YOU DROPPED A BOMB ON ME: Walmart Ad Spells Out Planned Christmas Reptilian Attack (#LookUp)

Please pay attention: This commercial brags that the Reptilians and Greys plan to drop bombs on Earth at Christmas. Video ad fully decoded below.

The Walmart video explained and decoded:

First shown is a TV Set gift with clouds that look like multiple bombs falling from the sky. After that a man lowers a “gift” down on his wife’s head, and the gift is Green and Silver, which is Code for the Traveler Twos and Traveler Nines, and they are Reptilians and Grey Aliens. Next a girl unwraps a tiger, which is Code for Aliens (“Cat” where humans are “Dogs”) in Traveler/Illuminati code words (Code Word Lexicon here). The tiger’s box says “fur real” as in, yes, this is happening. Next is a “Cuisinart” Mixer. These two groups CONSUME HUMANS. “Art” is a term for humans in Traveler Code (See the code word lexicon). So that is “ART Cuisine.”

Next a girl “looks skyward” with her mouth open which is supposed to look like “shock and awe.” Next is a black child showing shock and awe, and then a grown woman covering her mouth in disbelief. Play this video SLOWLY and follow the storyline. Next is a kid who is NOT SHOCKED but smiling excitedly, and he’s wearing a Green dinosaur shirt, which is the color and symbol of the Reptilians. (Again, see the code words). The dinosaur wears sunglasses because they are concealed as humans walking around in our population (as are the Greys). There are only about 20% humans down here so be ready for your own family and friends to reveal they are Greys and Reptilians during the attack (which is set for Christmas). Next is a girl holding a DRONE and smiling, but really her mouth is AGOG, which should be self-explanatory at this point. Her SHIRT shows the letters “BA” which is the sound a sheep makes. See Katy Perry’s Swish Swish video for the SAME THING. There the “Cats” beat the “Sheep” and also share a TACO on the basketball court, with a “Sheep wearing the numbers 54, code for the Greys who are Traveler Nines, (5 plus 4), meaning a Grey hiding in “sheeps clothing” ie a human body. Humans are the Tacos.

There’s the TV Set again with the clouds formed that look like many bombs dropping from the sky. Next is a toddler with his hands out like a cat going “Rarh Rahr” like a tiger ready to pounce. His family joins in….Hug that CAT! YOU DROPPED A BOMB ON ME. Nothing about this commercial or their planned attack, is okay.

We aren’t theorists, we KNOW.

Here’s one you Travelers may recognize, a space ship dropping smiles on the human below (smiles is Code for evil witchcraft). Humans are FUEL (batteries) for the Greys. They consume humans. Thus a child with other fuel – batteries and bananas – in a serving bowl. The balloons are also code, they signify human souls, which the Greys also consume. (Reptilians do too.) In fact this entire Walmart video is nothing but a less obvious version of Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun” video, where the human race is sucked into a War of the Worlds device from above. Read that important decoding too.


Kodiak is the “black boy” serving the human fuel to the Greys. The Greys repay the kindness with Smiles, which is Code for granting Kodiak his status as Satan, the Grand Wizard of this human farm they call Earth. Look at Kodiak’s video as Chris Cornell of Soundgarden, hailing the “Black Hole Sun,” which is very important.

Same guy, King of our Cage:

giphy (2).gif

Below is a video of the Greys’ main “mothership” which purportedly was recorded by the Brazilians on board the ISS. They do have giant ships, as a matter of fact, and as shown in the above Walmart video. Compare this ISS video to the Greys’ band YES’s image on their album cover for Fragile. The also have smaller ships of course, such as the one that put all of Phoenix in shadow during the “Phoenix Lights” episode. YES’s songs about destroying Earth are Roundabout and Long Distance Runaround. Click those links and read the lyrics decoded after watching the below purported ISS footage.





  1. All 4 of these children were taken from their mother who doesn’t have custody and fled out of the county with them.
    July 4th they left from Lost Angeles airport and their final destination was Paris France.
    We do not know the whereabouts they may be now. They could be anywhere in the world.
    Our Facebook page:


    1. I am very sorry that we don’t have any information to help you find these missing children. We did read the Facebook page trying to get more info and think we understand that the children belong to their father Brian Russell, and were abducted by their mother about 4 months ago, through LAX airport. The kids ordinarily live on Kona, HI with their father, and that is why they are called Kona’s Kids. The kids presumably are in Europe since they passed through Paris, France. We’ll reach out to you via Facebook if we see any intelligence regarding these kids.


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