A Very Enlightening Video Revealing Donald Trump as Baphomet

That is Hera in the images from the Bank of America lobby mural, in the box with strings attached to her arms. Hera represents “The Sun” or the “White Light,” and above the girl in the box the Sun is being eclipsed by the Moon (see the video below at 11:20), a euphemism for being killed as fireballs wipe out the planet (see the tree).

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 10.12.37 PM

Baphomet (who we know as Kodiak and is aka Donald Trump) is called the Moon. The Moon represents the Dark Side.  See our Lexicon of code words here.

This video is very important as it reiterates the themes we’ve been explaining on this blog. Trump is Baphomet. We know him and are speaking from firsthand knowledge. Here’s the important video from YouTube on subliminal messages, with Hera’s comments from that site included here, below. Notice at 13:50 when asked about God, Trump puts his fists together in an attack motion:


Hera’s YouTube comments to this video:

By the way that is ME, HERA, as the girl in the box in the Bank of America mural at 11:20. They also call me “the Sun” and in this image I am eclipsed by the Moon, who is Baphomet. Trump is Baphomet, as you figured out. This is very interesting and the forward speech is intentionally done so that messages are passed in reverse. Also notice that the backward voice SOUND resembles the voice speaking at the Bohemian Grove rituals. Look for the Alex Jones video on that. It is all done with TECHNOLOGY, and is INTENTIONAL. Donald Trump IS BAPHOMET. We know him as “Kodiak” aka a Grizzly Bear from the “Cold North.” He also wrote the Don McLean song American Pie which sets out how this TIME LOOP of Earth that you live in will be destroyed via an attack from above (aliens are the plan, but nuclear war also is not ruled out). “The Birds flew off with a fallout shelter, 8 miles high and fallin’ fast.” Anyway in that song Kodiak is Lenin, Marx, and “Jack Flash” and also “the Jester.” There the Jester will try to mount a defense to the attack but fail, and “Jack Flash sat on a candlestick” which means he will be blown up. In the Illuminati Card Game deck, the Assassination card has Trump’s picture on it. So he will die but probably as part of the attacks, to create chaos. He is Baphomet and he is telling his followers to prepare for that (but he has numerous other human personas).

The TAG RIFLE reference is to the Mandalay Bay shootings, as Kodiak also was that shooter. That is why the Simpsons talk about 9/23 all the time and it appears in the room numbers and house numbers of the shooter and his brother. The shooting was at the Harvest Festival which is a term Kodiak uses for destroying human bodies and SOULS. The Harvest. He also is James (Jimmy Comet) Alefantis and talks in his Metro Weekly written interview about “Harvest parties” for the “tomatoes in his basement.” There is no basement at Comet Pizza, but the tomatoes are the humans he continually harvests. The “basement” refers to Earth, which is his domain and is HELL. He actually does HARVEST HUMAN BODIES AND SOULS. Trump, Baphomet, Comet, Mick Jagger (“Please allow me to introduce myself”) are all the same guy. We explain who he is and our connection to him on our blog at my username.

Our knowledge of him is firsthand. We also have on the front page an Illuminati/Travelers/Masons Code word lexicon that will allow you to decode their messages in more detail. They use common everyday words to send coded messages in songs, TV shows, and movies. You only have to know their main code words like Family, Birthday, Wedding, “Love it,” etc; and images of Pandas & Sloths both of which faces resemble HOCKEY MASKS and signify raping and torturing victims, especially children. This is WHY Ivanka said about Roy Moore that “There is a special place in Hell for people who prey on children.” We inside their system understand that as an inside joke and serious statement. Kodiak also is Roy Moore. The context of their messages nearly always is about preying on human children, women and men. And also destroying the Earth. See our blog as time is running out, and thank you for posting this video. Hera (the Girl in the image at 11:20)

A woman on a bike gestures with her middle finger as a motorcade with US President Donald Trump departs Trump National Golf Course October 28, 2017 in Sterling, Virginia. / AFP PHOTO / Brendan Smialowski, AFP-Getty.  Inset: Three days later on October 31, Halloween, 7 cyclists are mowed down in New York.

Here’s other of Kodiak’s depictions of Hera trapped in “the box” – in Taylor Swift’s video “Ready For It?” (decoded here), the movie “The Cell” (decoded here), and the Bank of American mural:




  1. They are Satanic Reptilians. Jared Kushner’s address is 666 Fifth Avenue. They do that on purpose. Trump flashes the triple-6 handsign all day long at press conferences. The same handsign everyone knows is Satanic when celebrities do it. Yet Trump throws the word God around and people believe he is a Christian. He is Satan. He actually is. We know him. That is a title he gave himself. Satan is not a fallen angel or any son of God of any kind. He is an insane alien who leads other insane aliens. They are vicious, hideous and they lie about everything. Look at the Heavy Breathing videos on this blog for more indications of what Don Trump, head of the Illuminati (and aka Baphomet), and his insane Grey Army do to humans, especially children.

    If you look at Trump’s interview video where he is asked if he as ever asked for God’s forgiveness you’ll see that he brings his hands together in an attack motion when he answers that question, saying he doesn’t need God’s forgiveness. We link to that video somewhere on this blog.

    We apologize that we cannot update the blog right now. Nothing has changed except that they have moved their attack date to July. We will keep doing whatever we can to keep pushing that date back. We are sorry that we cannot stop this attack. Stay inland from the coasts and east of the Continental Divide if you are able. And also avoid the Gulf Coast.

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    1. Thanks also I dont know if your aware but there is also a television series called “Travelers” which seems similar to what you mentioned on your web sight. Also some followers believe Putin is fighting against a nwo. Is he also a satanic reptilian and its hard for me to imagine politicians small children to be one. Regarding the attacks is there anything anyone can do to prevent it. What about God, his son and angels. I thought they could intervene to help people out when needed.


  2. I didn’t know about Travelers but every TV show has messages in it about what is happening. Dr. Who very directly and also Star Trek. The “person” we know as Kodiak who is the King of this Cage is Donald Trump. That is one of his human “personas.” He’s Satanic and most of the time I think of him as Satan. He created the mythology in the Bible about fallen angels. They rewrite books with their ability to shift in time. There is nothing historical that is absolutely true anymore. The words of Jesus are good words to live by, but Kodiak is no son of God or fallen angel. He’s an evil “alien” who occupies numerous human personas, including Bill Cosby, and OJ Simpson. Here’s an example: As OJ Simpson, Kodiak murdered his ex-wife. Then he had her CLONED, (they have very advanced technology compared to what they allow humans to know about). Her clone is Megyn Kelly, just compare those images. So as Trump he “attacks” Megyn Kelly, bragging about how “there was blood coming out her eyes, coming out her ears, coming out her wherever.” Let that sink in. It is horrific what he and his Greys do to the human population. To your question about Putin. Kodiak admires Putin. So he likely is a Grey leader outside of here. Kodiak is from a race called “Boss” and he gave the Greys technology to hold us hostage in this cage. But he still has higher ups, and those are Greys, and possibly other Boss, from outside of Earth.

    God is outside of here. We are trapped here. The Aurora Borealis is an electrostatic fence FOR OUR SOULS. We don’t belong here. He is in part down here with us. He is here with us. And he is outside. And we are not forgotten in here. And what the Greys are doing, and the Boss, also will not be forgotten. Or forgiven.

    Any angels you see here or here about can be a number of different people. There are people in here from the outside, and the inside, who have access to the Grey technology here that allows people to move in and out of layers of time, so that they appear like apparitions. Some genuinely are trying to be helpful and do care. But none of the “dark arts” things you see or hear about is true. All of that “magic” is Grey technology, combined with the fact that we are trapped on their holodeck. Real people in their SIM environment. The technology and the stories of what is happening are shown in Dr. Who and in Star Treck, which is how Gene Roddenberry “predicted” so much future tech. It is ins’t future tech, we are sitting in the past. Far far into the past.

    We are sorry that we cannot give you any encouragement or words of hope. But we tell you that you are God’s direct children, and you are hostages of the Greys here. Kodiak, their leader while in this cage, wants to become God of the Universe. His plan is to destroy God and thus become God, which is utterly insane as he’ll have no one to be God over. But he is destroying God by destroying the PIECES of God that make up your souls. You are God’s direct family and you are not forgotten here.

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  3. It isn’t an opinion, we know him and his personas. Not a guess. But I am glad that you are reading some of the blog. I wish we could do much more than tell people what is happening and what will happen. But think about Satan’s roles, goals, and methods, and be prepared for the possibility that you have been misled. “There’s a special place in hell for people who prey on children.” That was an inside joke, because it is meant literally.

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    1. I think Putin is the main problem.

      Someone posted about KGB mind control.

      diplomats with sonic attacks they affect brain functioning or hypnotize

      CIA articles about Russian mind control:


      Putin’s Suicide Squad
      View story at Medium.com


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