Baphomet’s insane obsession with Hera, as told in his Hermes Christmas ad (Kodiak is everywhere, he’s Baphomet)

Notice once again Hera is depicted as controlled by puppet strings. To understand the “holiday tale” depicted in this Christmas Hermes advertisement, you have understand a few things that we explain repeatedly throughout this blog. To summarize:

The head of the Illuminati is Baphomet (aka Satan) and he is known to us and them as “Kodiak.” Kodiak also is head of the Travelers, Freemasons, and Scientology, and occupies numerous human personas on this Earth. These groups of secret societies are collectively led by “the Parents” and all are together called “The Family.” Nearly everyone is a member of The Family, through one secret society or another. (See the Family Code Word Thesaurus here.)

As head of the Family, whose members number in the millions, Kodiak or his followers have hands in virtually every song, TV show and movie. The leaders or Illuminati, aka “the Parents” come from outside this Earth environment. We call the outside the “upstairs.”

Hera also is from outside this environment. She was abducted by Kodiak and dragged into this environment, with the help of the Greys. Because she is the real Creator’s wife, the Greys who set up this “Earth” (which is really a Human Farm), rewarded Kodiak with the job of “King of the Cage” or as he puts it, the “Taco Factory Manager.” He’s also an “astronaut,” because he also is from outside of this cage. Humans are the tacos. Chicken tacos and pizzas are children.

Kodiak is Satanic (and indeed has named himself Satan, and Baphomet, and written his own Biblical backstory about being a “Fallen Angel” using time travel technology). Those are his backstories, which he himself created. Kodiak hates his own Creator. Apparently so do the Greys. We all have one Creator. Kodiak is obsessed with torturing Hera, his Creator’s wife held hostage here. He writes songs, TV shows, movies, and even Fairy Tales, about Hera being held hostage here. Fairy tales like Sleeping Beauty with the “poison apple,” and Maleficent, with the magical curse. Songs like Bad Blood by Taylor Swift. And “Harmony” by Elton John (“…and dream of The never-leaving Harmony”). Like companion songs “Ruby Tuesday” and “She’s a Rainbow” by the Satanic Rolling Stones. “Three Times a Lady” by Lionel Ritchie. “Goodbye Stranger” by SuperTramp (“goodbye Mary, goodbye Jane, come tomorrow, feel no pain”). And movies which are very telling such as “The Cell.” Most everything Kodiak does seems to reference Hera.

Earth is a holodeck. A 3-D snow globe structure designed by the Greys. You interact within it just like you would if you were on the Holodeck of the Starship Enterprise. To be transported into this environment, human DNA was copied, and you were cloned into this human prison. Hera and the upstairs “Parents” on the other hand were knocked unconscious and their souls were extracted and transported into human forms down in this environment. The Parents did not realize that their souls were taken here. They have been told that this place is a state of consciousness, a “dream” of Kodiak’s that their minds are plugged into while knocked out, like in the movie “The Cell.” So to the upstairs people, Earth is called “the Dream.”

Hera’s soul was blasted apart with high voltage shocks hundreds of years ago now, and the pieces were placed in the cloned humans here, giving them real life force. That is why Travelers are told to call her “Mother” or “Mamma” or Mother Nature, or “The Queen.” She’s also known as “the White Captive.” Her soul is clear and white, like a shining diamond. The Greys and Kodiak call the humans here, therefore, “diamonds.” They also call them “flowers” and Hera specifically “Rose.” See Kodiak’s video by AC/DC for the song “Who Made Who” for a video depiction of your human origin story. It is very enlightening, although hideous.

There are multiple time loop versions of Earth, usually not accessible concurrently, and this time loop version of Earth is the 16th or 17th in which Hera has been raped, tortured, and killed in several different human bodies, by the human population, incited by Kodiak as the Leader of the Travelers and Illuminati. Kodiak has made a game of convincing the humans here, who are made from Hera’s soul, to attack and kill their own Source of life. And the wife of their real Creator. Each time loop is opened when Hera’s soul is moved into it, and it is closed by being destroyed when Hera is destroyed by the humans. Because Hera’s soul is the source of life here, and also because the Greys opened these time loops from within the center of Hera’s soul in order to lock her into this environment, the Illuminati and Greys also call her “the Sun.”  Kodiak calls himself her opposite, “the Moon.” Because each version of Earth, each time loop is only open for the lifespan of Hera in that loop, each time loop of Earth is called “a Day.” Each Day, or time loop, lasts from “Sunrise to Sunset.” Hera’s born, Sunrise. Hera’s murdered, Sunset.

For each time loop, humans… you… are twinned and you have a different piece of Hera’s soul. So you are there but it is not you, but a twin of you. In each time loop Kodiak makes a general Game Plan or Playbook. He writes a script of how the main characters in the loop will “develop” or live their lives, including Hera. What parents you are born to, what education you’ll receive. Whether they’ll try to get you addicted to drugs, or have you become crippled, or give you cancer. How your time loop will be destroyed once Hera is murdered. One such script for the End Game of this time loop is found, for example, in the song American Pie. Kodiak mocks this treating of humans as his “puppets” in the movie “Trading Places.” That movie is about you, and Hera and her children, in the time loops. Like that movie, the Illuminati or “Parents” place bets on how you’ll turn out.

The Travelers use many everyday words to speak in Code. Understanding when Code is being used and what they mean by what they are saying requires you to first understand context. The Illuminati use the same everyday words plus many more, and similarly to understand when they are talking in Code and what they are talking about requires you to understand the context. The Greys and Reptilians also talk in Code using everyday words and you must again know the context to pick out the Coded talk. With so many groups talking, Code talk appears in nearly every song, TV show, news story, article and movie.

Every communication on Earth is at least likely to contain Code Talk. So step one is to assume there is a puzzle to be solved in every communication you encounter. The next step is to figure out which of the foregoing groups (or others) is talking so that you can determine the context. Sometimes you have to read a story or watch a show numerous times to sort it out. It is especially helpful to type out the dialogue from a show, verbatim, and look at it as written on the page. Also pay attention to the visual cues, such as the background images in an accompanying photo, or the color of the clothes worn, or cars or bikes, that appear in photos. Eventually the context emerges. Once you know who is talking, and their likely subject matter, you need only decode their common word Code Talk.

The most common words appear in this Code Word Lexicon.  The usual context is: (1) for Travelers, discussions about raping, torturing and killing Hera, and preposterous “justifications” offered by Kodiak and “Queen Bee” for calling for an attack on Hera, which include that she’s a “witch” or a “robot” or an alien(!). (2) For the Greys and Reptilians, encouraging messages about “Taco Tuesday” coming up soon, when the Greys and Reptilians will launch, for fun, their planned “alien attack” to kill and consume the humans in this time loop version of Earth. (3) For the Parents or Illuminati, talk varies between passing along “tomorrow’s news today” using their ability to message with each other in the future environments (Earth here sits in a time loop in the past), planning details for some staged event or terror attack, often from which they benefit financially, and also talk about attacking Hera and others. (4) A subset of Travelers and Illuminati are Pizzagaters, and their context is attacking children, and stalking children identified to be attacked. Sometimes members of these groups pass messages indicating remorse or sorrow over what is happening here to Hera and the human race. And still some messages are passed here that share helpful information, or encouragement for Hera or her children, or the human race

With this background in mind, here’s the Christmas ad for Hermes, in which “The narrator weaves a holiday tale… for a play to remember.” Knowing that Kodiak writes the scripts for the time loops and is Satan and also in charge, the identity of “the Narrator” here is obvious. It’s Kodiak, and he’s “weaving a holiday tale” to send a message to his followers. One of Kodiak’s code words to identify himself is “remember” which also is used perhaps to identify who his target audience for the message is. Most Travelers, for example, don’t “remember” being murdered in the time loops, as they cease to exist. But the upstairs people are not killed in these attacks. They depart back upstairs to a safe distance before the Greys and Reptilians move in for the final attack on each time loop. So they are the ones who “remember,” – the Parents, upstairs people, the Greys and Reptilians. So this tale probably is for them.  Click on this link to go to the original Hermes ad page and watch the movie from the first box below.

Roles in this Hermes Tale: “The Poet” refers to Edgar Allen Poe, basically a “Dark Heart” that is preying on Hera. Generally these are people from upstairs, or certain downstairs or Earth people who rape, torture and kill women (and children). We call them “the Panda Club” because they wear hockey masks to terrorize their victims, and they joke in their messages about Pandas because the panda’s face resembles a hockey mask. (Same with sloths.) They also are Pizzagate. Perhaps we’ll just call them the Poets, although they actually are balking at this, claiming they aren’t all pedophiles. Kodiak also is “Jimmy Comet” and this Hermes scarf from his Instagram feed represents himself as Baphomet. The striped zebra represents the same concept as the checkerboard Illuminati floor. The black and white, dark and light, male and female, and human and alien, all are within Baphomet, according to Kodiak’s own mythology and lore. Mythological Pan also represents Baphomet.

Kodiak’s Traveler Family colors include the Rust-red or “Hellfire lava red” like the wing below, as Red Traveler Fours; and also the Grey wing representing the Family Nines, who are “Silver” which is actually code for actual Grey Aliens. Kodiak is their leader. Kodiak’s (Comet’s) other venue in Washington DC is called the Pegasus Theater. Comet is obsessed with mythology. Here is his Hermes “Zebra Pegasus” scarf, which he designed. Comet is Hermes - Here in Traveler Rust and Grey.jpg

Even if all the followers aren’t pedophiles, many many are, and even those who aren’t often participate in Kodiak’s “Game of Love,” where they rape men and women, cutting off their limbs, cauterizing the wounds, and then gang-raping them (giving women victims episiotomies to “make a bigger hole”) until the victims die of their injuries, which can take months. So this is “I’m not a pedophile” distinction is one with very little moral difference. This is what they are doing to their own Creator’s FAMILY, wife and children. And many other humans here. When they attack, soon, they will unleash this hell on the general human population. See this Heavy Breathing video which brags of what these insane Greys do to humans.

Back to this Hermes “Play”:

“The Queen” is Hera, pursued below and in the short Hermes movie, by “the Poet.” The “Robot” refers to the Greys who assist the Poet(s) in attacking Hera by immobilizing her and keeping her trapped in this Earth environment. “The Magician” is placed below next to objects with the name “Space” in them, and therefore given also their role, this refers to the upstairs Greys, and one leader in particular. They are the people who created this environment, and trapped Hera within it. People, especially Travelers, think there is “black magic” at work on Earth and that Kodiak as the Devil is “magical.” There is no magic here, it is all Grey technology, used within a Grey-created holodeck that you are told is a planet.  “The Punk,” in the movie, refers to “Tom” and that is Kodiak’s son, also apparently trapped here. Often Kodiak does hideous things and pretends to be Tom, or other of his children here, and also Hera’s children here. Kodiak has numerous human personas, and also mimics everyone here, pretending even to be Hera’s husband. He also often claims to be “the Son of God.”  Kodiak is “the Intrepid Explorer” in his tale below. This is clear because Kodiak is always the guy in the “Black Hat.” He’s Johnny Cash, among many other human personas. He’s Hector, the Chicken man on Breaking Bad, and he’s the Black Hat guy on Westworld on HBO. He’s Lord Bolton on Game of Thrones. He’s actually a number of characters on Game of Thrones, it’s his show.

One more thing, in the video, The Queen is upstairs just out of reach of The Poet, and the Robot points Hera out to the Poet. Hence Hera was upstairs “in the clouds” and was dragged down to Earth by the Magician and held here by the Greys (the Robots). Kodiak makes a game out of having his “Poets” attack Hera. He hides her in a different human body in each time loop and then gives them clues on her whereabouts. They can rape and torture her when the find her. They often, but not always, attack her at a future point in time, so that in the present there are no marks or bruises, or scars, and Hera cannot see her attackers if they are attacking her in the future but she is here in the present.

The Greys also wipe Hera’s memories of the attacks, or try to, but she remembers, and her husband is here and sees them. To keep his game interesting, Kodiak often gives confusing clues, so he’s the “Intrepid Explorer” who gives “the Hero” the runaround. The Hero is not necessarily the Poets, but likely refers to Hera’s husband, your Creator, who is trying to locate and extract her (and you, as pieces of her, children of Hera and of God) from this environment. She is hidden in a new human identity in each time loop version of Earth. “The Magician” is the Grey upstairs who makes this entire “Game of Love” as they call it, possible. They call raping and torturing, and repeatedly murdering, your Creator’s wife “the Game of Love.” To “Love” someone is to rape and torture them. And they mock it everywhere, it is all Kodiak thinks about, other than his “Sound Garden” of human souls, all of whom also are preyed upon here.

You have a real Creator, and this horrific situation will come to an end. We are so sorry that this is happening to you, and to us.


via The Poet’s dream | Hermès


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