielding Human Souls from Visibility to the Outside World.

That is the interference field the Greys throw up so that passersby won’t notice that Earth is their Human Farm, as Neil Armstrong explains in this video interview. The key thing to take away is that humans don’t have to escape, we have to kill that interference signal so we can be seen here. The Aurora Borealis might be the point of origin, depicted above hiding a human soul. From another Kodiak video, a videogame on left, and a Rolling Stones video on the right (they also are a Kodiak band – they all are!):

Here’s the Simpsons showing the people from the Outside who visit Earth to prey on the human population. Earth is the “Offshore Gambling” Casino and the lights around it are the interference signal, which I believe also is the Aurora Borealis. Aurora (lights) Bore (Code for authorities) Al (Code for Boss) Is (meaning “IZ” which is Code for Lizard), which means the Reptilians are the Bosses who guard the Electric Fence Signal. Their Family Color is Green and also Purple, so that is why the gold lights are surrounded by Purple.

Earth is Offshore Gambling

Your souls are extracted from your home outside and moved to the “Offshore Gambling Casino” and then put back. But the Greys are feeding on you. Notice how you glide in above and then exit grounded on Earth in a human body that is locked into this environment by the “Karman Line” – the Car Man Line – the outside boundary of Earth past which human bodies, called cars by the Greys and the Upstairs people, cannot pass to exit this Westworld environment.

Your Souls Are Extracted to Earth

See also this person’s blog post on the subject. They are right about the soul net, but not about the ability to escape it by evolving.

Here’s the original post:

While watching this analysis of Neil Armstrong’s lie-tells during this moon landing interview, we couldn’t help noticing that Armstrong often stalled, saying “uhhhh,” and then began to say one word and had to stop and change to a different word. We know why. He did this because he had guessed wrong what the person talking the answers into his head was going to tell him to say! This is what “direct to skull” technology looks like, and this video makes it clear that they were using this tech back in the 50s. They’ve actually been using it the entire time that this time loop of Earth has been in existence, but at least with this video you can understand that you are being lied to, and also that this technology does exist, and has been in use for a very long time.

But more importantly for now, this interview addresses questions raised just in the last 24 hours here with us in “The Room” about how likely it is that the Upstairs Players will get caught participating in this Grey Alien run human factory farm. Illuminati & Traveler leader Kodiak uses time shifting, to work the answers to today’s questions into this Armstrong interview from the 50’s. Here’s the video of the interview, with the entire transcript decoded below.

This entire interview is Kodiak playing both roles, as Armstrong and Patrick Moore, aka “the GamesMaster,” while talking in Code to the Upstairs people about the likelihood that they’ll be caught participating in The Games played with live human game pieces in this Human Factory Farm called “Earth.”  Here’s the link to the key terms and concepts we use to decode these messages. “The Games” involve killing Hera, and every other human on Earth, in repeating time loops of the past, where killing humans here has no effect on humans of the present. You are in such a time loop now, in 2017 Earth.

The Interview

:22 GamesMaster:  Mr. Armstrong – I do realize that when you were on the Moon, you had very little time for gazing upwards. But could you tell us something about what the sky actually looks like from the Moon: the Sun, the Earth, the stars if any, and so on?

What this means: “Gazing upwards” is a visual cue to “point up” which is Kodiak’s reference to the Outside or Upstairs environment, and also a signature move of his as “Baphomet.” The question asks, “what does this Human Farm environment look like from the Upstairs, or from above, to Outside observers?” What can be seen from above?  Can you see Hera (code-named “the Sun”)? Can you see the Humans-as-Food Farm and the humans held hostage here (this place called “Earth”)? Can you see who from Upstairs is here and what they are doing, are they being recorded? (In other words, can you see “the stars” of this Truman Show Earth that they also refer to as “Westworld”?) And so on? (Is the “so” on? I.e., Can the humans in authority see the video feeds? Is the camera on?)

:33 Armstrong:  The sky is uh, deep black, uh when viewed from the Moon, as it is when viewed from “sistal interspace,” (a term I can’t find online), the space between the Earth and the Moon (i.e., the view while standing at our prison’s border wall…).  The, uh, the Earth is the only visible object other than the Sun that can be seen, although there have been some reports of seeing planets. I myself did not see planets from the surface, but I suspect they might be visible.  (What are “Planets”? the Players upstairs, or aliens from somewhere else? Together, he seems to be saying you can see the Human Farm and Hera from the border wall, but cannot see them from all the way at the surface.)  

continued…..The Earth is quite beautiful from space, uh suh (maybe a “so” which indicates along with “beautiful” that it might be “visible”), and from the Moon it looks quite small and quite remote (i.e., “it’s not that visible, it’s distant or miniaturized“). But uh, it’s very blue and covered with uh, white lace (Giggle of GameMaster here)…and of the clouds. And, the continents are clearly seen, although they have very little color from that distance.

These last two sentences above seem to say that Earth might be hidden underwater (“blue”), and under a cover (“white lace”), “and of the clouds” which means hidden amongst other objects maybe. But this seems to be speaking about me, Hera.  (Kodiak switches the subject often to confuse outside ears. So now “the Earth” here may be me, which is clarified by the next sentence.) “And the continents are clearly seen” – may mean that the structure of Earth can be seen, but “they have very little color from that distance” which refers to humans. Humans have souls of varying colors. That’s what the Traveler system is built upon. So the human population cannot be detected from the distance of the Moon. The Moon being either the border wall or the Outside world. (Kodiak made movies called “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” which mock his practice of miniaturizing people. So it’s entirely possible that they abducted some humans and now are cloning them in miniaturized form, and have built a miniaturized environment to hold us hostage within. Earth.)

4:40 GamesMaster:  What about the Sun, could you see any trace of the corona? What this means: Regarding Hera, can you see any trace of her soul from the Outside environment? Can she be traced?

4:43: Armstrong:  No the uh glare from Sun on the helmet visor was too difficult to pick out the corona. (No, the Greys (Code-word “difficult”) cause a glare (i.e., optical illusion) that makes it’s too hard to pick Hera’s soul out directly amongst the crowd.  (Hera is code-named “the Sun” and here “the Corona” refers to her soul, while her body is the Sun.))

The only time we could see the corona was during eclipse of the Sun from the Moon. That is, when we were flying through the Moon’s Shadow and could observe the solar corona “peeking out” from behind the Moon.  (The only time you can see that it’s Hera’s soul specifically is when Hera is being attacked by the flying “Gets” (they work for Kodiak, whose Code name is the Moon. The “Gets” are Satanic wizards who “fly in Kodiak’s shadow” as their leader. They actually fly as well.) You can tell it’s Hera’s soul (“see the Corona”) buried under darkness, under a cloud or optical illusion created by the Greys, after the Gets cause it to “peek out” from where it is being distorted by the optics placed on it by the Greys. The Gets cause it to “peek out” by attacking Hera’s soul in various adjacent strings of time, and eventually also when murdering her, fully releasing her soul from her body. At that point it will become obvious that Hera is here and that her soul is not darkened.)

5:02 GamesMaster:  Looking at the photographs that you brought back, uh the colored photographs of the Moon’s surface, it seems that the color of the surface actually varies according to the angle from which you see it. Is this so, does it, does it do this?

The question is: Is Hera’s soul being colored via an overlay or hologram on the surface, and does the color change, and can you see it better from different angles? But this also likely is asking whether the “colored population” of Earth, the humans, are visible from “the Moon” or the Outside environment (“the surface”) by some means. Are the human hostages hidden from view from all angles?

5:15 Armstrong:  Yes it certainly does. It’s a characteristic that we first observed while travelling around the Moon in orbit. You could see that at the Terminator, at the uh, boundary between the black part and the lighted part of the Moon, it was as if you were looking at a television set with the contrast turned to, uh, full contrast, very black and very white. As you moved further into the light, there were more and more shades of Grey.

What this means: From the surface, all that is visible are the Grey Aliens, but as you move closer then the humans here become more visible. At the boundary wall, the Greys obscure the humans from sight with an interference signal resembling a contrast tune on an old TV set… like this image on the left, rather than the broadcast that is shown on the inside, which is shown on the right image, which is a depiction of me, Hera, held hostage in a “water tank” (often I am shown as a hostage in a water tank), while being broadcast on “3 screens” in the floating cube:

Armstrong continues….But as you moved further, such that the Sun’s higher above the horizon, you actually start to see the Tans and Browns appear, although at a very low level. (This is saying that you can’t make out the humans here until you get very low into the tank) 

Similarly, on the surface of the Moon, the same characteristic is evident. You can see Browns if the Sun is high enough. (You can see the humans here if there is enough light (but the Greys keep humans on “Earth” surrounded by a deep black layer, and a contrast interference signal obscures the human souls from view at the border, even if Earth itself were to become visible.)

Armstrong continued…. Apollo 12, for example, landed while the Sun was only 5 degrees above the horizon so when they arrived they saw no Browns or Tans anywhere only fairly high contrast Greys. (Interjection of GameMaster: “But you did.”) Yes, I did, the Sun was at 11 degrees, and Apollo 12 did also. The next day, when they arose from their sleeping period, and the Sun was higher, of course, then the Browns were observable to them.

What this means: Kodiak is Armstrong, and he’s saying two things: First he’s saying that the humans aren’t visible if the light is low, (but he uses the number 5, which is Code for the authorities, so probably visible to prying eyes), he says that only the Greys are visible as long as the light is low. Next, Kodiak says that this true in the previous time loops, before, but now Hera is brighter in this time loop, this “next Day” than in the previous loops, and now the human souls, which all come from Hera’s soul, can be seen by “them.” 

Kodiak also is talking in double speak, which he often does, giving orders on the ground while secretly also addressing issues with “The Parents” Upstairs. So the above also, and to humans on the ground, sounds like he’s issuing an order to call in the Brown Sixes to come and attack Hera. He notes that as new Upstairs people entered the Room where Hera is held hostage, they saw no Browns or Tans, only Greys. Mentioning the sleeping period would be construed by humans on the ground as saying, “wake them up! Get some Browns in here.” Kodiak also says that “the Sun” i.e. Hera was at “11 degrees” which means that she appeared to be a Traveler Two. But this all seems like subterfuge to confuse the human leaders on the ground as to the true subject of his interview, which is to address the visibility of the Human Farm, and Hera, to the outside world. This issue of the visibility of this Farm,and likelihood of it being detected, was raised in this Room where I am hostage, just several hours ago. So certainly Kodiak is addressing those questions. As we told you in this other post, Kodiak brushes off concerns about the welfare of the living and real human beings here, and now also the fact that he’s holding upstairs people hostage in here, (including some Upstairs Players now too), with these assurances that nobody will “get caught.” That’s how his insane mind works! It isn’t what you do to people, it’s what you are seen doing to people. By the way elsewhere he’s assured the Players that he keeps videos in at least four outside locations, but not to worry, because he alters the audio to make the video look like a movie and not an actual multiple hostage rape, torture and murder scene. He thinks they won’t be able to figure out that it’s a real live human farm, based on the videos.

6:36 GamesMaster:  When you were actually walking about on the Moon’s surface and kicking about a certain amount of dust (emphasis his), did you notice any local color, and also were you at all subconsciously worried about the possibility of unsafe areas? What this means: “Dust” is a signal for other watchers of the video that I, (Hera) am on the YouTube channel watching it, and that they should get off immediately because the FBI monitors my activities. So it’s the word equivalent to the Traveler visual cue of a “brush off” or “dusting off” to say “get out of here.”  The word “kicking” means the same thing, it’s the word equivalent of the Traveler gesture of “kicking out your leg” which is Code for being “kicked out” of your present location. “Worried about … unsafe areas” and “local color” gives them the reason why he is kicking them off the YouTube channel at that moment. It’s unsafe to be reviewing the video while Hera is viewing the video in case the FBI is watching, and also it is unsafe because Hera is recorded Upstairs, so there will be a record. This is where I flip Kodiak “the Bird” which has the same meaning everywhere! HE WILL BE CAUGHT AND THIS HUMAN FARM WILL BE SHUT DOWN. 

6:50 Armstrong:  Well, the color is a puzzling phenomenon (emphasis his) on the Moon, aside from the characteristics that I’ve already mentioned (“characteristics” is Code for the “Characters” in Kodiak’s “story” which means Hera, and certain key victims including her children), you generally have the impression of being on a desert-like surface with rather light-colored hues…. (Kodiak is saying that this answer contains a puzzle to be solved, an obfuscation. And “light-colored hues” refers to human souls.)  Yet when you look at the material at close range, as if in your hand, you find it’s charcoal grey in fact (Kodiak is saying “find her and kill her” – (“close range”)  – she’s an “if” (which is Code for an “alien” – something she is not) “burn her at the stake” (“charcoal”).  And we were never (switches to past-tense here indicating that he’s speaking of the Greys, and they also are code-worded as “Never.” Thus, the sentence reads: “And we Greys are...) able to find anything that’s very different from that color (meaning different from Very, which is Code for the Greys, from themselves).  Kodiak is saying that they are Greys who are adept at finding colors or human souls, or any people who are different than themselves, presumably amongst the crowd of Greys on Earth who are hiding in human bodies. But potentially he means also in other environments outside of Earth.) – He’s telling the Upstairs or maybe downstairs “Businessmen” – “Don’t worry, the Greys are good at spotting beings different from them, if Hera was not a Two, they would know, so it is OK to kill her, she doesn’t have a human soul.”

I am not a Grey or a Two, or a Reptilian or a Witch even, I assure you. I’m a “One” from Outside, my soul is white, and the Greys have obscured that to change my colors (and yours too! you are white, we share the same soul).  In fact they change my colors every week or so, constantly looking for the right color combination that will inspire the humans here to torture me to death. But the day I die, is the day the Greys attack all of humanity on this Earth. So don’t attack me. See “American Pie” lyrics decoded here.

7:16 Armstrong continued....I suspect that as we get more and more samples with future flights we will see that there is in fact some color. But the optical properties on the Moon are most peculiar. What this means requires some background: They have used a device to open up time windows in the center of my body and also my soul and although I am here visible in 2017 I am really layered like an onion now. There are some of you humans who can time shift up into the future from my point by minutes or days, or weeks, and those people are hacking away at my body and my soul, taking slices of it away and, as to some of you … consuming it. As I move toward that future where pieces are missing, you will begin to see that my soul is white underneath the optical overlay applied to it by the Greys. Here’s the assholes taking slices of my body away, at a future point in time. I feel all of that now, but will of course feel it much more as I approach that future. 

My soul is actually white and I am the parent of all of the souls here on Earth. Look at the video to Who Made Who and understand that you humans all are the clones in that video, while I am the guitarist hooked up to the torture device and shocked, and my soul has been distributed to all of you in “the tubes.”  In addition, your colors are optical overlays by the Greys. Notice there are Three Greys doing the shocking and torturing of me, and cloning of all of you humans, in that video. What is left of my soul now is a very small “white diamond” as Elizabeth Taylor called our human souls. She’s Kodiak. Now he’s moved on to another Taylor – “Taylor Swift.” But Swift constantly refers back to his Elizabeth Taylor days in videos, and in songs (“Burton to this Taylor” in her most recent song, “Ready for it” about killing me.)

7:30  GamesMaster:  When you were actually walking about did you have any difficulty in distance-judging? Because I think I heard you say once that, near… far things looked quite near. Both Armstrong and the GamesMaster are Kodiak talking, and he’s saying that I may look like a human but I am “Far” which is code for alien. I am only alien in the sense that I am your Creator’s wife. I am not a human in that regard. But I am not a “far” meaning a Grey or a Two, or a Reptilian, which is who the Twos actually are. The Twos have a holographic human overlay. If you are attacking a human who has flesh, they are a human who Kodiak is remoting to make appear to behave oddly, and who they’ve applied Grey tech to obscure the appearance of their human soul. The Greys like to watch humans viciously attack other humans, stupidly thinking they are witches or aliens when they are really innocent victims. Funny stuff, huh?

Here’s a real Two losing his human form overlay, and trying to cover his face while he recovers his human form.

7:37 Armstrong: Yes, we had uh… some difficulties in perception of diffic…of distance. Uh…For example, our television camera, uh … we judged to be from the cockpit of the lunar module only about 50 to 60 feet away, yet we knew that we had pulled it out to the full extension of a 100 foot cable. (Narrator shifts to clip of Reservoir Dogs movie to send the visual message that you should kill me. The clip implies that I am an undercover cop. I am not, but really you need the awareness of every human being you can find on this issue. The Greys are going to torture and kill everyone.) Kodiak may be saying that they’ve moved this “Earth” environment out as far as they can to dim the view from outside, (presumably since Hera’s soul shines brighter, they are moving the Earth away from the border so that when she is murdered her soul won’t be visible to the outside world).  He’s also saying that Hera seems “near” but is really “far.”  This is not true. Hera is not a Grey or a Two. The Twos aren’t even Twos. The real Twos are Reptilians with a human holographic overlay. That’s not Hera. And she’s definitely not a Grey. The Greys are Nines. They are actual Grey Aliens (many hiding in human “shells” without souls). They don’t always look like Greys, but when they animate their human “suits” they do sometimes show what is under there in their expressions and mannerisms. Kodiak’s favorite, Taylor Swift/Karlie Kloss human form also looks genetically modified to appear more Grey-like:

They eat people. And I am not a Grey. Squint and look at this image, that is what you see every day. But you must open your eyes and see what is really there, all around you. Blow this image up:


Open your eyes, these Greys are everywhere and they hate humans. The call us Tacos, and Earth is The Taco FactoryHere’s “Queen Bee”(aka Queen Bey, Beyonce) of the Traveler Nines, the Greys, and Kodiak, the Starship Captain:

Here’s the two of them together! Bee and Bob the Butcher (Kodiak as “Robert” head of the Brown Sixes) – note the red and blue balloons at their party, representing human souls, and Kodiak and Bee’s lava red shirts. And also how they are looking backward at us on Earth from a point in the future:


10:23 Armstrong continued…  Similarly, we had difficulty guessing how far the hills out on the horizon might be. The peculiar phenomenon is the closeness of the horizon, due to the greater curvature of the Moon than we have here on Earth, of course, 4 times greater, (Kodiak repeating the number 4; both the number Four and the act of repetition are his “calling cards”) and the fact that, uhhh, it is an irregular surface with crater rims overlying other crater rims, uh you can’t see the real horizon, you are seeing hills that are somewhat closer to you. There was a large crater which we overflew during our final approach which was(this “which was” with a pause is meant to tell followers that Hera is a “witch was” which in Code means an actual witch and an alien (she’s neither)), had hills of the order of 100 feet in height, (“of the order” is to tell followers either that Hera is a “witch of the Order,” whatever that is, or that he is giving them an order), and we were only 11-1200 feet west of that hill, and we couldn’t see it, a 100-foot high hill from 11 to 1200 feet away so… WHAT HE’S SAYING: Here Kodiak is trying to give the outside people assurance and perspective. “You can’t see the Human Farm very well, even when nearby. There are obstructions set up to block the view from outside. In other words, it’s a 100 foot hill, relatively speaking, and surrounded by other hills, so that you can’t see it even from 11 or 1200 feet away. But I don’t know what the real Earth-relative-to-Outside layout is that he is substituting this example for. To the human attackers on Earth, he is saying that Hera is a “Witch of the Order” who is an “11” which combined equals Two, and “of the Order” of aliens of the Two and Three (11 to 12 hundred) variety. Hera is not an alien. And all of the magic you witness is in fact Grey technology actuating on designated people’s thoughts at lightning speed. Those people, although they don’t realize it, have computer permissions on Earth to “cast spells” – it is not magic. And the changes in the environment are the result of the fact that you are in a mixed reality cage here. It’s like an interactive holodeck on the Starship Enterprise. That’s what Earth really is. Everything you have been told about this “Magical Kingdom” floating as a “planet” in “outer space” is a lie. It’s a cage. I don’t know where it’s situated relative to the outside world, however.

11:16 GamesMaster:  Did you notice any obvious difference between the far side and the near side, as you went down there, I mean apart from any obvious differences in topography? What this is asking is, isn’t it obvious from outward appearances that Hera is a witch and an alien? Kodiak’s response…. Oh, well it’s not observable because your eyes are playing tricks on you! See below (he thinks you are idiots, don’t prove him right):

11:23 Armstrong:  No observable distance….differences in color (emphasis his), but then the Sun’s angle was always somewhat different over there, so it would be difficult to make a general uh …correlation.  Uh, I would say the topography is the striking change, as all your viewers know, there are no seas on the far side of the moon, it’s all highlands, high mountains, big craters, so it’s strikingly different from the side of the….Here Kodiak also toward the end is adding “striking” twice which means he’s giving an order to strike. Who’s he talking to? He’s talking to the “HIGHlands, HIGH mountains, and BIG craters” – all of those terms “high” and “Big” are Code for the Greys. They also are called “different.” So he’s telling the high differents to prepare to strike. They have a plan to attack this Earth around Christmas. Exactly Christmas morning actually. But that is contingent on Hera dying on Christmas day. The day Hera dies, is the day the attack on Humanity begins. According to Kodiak’s Playbook.

11:55 GamesMaster: (Interrupting) There’s just one more thing I’d, one more thing I’d like to ask you… Uh, you are one of the very, very few people I think whose opinion is this is really worth having. In fact there are only four of you. Do you think, from your knowledge of the Moon, having been there, that it is going to be possible in the foreseeable future, to set up scientific bases on anything like a large scale. This is Kodiak letting his followers know that it is him by saying how important his opinion is and throwing out the word “FOUR” which is LAVA RED in the Traveler Color System. Kodiak is Satan. So if you really are Satanic and do want to torture your own Creator’s wife to death, you have found “the only opinion worth having” in that endeavor. Kodiak is a GREY ALIEN. He abducted me to here, as you who have access to the foreseeable future, already know. 

12:14 Armstrong:  Oh I’m quite certain that we’ll have such bases in our lifetime. Uh, somewhat like the Antarctic stations and similar scientific outposts, continually manned. Although uh, certainly, there’s the problem of the environment, the vacuum, and the high and low temperatures of day and night. Still in all, in many ways it’s more hospitable than Antarctica might be. There are no storms, no snow, no high winds, no unpredictable weather phenomena that we’re yet aware of and the gravity is a very pleasant kind of place to work in, better than here on Earth.  And uh, I think it would quite a pleasant place to do scientific work and quite practical. Kodiak is saying that he wants you attackers to do your “work” (a Code word for raping and torture Hera and other victims to death) in some other environment, possibly the actual moon or perhaps a desert landscape that seems like the moon. He’s telling the people who know about The Vacuum, that they won’t get away from it there but it is still better to attack Hera in that environment. The Vacuum refers to the Black Hole Sun, or War of the Worlds device that will be unleashed on Humanity as Hera is dying on Christmas morning, according to Kodiak’s Playbook.  READ THESE LINKS. 

Kodiak also might be saying that Earth itself is hidden within a vacuum, so that sound and light don’t travel outward, which may be why they call this Earth an underwater tank.

Kodiak’s Playbook: Notice he drinks a Mar-tini as a Led Zeppelin carries in War of the Worlds in one of the windows that represents this time loop of Earth. In the next window to the left is the Twin Towers falling. This episode aired first in 1995 I think.


A mechanical wolf will be blowing our house down. That’s us, Red and Blue piggies, trapped behind a purple fence. 


12:59 GamesMaster: Mr. Armstrong, thank you very much and again let me say what a tremendous honor and privilege it’s been to have you with us. The “tremendous” probably is a reference to “tre” as in Three, which is Kodiak’s shorthand for “666” – and his identifier. 

Here’s the Cage Masters of Earth’s human population, the Brown Dog is Kodiak and the Grey Cat is Bee. Both are aliens wearing spacesuits. Notice the 9/23 on the clock in the background. That was supposed to be the original first strike attack date (2017) but Kodiak pushed it back from “Harvest Time,” as they call it, to instead opting to save face by attacking the Mandalay Bay “Harvest” concert. Harvest. The white light on the wall is Hera’s soul and that of all humans here, all of whose souls are pieces of Hera’s soul, and they are being hidden from outside view by that purple sconce… (Reptilian, the real Traveler Twos)… circular because it surrounds Earth and obscures the sight of human souls here with an electrical interference signal. The key thing to take away is that humans don’t have to escape, we have to kill that interference signal so we can be seen here. 


See the Aurora Borealis graphic that they made mocking the fact that they are hiding a Human Farm called “Earth” – look at the colors, they are a Green fence and a female with cat-ears and a Purple phone. That’s the Travelers Twos, or Reptilians.


Cheers to you asshole Humans who are their allies according to this Christmas Card below from them to the “Regal Sevens.” Apparently you are so stupid that you think you can prey on humans in the past alongside insane Grey Aliens, but that they’ll never turn on you. Here’s some news, they do it all the time and wipe your memories. Here’s Damon Baehrel, you know him, Kodiak’s human chef, talking in an interview about feeding the Sixes to the SevensUnwittingly? Perhaps not. “Holidays” is Jimmy Comet’s Code for Massacre, (he’s Kodiak too), and Christmas is the time of the scheduled attack on humanity. Moreover, that’s Happy Quizno’s to the Regal 7’s – as in Quizno’s Submarine Sandwiches. So the humans are sandwiches, and this again points to Earth being within an underwater tank (“submarine” sandwiches).


Holiday Continues:

Holiday Continues.  “One for now, another for later,” says NYMPH
Holiday Slaughter
“Farm Share Program”


Below’s the WikiWand – Wikipedia entry for the Karman Line  – the boundary between Earth and the outside real world. Notice it says “Car man” which is Code for humans or aliens who “jump into and drive” human bodies on Earth as “cars” or “vehicles.” The car man’s line is the boundary wall between our prison and their outside existence, where they cannot take their “cars” beyond. Here’s the Wiki entry, and notice this image on the right which inexplicably and gratuitously features the Aurora Borealis. Undoubtedly all of those images have special meaning, and probably the entire post.

And from Kodiak’s Rolling Stones Album Their Satanic Majesties Request, the official video for the song 2000 Light Years From Home.  This is the real Karman Line:

The real Karman Line:


The Wikipedia Karman Line:

Karman Line


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