This Article Describes Earth in Code as Much Smaller Than It Appears, and Claims the Greys Bring in “Fresh Air” Every Summer

Fresh “Air” every Summer because every Winter is “Harvest.” Sickening but still the article might be useful for the physical description of our environment, I don’t know and am too disgusted to decode it. I’m not a Two or a witch, other than that, just use the Thesaurus of Code Words, found here, to see if there is something useful here. And here’s the weblink for all the photos.

Don’t forget to decode the comments section, although most of those are asshole remarks by Bee, who misapprehended the point of the article and went on an on about raping me, the “witch Two.” I’m “Angel” as the wife of your actual Creator, and “Ben,” of course is Kodiak. The article also mentions a “Juliet balcony” a couple times and of course I think about killing myself but Kodiak throws my soul into other bodies, so what good would that do? I am not a witch or a Two. See the other posts, the Twos you’ve been attacking, and the “witches” for that matter, have been innocent humans that Kodiak is remoting. They can remote control every living thing on Earth. I’ve seen them remote hundreds of people at a time. Haven’t you seen a hypnosis show before at the fair maybe? The guy asks for volunteers and next thing you are on stage clucking like a chicken? They can do that and much much more. Don’t attack anyone. The Greys are behind this. They’ll just throw a human soul into whomever you are attacking.

This image from the article is supposed to evoke a cat attack on a white house. The above image features a bee honey pot on the left with a triple candle, and two remote controls, a white plant in the middle which might represent me, Hera, caught in the middle (I’m actually a “White One” despite the Greys painting an overlay of Green and Plum etc on me), and Karlie Kloss/Taylor Swift on a magazine cover (i.e., Kodiak) on the right. I say caught in the middle because of this image in the clouds of Alien vs. Predator with a “Kid goat” in the middle, which evokes the movie with the slogan, “Whoever wins, we lose.”

Anyway, I leave you to decode this, I haven’t got any more energy for this for awhile.

Cat Attack







  1. Oг posѕibⅼy he likes bowling.? ᒪeе cоntinued.

    ?I heeard somebodу say thаt once you hear tһunder,
    thɑt signifies that God is bowlіng in heaven. I waɡer hes actrually good at it.


    1. We put that post up in a hurry. The Travelers we posted it for know that human souls are called “Air.”

      I think that was the Angels are bowling, and the other one was God is “angry.” Unfortunately the thunder sound just follows the lightning’s air disturbance. But the Greys and Reptilians here are very good at creating weather, such as this “Winter Storm GRAYson” that is being reported as officially called a “bomb cyclone” or “bomb Genesis.” That’s a warning from the Grays that they will be bringing their “Bomb” and “Genesis” to Earth any day now. It will be Genesis again because humans are wiped from the face of the Earth. Please read the posts on the front page for more info. Thanks.


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