The Vegas Shooting Was An Illuminati Job, According to the Code Talk in This Interview

See the anchor flashing the Illuminati triangle handsign? And the two flying birds or planes in the clouds above the anchors’ heads?

I don’t think most if not all of the people reported to be killed were actually killed. But surely something was going on at the Mandalay Bay. Here’s an Illuminati member posing as a Psychologist named “Harley Stock” to explain it in the video from CBS Miami below.

I find that the media is INVOLVED in these preplanned events, like Sandy Hook. Here the psychologist says that the Shooter was “off everyone’s radar, that’s what made him so scary.” Generally I find that they say things like this as an inside joke after an event to drop clues. This clue is that the shooter was FLYING without a transponder on and thus “off the radar.”

I saw a similar thing after Sandy Hook where CBS showed a “Close to Home” corner interview by a reporter supposedly from Newtown. The background was clearly 2 different combined green screens, that weren’t adjusted for scale. So the inside joke was that the segment was “Close to Home” while the reporter was NOWHERE NEAR IT.

They also did this with 9/11 when I think it was CNN that covered the weird Second Plane hitting the building shot with a BANNER on the bottom of the screen. As the reporter shows the footage, she says: “That’s tough to watch” but of course it was tough to watch because the impact point was covered by a banner. So that was the joke, “tough to watch” with our banner in the way. Subtle and they do it all the time.

As for this video, notice that the clouds in the background during this interview about the Mandalay Bay shooter form the shape of birds or planes. Flyers. That also is INTENTIONAL to reinforce the message that the shooter was a flyer who was “off the radar.” They play games with people, dropping hints. A big joke to the Illuminati players who set these attacks up. Notice at :27 the anchorman forms his hands into an Illuminati TRIANGLE handsign.

The LEADERS of the Illuminati, by the way, are called by members in Code as “the Bankers” or “the Dow Jones.” This doctor’s name is “Harley Stock.” American Motorcycle, which is code for a Human (“Short” is alien in the Illuminati Code Word Lexicon)….and a Banker in the Illuminati (“Stock”). They are called that because they actually control the money and the stock market in this country (and around the world).

To recap: Notice the triangle handsign at :27. Notice the clouds above the anchors’s heads are in the shape of planes. Notice the guest is named “Harley Stock” and that he reports that the shooter was “off the radar, that’s what made him so scary.” That’s how the Illuminati pass messages. The message here is that (1) it’s an Illuminati planned attack (handsign and “Stock”); and (2) the real shooter was flying (“off the radar” plus the clouds shaped as flyers).  This interview explains why there are videos showing lights from gunfire appearing all over the sky rather than just from the supposed shooter’s Mandalay Bay window.

Notice also that the show was called the “Harvest Festival” and the Illuminati, and the Greys too, call killing humans “the Harvest.” They harvest their souls, and consume them, after killing their bodies, which they also consume when they can get away with it. But it is unclear how many deaths actually occurred from this shooting. We also decode 9/11 and Sandy Hook video messages elsewhere on this blog.

via Clinical Forensic Psychologist: Vegas Shooter ‘Off Everyone’s Radar, That’s What Made Him So Scary’ – YouTube


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