SoundGarden’s Chris Cornell & Majestic Ape of Pizzagate Band Heavy Breathing – Video Comparison – Both are Human Personas of Baphomet

UtheOneIWant - Soundgarden
Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun

We know “Satan” and he goes by Kodiak as leader of “The Family,” a secret society comprised of the Illuminati, Travelers, Masons, Shriners and Scientology (and probably others). You are all under Kodiak’s “umbrella.” Kodiak has numerous human personas, among them John Podesta, whose voice is heard attacking a child at a Heavy Breathing “performance.” Another persona is John Podesta clone Chester Bennington of Linkin Park. And another is Chester’s “best friend” and fellow pedophile Chris Cornell.

From a Soundgarden video, flashing his Baphomet sign.

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 12.31.16 AM
Baphomet Handsign from a Soundgarden video

We noticed that the Soundgarden video for Black Hole Sun, which is a video about how the Greys will attack us with their War of the World’s “HUMAN VACUUM,” contains the same clips as two (or more) Heavy Breathing videos. So we’re going to show you….The same guy, Baphomet – SATAN – is both Majestic Ape of Heavy Breathing, and Chris Cornell of Soundgarden.

Here’a giphy clip from Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun, and under it a giphy clip for Heavy Breathing’s U the One I Want:

UtheOneIWant - Soundgarden
Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun: The “kid” spaces out hypnotically to the TV screen. A “TRAVELER” appears on screen. The moths circling the chandelier represent torturers circling Hera for the kill.
Heavy Breathing Black Hole Sun
Heavy Breathing’s U the One I Want: The “kid” stares hypnotically at a “TEACHER” which is a Traveler, and Majestic Ape appears on screen, and in later scenes hypnotizes and mind controls the kid. The “kid’s” parents are GREYS. They have lasers. And they hypnotize with their eyes.
giphy (14)
Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun – that woman putting on lipstick is “QUEEN BEE” who is “Queen of the Traveler Nines” who ARE ALMOST ALL GREY ALIENS.
giphy (8)
Heavy Breathing’s U the One I Want – the VICTIM puts on lipstick while the hypnotized “kid” looks on.

Heavy Breathing’s: I no Love; Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun; Lady Gaga, another human persona of Kodiak (Baphomet):


Black Hole Sun; Melissa McCarthy on SNL; Majestic Ape

Black Hole Sun (left) and Heavy Breathing’s The Neutered Noel below. The Greys in Kodiak’s army use technology to pull a victim’s face muscles to make them “smile” grotesquely, and pull their eye muscles to “roll their eyes.”  They also use miniaturization tech to enlarge one area of a person’s face while shrinking another, leaving the victim looking gruesomely contorted.

Same thing in Kodiak’s Tom Petty persona, in “Don’t Come Around Here No More,” which also is about abducting Hera and holding her “downstairs.” Kodiak is obsessed with Hera.

giphy-downsized-large (2).gif

Chris Cornell’s shirt, and the Walmart commercial by Antoine Fuqua that shows Kodiak as a boy who provides the Greys with fuel consisting of Bananas, Batteries and a human Baby, all in a serving bowl with Balloons tied to it (balloons is a Code word for human souls). In return the kid gets from the aliens a bunch of “Smiley Faces” which in Traveler code means “black magic wizards.” This actually corresponds to the real story of how Kodiak became the “King of the Cage” they call Earth, and also gave himself the title of Satan, a myth that Kodiak himself made up. There is no black magic here, what the Greys really gave him is access to their very advanced technology.  Initially the kid in the Walmart ad is wearing a mask matching Chris Cornell’s shirt. Click any photo to see a blown up image slideshow with our notes.

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 5.22.08 PM
Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun
Melissa McCarthy and Majestic Ape
SNL Traveler Hat
A Traveler as a reporter in the Sean Spicer skit with Melissa McCarthy

Majestic Ape’s “Vault of Rewards” which is a Kill Room for human victims. Kodiak repeats the same themes in his videos so that his followers will know it is him talking. Baphomet. Their Satanic Leader.

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 8.38.15 PM
“Majestic Ape” of Pizzagate showing the REWARDS in the Vault
cat people
Swift is Majestic Ape, here Robbing the Vault with her CATS, an Illuminati Code word for “alien black magic Satanic wizards.” Swift is another human persona of Kodiak’s (Baphomet/Satan). These “Cats” are wearing the “colors” of human Family members – Red, Blue, Yellow, which signifies that Baphomet’s aliens are hiding in human bodies on Earth. 

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