RIP Tom Petty, Who DID BACK DOWN. “LOVE IT!” – This TP video was posted by WESTLIFEHATECLUB. That’s me, “WestLife” – a play on “Westside” and “Life,” which is Code for Human.

The Panda Rapists and Torturers Club know that I used to use the name Westside on internet posts, particularly on and In fact my primary abductors: Kodiak, Nymph, Bea, Psyche and Nokia all make frequent appearances in the comments there, and they began stalking me and bragging about it online there in 2008. They are ruining my life still, 10 years later. Notice the above WesCyde review uses Jim Cramer’s catchphrase “Stick with Cramer!” but modified as “Stick with the Sunrise Pro!”

Anyway, the WestLifeHateClub posted this Tom Petty video of “I Won’t Back Down” and “life” is Code for the human soul. So you see, I am a human, first of all, and also, they hate humans, (they are Greys), and especially they hate Westside (see this other post of an Amazon review about killing me, from “WesCyde.” They aren’t too smart.) And Tom Petty did “Back Down.”   

Good Riddance!”

And for you Travelers, Kodiak is Denis, and is Psyche. That’s Kodiak pretending to be “Denis.” And Tom Petty is Kodiak. See the other Tom Petty post here And he isn’t “true” – he’s a fucking Grey Alien. Hence the “WestLifeHateClub.” Life is the human soul. – Hera

Notice the video was posted by the Westlifehateclub. There’s lots of telling comments in here from Kodiak and Co, and even one from me.  “Love it” is what the Panda Club members post online when they are talking about raping a victim. (Here’s their Code Word Lexicon.) So for example, if they see a girl they think is “hot” on YouTube, they’ll throw “Love it” into their comment. Then the Panda Club will get to work stalking them and find some way to hypnotize, abduct and attack them, to be gang-raped. The victim will not remember the attack. They shift the victim up to a point in the distant future to attack them, so that there are no marks on them when they are returned after the attack, and more importantly for time-shifting, no scars in the present. The victim may not catch up to that future point for decades, or maybe ever, but the victim is there in the future at the time, fully present, being raped, tortured, and perhaps even killed. They won’t remember it in the past, which is the present, because it hasn’t happened yet here. They are doing this to me, but I remember some attacks, and I have my husband who can follow them and knows what they are doing. And they are doing it to your wives and daughters, and sons. 

Tom Petty was a member of this Panda Club, which we can tell by his videos, as explained in this post.  Kodiak is recording the attacks for his personal library.  They will be stopped, even if it is outside of this time loop system, if you know what I mean. 

Good Riddance Tom Petty!



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