Here’s How the Greys Erase Your Memories of Being Perpetually Attacked.

We explained in previous posts that the Greys often move a chosen victim to a point in the future from where they presently exist, in order to attack them now while leaving no present evidence, such as the bruises you would have if attacked in the present, or the scars that would show if they moved you into the past to attack you. They can move a child up 70 years into the future and rape and torture that child, and then move the child back to the present without evidence of being attacked. Often they will take a child’s soul out of his body and move it into a different “empty” clone body and attack them there, and then kill and consume that child in that body. They block the victim’s memories entirely and exchange that information for false memories of the child being in the new body, and that way the child feels like it is their own body being attacked. They mute the sounds of the child screaming, or even thinking in any detectable way, so that some human attackers may think that they are attacking an empty human “shell” with no soul or awareness. That is not what is really happening. You are attacking innocent, terrified children. Most of you know that! There is no excuse and you have no right even attacking an “empty” human, if it were true (but it isn’t anyway). 

Here’s an article from Wired explaining that even the human population is capable of blocking and erasing memories of currently-occurring and also past-occurring traumatic events. The Greys wipe your memories of these attacks. They prey on every human being on Earth. They broadcast every human being on Earth.  

This Wired article’s opening anecdote is talking about Hera specifically, describing “a young Bride” covered in blood while “returning home” from her “wedding.” We’ve explained before that Kodiak calls Hera’s torture and murder by the humans on Earth her “wedding day,” (see this post and also the category tagged “Game of Love“). Going “Home” is a Traveler code word for dying.



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