ELO’s “Showdown” explains the hideous “suffering” to come. And this review reports that ELO’s band members are SONS OF THE BEATLES, which means the original Beatles (the Parents) are DEAD.

This is Time Loop number 17. It is the 4th repeat of the 13th time loop. Kodiak is repeating 13 over and over because the Parents are insisting that Hera be return to the upstairs and outside environment. As he says in “Meet the Parents,” they’ll stay behind bars until they “sort this out.” As he says in “Hot Tub Time Machine 2” – it’s been 3 days in the same shirt. That was from the last time loop. According to the review above, the Parents have been killed and now are uploads of their previous selves. The Sons of the Beatles. Like some of the Parents, Kodiak appears to be a Grey. Maybe they always were Greys. How could humans do this to other humans?

If you are outside and get this message, the Parents need your help. Kodiak has been replaced by a Grey and won’t let them out. But please shut down this Human Farm. Get help for us here. About 80 percent of the population are Greys and Reptilians in human form, but the rest are human beings. Get some help. You must have noticed that the Parents have been gone far too long.

And you “upstairs parents” have to understand that Kodiak is “out of luck” now (human souls to feed the Greys) and so in order to keep this Game Room going he’s got a Ponzi scheme. You check into Hotel California and eventually they will wipe your memories of being a parent and move you into the feeding pool. They need room to lure new parents in, to feed off their souls and power a population here. That’s why you have different counts of how many days you’ve been here without changing clothes/going home. Somewhere between 16 and one parent reported 27 days. All repeating loop 13. The Rolling Stones counted 19 “nervous breakdowns” but even that song sounds like it’s old and from a previous loop. 


The Parents NOW are the SONS OF BEATLES

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