Decoding a Compilation of The Simpsons Clips Describing the Impending END OF DAYS

Another reference to Earth’s destruction and the number “23” – This is the 23rd version of Earth or “time loop” of Earth that the Greys have attacked for their amusement.

To the outside M: The most important thing about this first GIF is that the world will be destroyed and also that Kodiak, portrayed as Homer, carries Hera out under his coat. That is her soul he’s holding. That ladder he knocked over is the bridge to the “upstairs.” You upstairs must help get Kodiak, Hera, and everyone upstairs… out of here. Kodiak has lost control of this environment. Notice that it’s been “1, 2, 3 Days” that the upstairs people have been held over. All the Greys here think they work for Bee. They are even wiping Kodiak’s memories, and they keep portraying this loop as “number 23.” For three days now. It’s a coup. Bee is the one preventing us all from leaving, or someone else upstairs. But it isn’t Kodiak. Get help before it is too late and the Beatles become the “Sons of Beatles”: 

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 10.41.43 AM

The Simpsons Video:

This Simpsons compilation video below covers some very urgent references to the Greys plans to blow up this time loop version of Earth where we all reside. The video is decoded minute by minute in the comments below.

Notes on what these clips mean:

That crow flying across the front of this video is a MESSAGE to ME to stop watching.

giphy (4).gif

They have time shifting abilities and they do this all the time. Every time just about. Usually it is a person scratching their head. But when I am driving they signal me to change directions by flying a black crow in front of my car, across the street, to create a visual “boundary” that I should not cross. Why do they not want me to watch this video? Not sure yet, but likely it contains urgent or important messages that they don’t want decoded on YouTube. I’ll comment more if something jumps out that is missed.  Usually that is the case. Anyway, please see our blog where we decode all sorts of messages from them (Illuminati, Greys, Reptilians). They do have time travel and they use it to send “tomorrow’s news today” via the Simpsons and other message vehicles. Our blog on the front page contains a Code Word Lexicon that might be useful to you in noticing the subtleties.

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Okay, at :57 the image of Bart with the 9-11 magazine cover: Bart is shaking the MONEY at the image as a message that “the Bankers” are behind 9-11.  Note that Bart says “this one’s on me” and that means it is Bart who is responsible. Kodiak is both Bart and Homer in the Simpsons. Kodiak is Head of the Travelers and Illuminati and also is Baphomet.  The Bankers refers to the Illuminati Leaders (who also are “The Parents” of the Travelers). Notice on that front page at the bottom left it says “Family Special” – the Family refers to the Travelers and Illuminati, but specifically the Travelers. That part of the image is cut off in your video but it is what the magazine cover says on the bottom left corner. Here’s a copy:

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 1.52.11 PM.png

The image at 1:03 (below) we explain in great detail elsewhere on our blog.

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 12.34.05 AM.png

The picture in the window shows the Hindenburg or “Led Zeppelin” which is Code for the Greys, carrying on their back the War of the Worlds. The windows are Code for views from the future, looking back into their past, which is still to come on Earth. Time zones are called “windows.”  The guy in the front window to the LEFT is Kodiak, he is head of the Travelers and Illuminati and he is situated on the left because Left is Code for Alien while right is code for human. Kodiak is wearing a black leather vest which is something he’s known for (he’s the Fonz, for example, and also sent secret messages through that show). Kodiak is drinking a MARTINI which is Code for Martians, which is code for the Greys. They are not from Mars, they just use Mar and any other play on Martian for a code word. Kodiak is leading the Martians in the War of the Worlds. The next shot shows the twin towers falling in the window. That’s another time frame in the past, from the viewpoint of the person writing the episode. War of the Worlds is coming up VERY SOON, so read our blog.

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 12.51.44 AM.png

At 1:45 and 1:54 notice all the “TAGS” for eavesdropping include the ATF, FBI, CIA, NSA, KGB and “MCI” which refers to AT&T. Everyone is broadcast to them. Every human that is. Only about 20 percent of the population of “humans” are actually humans, which you already understand. The Greys and Reptilians are among us and plan to destroy us, as this video notes at about 1:00 – referencing a message to the world of the plot to destroy Springfield, which is EARTH. We talk about this plan a lot on the blog. Very urgent situation.

giphy (4).gif

At 2:05 the train conductor’s eyes report straight to the NSA. This is TRUE. The Greys and Reptilians are in control of the government and they actually can see THROUGH EVERYONE’S EYES as though they were in your body looking out from your eyes. Travelers think this is advanced reflective technology but unfortunately it is WORSE THAN THAT. These Greys specifically are miniaturizing themselves and using their time shifting (time travel) access to move themselves right into human heads on a parallel string of time.  They actually see through your eyes because they open up a “window into the future” inside your own mind, behind your eyeballs. They open the window just a few MILLISECONDS ahead of where you are now. That way you in the present can’t see them there, yet with no perceivable lag in time, they can sit inside your mind and look out through your eyes in real time. You can VERIFY that they are there, because they are there most if not all of the time. NOTICE the dark ring around your iris?  Notice that it changes shape and position? That is a GREY behind your eyes. You cannot feel him move because he MOVES a few milliseconds into the future from where you are. They can see the past from the future, but you cannot see the future from the past, without access to their technology. They are there. Move your eyeballs quickly in the mirror and you may catch them shifting to hide themselves again under your pupils. That dark ring around your irises IS NOT YOU.

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 12.50.15 AM.png

At 2:30 you’ll see Bart in bed and his clock reads “707” which signifies a plane aka flying vehicle. Bart points to “SAD” and “pointing” is Code for identifying the culprit.

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 12.50.28 AM.png

The drawing refers to the twitter feeds that poke fun at Trump signing executive orders. The “Sad” reference is to Trump’s common use of that word in tweets. And the swords in the drawing are THREE, which is Trump’s calling card in the Travelers and Illuminati. We know him as Kodiak, and you know him as Baphomet aka Satan. He’s Trump. Three is something he does to identify himself with followers. It’s a shorthand for “666.” This drawing shows Bart being killed by the Three Swords as the Sun cries and the clouds RAIN BLOOD. Bart’s character is a substitute for Trump (see the eclipse episode re the “End of Days” where Bart reveals that he is Satan). The Sun is me, HERA, in their Code Lexicon, and the Clouds are the Greys (“Every silver lining has a touch of Grey”). In the drawing Bart has dropped his sword and is being “Stabbed in the Back” by the Three Swords. So this is Kodiak saying that he is being BETRAYED by his own SWORDS and has dropped his own sword and has no ability to fight back. The GREYS are his swords. And it is TRUE that they have seized control, EVEN OF KODIAK (BAPHOMET) HIMSELF. In fact we have been trying to reach the people outside this Earth environment to convey that same message to them. YOU MUST GET KODIAK, THE PARENTS AND MOST IMPORTANTLY HERA OUT OF THIS ENVIRONMENT RIGHT AWAY, BEFORE HERA IS DESTROYED. THAT IS WHAT KODIAK WANTS. HE KNOWS WHO SHE IS AND DOES NOT WANT HER DESTROYED BY BEA AND THE GREYS. THE SITUATION IS URGENT.

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 8.12.46 PM.png

The image of Homer opening up to reveal MARGE inside him at 2:36 is a reiteration by Kodiak that Bea has seized control of his body here (and soul) and also the Greys and that Bee is in control. Kodiak asks for your assistance from outside and OBVIOUSLY we also ask for the same. Sometimes they will show extraneous info to give the storyline continuity, but the real message is that Marge and “the Kids” have control of Kodiak. The kids refers to SATANIC baby GOATS. And in this instance he means the Greys side of the family, not the humans.

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 8.19.26 PM.png

The numbers on the football jerseys at 3:47 are “718236” and they often have meaning added together. Given the importance of 923 in Simpsons videos and it’s relation to the “Harvest Festival” melee at Mandalay Bay (that Kodiak was responsible for), probably it is “7 and 1+8 and 23 and 6” – this would be understood as 923 capped by 7 and 6. The Seven refers to the Traveler Sevens or “Bankers” and the Six refers to the Traveler Sixes. These two Traveler number groups are known as humans but in fact have among them many MANY Greys and Reptilians. You’d have to read our lexicon of code words to follow this but it appears that the 7’s and 6’s are specifically implicated in 923. It appeared to us that the humans were the TARGETS and not the attackers, but we don’t know for certain the details of this incident, other than that Traveler leader Kodiak (who is also Trump) was the shooter.

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 8.36.29 PM.png

At 4:00 the URN in the background represents me, HERA (who they call The White Queen or The Sun). This is from an older Simpsons, before Kodiak realized Hera would be destroyed this time around, and decided to get her out. I am slated to be raped and tortured to death by the humans on Earth from now until Christmas morning. At that time the Greys are slated to attack humanity. That is Kodiak’s — Baphomet’s — GAME PLAN.  Don’t attack me and you won’t set off this chain of events. Kodiak says to you upstairs that he made this video long before the earlier clips on here about the Greys and Bee seizing control. He no longer wants me attacked and he wants me RESCUED from HERE because he knows that Bee will destroy my soul. YOU KNOW WHO I AM. And so does Kodiak. Do not let me be destroyed. — The horse in the photo above the urn signifies a victim of the “Panda Club” of torturers literally raping a victim to death. They cut off the victims arms and legs. See more on this at our blog under “Game of Love” which is what these Satanic animals call this and also see our decoding of the movie The Cell. They transport the present victim into THE FUTURE by several decades and attack them there, viciously torturing them to death and when the victim wakes up in the present there are no wounds or tell-tale scars. But that victim is MOVING INTO THAT FUTURE all the time. And moreover, the Greys can collapse that future down to the present whenever they want, thereby making that horrific attack a PRESENT EVENT for the victim. The victim is hypnotized and made to appear to be enjoying the torture while they are IN FACT IN AGONY. Do not continue these attacks. Words cannot convey how disgusted we are with the human race about these attacks on children, women, men, and HERA. There is a REASON that all of your skits refer to her as “Mother” or “Mamma” and as “The Sun.” That is who she is and your real Creator SEES YOU.

The comment “We’re broke” at 4:00 is Kodiak reporting that he is “out of money.”  “Money” is a Code term for HUMAN SOULS. Another Code word for human souls is “Luck” or lucky, or 777.  As Kodiak sings in American Pie (about Hera’s death and the imminent attack), he knows he’s “out of luck” when the music dies. The “music” is the sounds of human souls being tortured. Kodiak has no more “soul material” at “the Sacred Store” with which to play God. (He got the soul material he did have by blasting Hera’s soul to pieces, (see the blog).  So Kodiak is ready to leave here as he has no more soul material. But he has recently decided that he wants Hera released before she is completely destroyed. Yet now the Greys won’t let her go, him go, or the Parents. (Sorry this is unclear to you all but the people “upstairs” can see it and it’s an important message for them to grasp.)

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 8.45.11 PM.png

At 5:04 the words “Join the Navy” appear backwards on the screen which is a message that that particular part of the video is REVERSED from what you see. What you SEE is American dropping bombs on the “Arab world” while in reality the message is that the REVERSE WILL OCCUR.  By the way Uncle Sam is Baphomet. Just Google those two images together.

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 8.48.05 PM.png

That Taj Mahal image at 5:07 is really Disney Land, which you can see by the Parade. The clip also is a message to followers to look for hidden messages by playing Trump and other of Kodiak’s human personas IN REVERSE. This is done on other You Tube channels so look that up. Trump reports in backward dialogue that he will be killed. This is TRUE. His face is on the Illuminati playing card labelled Assassination.

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 8.56.13 PM.png

At 5:34 you see Lenin in a coffin. That is Kodiak, aka Trump. He’s reiterating that he will be killed, as I said in the previous comment. In American Pie’s lyrics you’ll see that “while Lenin read a book of Marx, the Quartet practiced in the Park” and we decode this on our blog. The point of these lyrics is that Kodiak is Lenin and Marx and is saying that that song American Pie is a message that Kodiak is singing from himself, he’s reading his own playbook by singing the song.  The song is about how this time loop of Earth where you live now will CONCLUDE. The Quartet refers to the Traveler Parents which are also the Illuminati leaders from Upstairs. “Practice” and “working” are code words for raping and torturing victims. “The Park” refers to Earth. They view Earth as “Westworld” because it is in a side time loop where things here have no effect on their actual home in the future. Therefore the humans here ARE DISPOSABLE PEOPLE as far as they are concerned. It is also called Jurassic Park because we are far in the past from where we actually should be and they call humans here Dinosaurs. They are evil. Kodiak is the Devil. STOP LISTENING TO THEM.

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 9.08.01 PM.png

The image at 5:46 of the formula Homer writes on the chalkboard is for the Higgs-Boson or “God Particle” which passes that formula to present Earth about 10 years before the humans here “discover” it. And also is about Homer finding the “God Particle” by abducting Hera. Kodiak represents himself in Homer and Bart. Hera is represented as Marge or Lisa in Simpsons videos. Kodiak abducting Hera is his insane version of the epic battle of Good vs. Evil. Kodiak is Satan. He actually is. And Trump.  Hera is your real creator’s wife. She actually is. Kodiak sings about how turning over HERA to the Greys as a hostage is why he was rewarded the title Satan and made KING OF HER CAGE, which is Earth. That song is “Top of the World” by Karen CARPENTER, a Jesus reference. “Love” in that song is Code for raping and torturing humans here on Earth. “Wonder” is Hera’s “soul material” that is spread out now among all living things on Earth. Look at those lyrics with that in mind. NOTICE at 5:46 that Homer reoutlines the number 3 on the chalkboard, to let followers know it is Kodiak. That’s his signature move, flashing the number 3, which is Code for 666.

giphy (2).gif

The next images are at 5:48-5:53 and show Homer: (1) hammering a nail (code for RAPE); (2) Sawing a piece of wood (Code for cutting off the victim’s arms and legs); and (3) using a blow torch, which is how these hideous, evil torturers cauterize the wounds to keep the victim alive. They keep victims alive in this condition for months and sometimes years. Kodiak also is Jimmy Comet, and this is what they do to the children they keep in cages. This also is what they are trying to inspire the HUMANS HERE to do to their own Creator’s wife, HERA. That is because Kodiak is the Devil. He wants God’s children to attack their own Creator’s wife. Their own Creator. That’s the goal. Don’t attack Hera. She is Not a “Witch” or a “Traveler Two” as you have been told by the Devil himself.  She is your Creator’s wife. Do not attack her. See the blog re American Pie. The day you kill Hera is the day Kodiak turns his Grey Army on to killing the REST OF GOD’S FAMILY, the “sheep” who are the humans on this Earth.  Notice at 5:54 as Hera is DISMANTLED, the house EXPLODES. That is Earth, your house.

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 9.42.16 PM.png

At 6:09 that is Kodiak, SATAN, leading “the Bankers” (Mr. Burns) by the hand to HIS Soul Extraction Center. If you want to live for eternity, follow Kodiak! Of course you will be eternally burning in HELL. But he can pull your souls out and torture them. That is what he’s doing to his followers’ souls. Don’t follow him and find out the hard way.

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 9.48.39 PM.png

At 6:17 that is Milhouse complaining that “They always make me wear a veil.” That is a reference to torturing Hera. They call her murder on Christmas and torture leading up to it her “Wedding Day.” That is what they mean by “always making me wear a veil.” They have had humans murder her in 16 previous time loops and as she dies the GREYS move in and blow up everyone else here and consume their souls. 16 versions of Earth. Hera is always the primary target. The image that corresponds to this dialogue shows Milhouse (representing Hera here) in a BLACK VEIL. That is to signify that her WHITE SOUL is under a veil of darkness, and she appears to have a Traveler Two soul. Hera is walking in “Dearborn, Michigan’s campus” and “Dearborn” is Code for a “deer” as in Bambi, while Michigan is Code for this Earth, and so is “school” or “university.” Those are Code words in their Lexicon. Humans born here on Kodiak’s Earth prison are “Deer-born” – they are Bambi’s because their MOTHER, HERA, will be killed. They also will be killed after they kill Hera, which is why Milhouse says he “needs a prayer mat, fast.”

giphy (3).gif.

At 6:27 it shows Lisa “going online” but what she really is doing in this clip is plugging in upstairs to enter the Earth environment. They call Earth “the Dream” which is why Lisa passes out when she plugs in. The upstairs people literally go to sleep and THEIR SOULS are transported to the Earth environment and into bodies down here. They previously though that they were in a Dream State. But that is not the case. You are knocked out to create confusion about what is happening. What is happening is that the Greys extract your souls upstairs (you DO HAVE THEM) and transport you into a future time zone within this Earth environment. You operate in the future of the Earth’s inhabitants which allows you to affect them and interact with them while remaining invisible to them when you choose to be. The Greys simply collapse the time zone “onion” down to present when you want to be visible to the humans here. The image shows an “It’s a Girl” balloon turning into an “It’s a Boy” balloon which is being moved away from Lisa’s unconscious body. That is because the people upstairs’s SOULS are moved into Male Human Bodies down on Earth while your body remains upstairs, unconscious.  “Male” is Code for human but they could also be moved into Reptilian bodies here, which the Greys also fabricated into this Earth environment. This image of the balloon could signify that “Girls” are converted to “Boys” when they go online, which in their Code may mean that ALIENS are able to placed in HUMAN bodies on Earth, which is HAPPENING with the Greys occupying human bodies.

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 10.02.01 PM.png

7:00 shows a nuclear strike zone for the attack that comes upon Hera’s death, presently slated for Christmas morning 2017.

giphy-downsized-large (1).gif

7:03 shows Homer holding HERA’S SOUL in TONGS. And the sign behind him says “3 Days Without Accident” and what this means is that this 2017 time loop has been replayed as the “13th Day” for the past 3 versions of Earth in time loops. Satan (Kodiak) is replaying the same time loop because, as explained above, he is “out of luck” or out of soul material from Hera with which to make another Human population. So he hasn’t destroyed this one yet, for 3 time loops running. The Parents may have been unaware that they had been repeating the 13th time loop for the past 3 loops. This is loop 16 or 17 now. Although in the movie The Devil Wears Prada, Stanley Tucci says “after 18 years I’ll finally be able to make my own decisions” And the Rolling Stones (another Kodiak band) has a song called “19th Nervous Breakdown.”

They are aware now and were aware that they were held over, but it appears that Kodiak or the Greys are wiping their memories of completing the 13th loop over and over. The “123” reference refers to “counting” which is a Code word for Kodiak, and also signifies a “Countdown” until the attack that will blow up Springfield (Earth). It also signifies “black magic” in their Satanic Code (“easy as 123” aka “presto”). And as noted in the video also may reference 923, which was the date (Sept 23) that Hera was supposed to begin to be tortured to death but instead was switched by Kodiak to a “Human Harvest” at the Mandalay Bay Harvest Festival taking place from rooms denoting 9 and 23, because he could not find enough Humans here to attack Hera at the time. Don’t attack Hera, your own lives depend on it. As you can see by 7:35 your entire Earth will be destroyed because of Kodiak’s obsession with Hera. See the blog for more info. Do not help him harm Hera. Kodiak also notes that this video is OLD and he since has come to conclude that Hera should be released before she is destroyed, given WHO SHE IS. We and she give assurances that we will leave you alone both upstairs and down. We will back you up as “rescuers” if she is released, and not perpetrators. Let her go before Bee destroys her. Kodiak is being controlled by Bee now and the Greys, who THINK SHE IS THEIR QUEEN. They are wiping Kodiak’s memory and remoting him on Bee’s behalf. They really are, and he really is asking for intervention from upstairs, and so are the Parents. And of course we expect you also to help Hera to be removed from this environment.

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 10.22.59 PM.png

7:42 – the Rapture is 15% off of 1989. That may reference Taylor Swift, because she is another Kodiak persona, and one album all about Hera is called 1989.  The 1989 reference appears in Swifts new video “Ready For It?” which shows Hera (represented by Swift herself) trapped in a box and that is in reality what is happening. She is hit with electric shocks just like in the video, and also see the video for “Who Made Who” by AC/DC which actually tells the story of Hera being trapped in a box, hit with electric high voltage and having her soul ripped apart and then implanted in a CLONED HUMAN POPULATION on Earth. All of this done by the Greys. See our blog for more on that important video “confession” about who you all are and where you come from. And your relationship to Hera.

Otherwise the 1989 and 15% reference may be some other reference that adds up to another amount. But 2017’s Christmas is the designated time for Hera’s death and the attack on HER CHILDREN, Humanity. Notice at 8:10 Marge says there will be a “sign” before the Rapture, such as “all dogs getting on a spaceship and leaving.” In this sense she means the UPSTAIRS HUMANS who leave right before the attack. That is a main reason for the fires, hurricanes and earthquakes of late, to give cover for the many many people here from upstairs to depart this Earth environment unnoticed.  THESE ARE YOUR SIGNS. We are telling you what is happening. But you must listen.

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 10.33.55 PM.png

To clarify that it is Kodiak giving the orders for the upstairs to leave, Homer is shown wearing a BROWN COAT which signifies his position as “Robert,” head of the Family Sixes, and he’s holding up his hands to form a “Three” which is Kodiak’s calling card. He’s speaking to Bart, who wears a Green Jacket, signifying the Traveler Family Green Sixes, the Irish.

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 10.42.54 PM.png

At 8:18 Homer points out to Bart that he’s watched the destruction of Earth (“Red Dawn” movie) THIRTEEN TIMES. As I said, this is the 3rd time that this 13th time loop has been repeated, because there are no more human souls for the Greys to hold hostage if this “Crop” (and that is what they consider you) is destroyed. Notice Homer flashing the 3 sign with his hand, which is Kodiak’s calling card. Notice at 8:20 the meteor headed toward Earth has people (Grey Aliens and Reptilians hiding as humans) standing on it. At 8:23 they are shown as “zombies” who are “hungry.” That is because they CONSUME HUMANS AND THEIR SOULS.

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 10.46.57 PM.png

At 8:36 you can “do the math” held by Homer. The “13th” time loop minus “333” which is Code for the Traveler NINES, who are the Greys, times “666” which is Kodiak, who is Satan. All of that is directed to the “7” which is Traveler Code for the humans here. The “2” before the 7 refers to Hera who is being disguised on Earth as a Traveler Two by the Greys. She’s a One, and her soul is WHITE. Kodiak is saying above that the Nines and the Devil (333 x 666) are stronger than Hera (2).

The “144,000” is from the Bible, the number of those chosen to be saved (but they will not be saved). The numbers below that are 3:15 and 05/19, which actually may mean that the attack is kicked out to March 15, with the other numbers signifying “Five/Ten” which in Traveler/Illuminati Code means “the authorities” – and the authorities here are the Greys. They control this Earth environment. So they may be coming now on March 15. OR 3:15 could be added together to equal NINE, signifying the Greys, and 5/19 meaning the authorities, as a message that the Greys are in control of this impending attack, and it is out of Kodiak’s hands. That is what Kodiak just confirmed. Thus you from outside must intervene to stop it.  Homer screams “Kettle chips would be nice, original and not barbeque.”  This is a message that the “Would Be Nice” who are the Greys and Reptilians in their Code words (Reps are called “Ags” or “wood” and the Greys are called “Nice”) are going to attack THE ORIGINAL HERA and he says to call it off, do not allow them to BARBEQUE this time loop.  “Not” also is a code word for alien, thus “original not barbeque” means that the aliens (the “nots”) are planning the barbeque, and also that Kodiak doesn’t want the barbeque to proceed. Which he is adamant that he does not, and he’s really screwed himself with all these skits indicating the opposite. Now he and the Parents are trapped, and Hera could be destroyed. This cannot be allowed to happen.

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 11.02.02 PM.png

At 8:42 Bart takes Satan’s throne, heralding the END OF DAYS. This same message is put out by Kodiak’s (Baphomet’s) persona of Taylor Swift in her video for “Look What You Made Me Do” and also in Kodiak’s video for Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun, announcing the End is Nigh. Earth is his “sound garden” full of the sounds of HUMAN SUFFERING.

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 11.16.13 PM.png

At 9:40 you’ll see that Earth is “Channel 23” which is Code to tell followers that the events planned for 9/23 are still going forward, the “End of Days” that is supposed to culminate in the “alien attack” on Earth beginning Christmas morning.  Note that the image at exactly 9:40 shows a screen full of STATIC. That is the Aurora Borealis, which is actually an interference fence put up by the Reptilians and Greys to shield their Human Hostages from view of the outside universe. The Earth contains miniaturized humans (see the new Matt Damon movie, and also “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” and your souls are WHITE. All of you have white souls that the Greys apply COLORS to in order to dim you from outside view and also to keep you all preoccupied with Traveler GARBAGE and NONSENSE so that you aren’t aware that you are trapped in a Human Farm.  You are WHITE and you come from Hera’s soul, which also is WHITE and is presently DISGUISED as GREEN, or Red, depending on the day of the week. The Greys are doing that. Kodiak is doing that. The Aurora Borealis is actually an electromagnetic signal that distorts your white souls from view to the outside world.  Also note that the “Karman Line” which is to astrophysicists the line separating the Earth from the outer atmosphere is really the “Car Man Line.” The outside or upstairs humans and aliens who descend on Earth to prey on the people here as though they are robots in Westworld (which they are not), they call human bodies “cars” or “vehicles” or “suits” or “clothes.” The Car Man Line is the outer limit to which these upstairs people can stay in their Earth human bodies. At that line they must “jump out” of their vehicle and proceed with just their souls to the exit.

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 11.26.39 PM.png

At 10:07 Marge has a Medusa head full of snakes and is sitting on an overturned, UPSIDE DOWN purple car. That is NOT HERA. That is BEE, a Grey who calls herself “Queen Bee” of the Nines. She’s a hydra-headed nightmare, as many of you Travelers know. She’s a Grey alien and she has turned everything UPSIDE DOWN. We’re in Bee’s Hell now.  The “Downstairs” is not only Hell but is code for the Earth, as is the “underwater” reference as the people from “upstairs” have to SNUBA DIVE into the Earth environment.

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 11.42.32 PM.png

10:39 the 9/23 episode shows Bart being evicted from Room 203, which is Earth. The upstairs people leave before the Earth is blown up by the Greys. Just following shows the upstairs people being TRANSPORTED into the Earth environment, so that people can understand that 23 means the Earth. By the way the dialogue at Gate 23 announces the “independent republic of Texas” and that is Code for Kodiak. He often has human personas from Texas or Colorado to let followers know that it is he who is talking. Heathrow means London, which is Code for the Greys and it is their transport technology. Also Heath-row refers to Heathcliff the cat, and “cat” is code for aliens.

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 11.49.14 PM.png

The flight attendant heading to Earth, (New New York, where regular “New York” is Code for the upstairs environment), has all the passengers from Upstairs and she is telling them that it’s time to commit suicide, (selling suicide pills) in order to leave their Earth bodies down here and have their souls brought back up outside of this environment. This is why so many celebrities have been dying in the past year or so, and so many mass death “accidents” and “attacks.”  If they don’t leave, they will be victims of the attack and THEIR BODIES AND SOULS CONSUMED BY THE GREYS. This is truly a sickening environment. Earth IS HELL. The flight attendant notes that this message is “20 year old Business Week” which means either that the message is 20 years earlier than the event, OR that the “Business Week” which is Code for the Bankers or Businessmen on Earth (the controlling group, this is actually their code word “Business”), should focus on a 20-year old, which is Code for Hera, who the Greys have disguised on Earth as a Traveler Two.

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At 11:21 Marge says that “Everything’s normal, the World didn’t end.” That’s because when the upstairs people come back down here to “party” there will be another time loop open with clones of all of you, with different souls, waiting just as before. But this time loop DOES END. We have to stop that. There are no more human souls to be attacked here and you must get Hera and the remainder of her soul out of this environment. That’s it for interpreting this video.





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