Pizzagate Band Heavy Breathing’s Video “U the One I Want” Shows HOW THE GREYS AND REPTILIANS DO AND WILL TORTURE THE HUMANS in the impending attack. Horrific.

This Heavy Breathing video has several scenes that match Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun video. In drafting a comparison (to post later today) it became clear that this video: “U the One I Want” is specifically the Greys bragging about how they torture the human race. They are planning to attack soon. This video is horrendous. Here’s the full video and some key clips are explained below.

via Heavy Breathing – U the One I Want – YouTube

You MUST get ready for this Grey attack. They are animals. They are at the head of the Travelers, Illuminati, Masons, and Scientology. They are Trump, Jimmy Comet, and numerous other human personas who are politicians, world leaders and celebrities. Do not follow their lead. Do not attack anyone. This is what they WILL DO to the HUMAN RACE in the next few months, at the outside. Probably sooner. They are Satanic. Humans are children of God.

giphy (10)
The Greys have electricity and lasers built in. They are fixated on shocking human victims. They can also hypnotize humans and get them to do horrific things TO EACH OTHER. They can read your mind, AND CONTROL IT.
giphy (11)
The Greys break victim’s legs while gang raping them
giphy (13)
The round spot is your SOUL, and also shown is your brain, both of which the Greys CONSUME. Here they drop a victim from a height to break his legs, then drill holes in his head and gang rape the hole: “Fucking his brains out.” Notice the CAT INSIDE the “kid’s” HEAD (the pumpkin). Cat is a code word for ALIEN Greys and Reptilians. They can read your mind and they influence your thoughts and dictate your moods. THEY are the “Spirit of Radio” (and they are the band RUSH).


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