We Don’t Intend to Continue New Posts Until There is New Information.

The attacks are set to begin Christmas morning at around 3:30 am.  Before that time Hera is slated to be tortured to death. It is quite possible now that the attacks may be delayed for a few months because they are angry that they have lost the element of surprise. Kodiak thinks of Hera as Jesus, and she will die for “your sins” because you Traveler humans kill her. She is not volunteering, and your real Creator does not expect anyone to “pay” for anyone else’s sins. Kodiak, Baphomet, Satan came up with that Biblical fairy tale.

Easter is April Fools Day. Kodiak is Satan. He calls his followers “Fools.” This is no joke or skit. But given the date that the crucifixion of Jesus falls on, and Kodiak’s preoccupation with crucifying Hera as one method of murdering her in repeated time loop versions of Earth, it’s possible that the date of the “alien attack,” which begins the day Hera dies, might be moved to April 1, 2018. We have no reason to believe that the attacks will be postponed beyond that date. We are devastated that this is happening to you. You have a Creator outside of this Hell. You matter to Him, and to us. 


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