Another Satanic Grey on YouTube. Here’s how you can spot THEM.

Still here, although my building is “bumping around” like a heavy object is bumping into it, or a series of small earthquakes. My feet are vibrating from the floor, as though the entire building might drive itself down the street. I’m no “medicated,” these are just odd sensations happening in my building. I’m in Southern California.

Anyway, this guy is a Grey. You can tell by the dark circles surrounding his irises. The outside right is the Grey’s actual brown eyes, and they move out of sync with his “human shell” eyeballs. Notice that the ring changes thickness as the brown eyes are larger than the centered human eyes. Additionally, he has a “TRON” halo around his pupils. Notice that the halo follows his eyes around and therefore is not an effect from a selfie lamp or camera flash. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 10.39.53 PM
Another Grey Pedophile – panda mask on the right, Illuminati deer with antlers and infinity black and white lampshade, all on the right. “SCREAM” pillow on the left. Tron eye pupils with a GREY ALIEN brown ring around his human shell irises that does not move in sync with the human blue eyes.

He’s also a Satanic Illuminati member, which he advertises with a Panda Club mask on the right, which are used to identify the rapists and torturers who are part of Jimmy Comet’s “Cumpanda” club. The panda face is used because it evokes a hockey mask, like Texas Chainsaw Massacre. They terrorize the children they rape and torture while wearing masks to further frighten the victims.

Here’s his TRON eyeball halos. Compare to Taylor Swift’s. SHE IS SATAN (Baphomet). We know him. He calls himself Kodiak. And HE IS, among many human disguises, TAYLOR SWIFT:

Here’s this Grey’s video where he pretends to be creeped out but really is just pointing out shout outs to his favorite “person,” Satan. Probably he is also Kodiak, given the background props in his living room – the brown sofa (Traveler Family Sixes), the panda mask, Illuminati infinity lamp, Illuminati deer, and SCREAM pillow, and also his hellfire-red (lava red or rust red) shirt, and the references below in his clip image to a Pentagram, Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber, and to an infinity spiral in someone’s eyes, next to a photo of his own eyes – lifted to emphasize the TRON halo. As he says in his Soundgarden video for “Black Hole Sun,”  – “in disguises no one knows, hides the face, lies the snake…” Kodiak (Satan) has hundreds of human “personas.”

UPDATE: here’s what Edvard Munch is Scream-ing about.

Nearly all of the foremost major musicians and celebrities, are human personas of Baphomet (Kodiak). He also has these YouTube channels. He’s head of the Illuminati, Masons and Travelers (and Scientology) and you humans must stop listening to him, and doing his bidding. He’s Satan and he is in charge of the Greys who plan to torture you to death and consume your brains and souls, in the very near future.


Here he is talking about his friend who got life in prison. Notice the 666 hands, the green shirt and the lava red background. Those are Kodiak’s colors. Green as head of the Traveler Sixes, and lava red as head of the Fours, and which also symbolizes his actual title of Satan. Seriously. His shirt says, “I can’t remember,” which is a reference to the fact that the Greys prey on and attack the humans here, and wipe those attacks using hypnosis. Kodiak is their leader. “666” in each hand here:

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 5.08.40 PM.png

Also note the creepy fake whisper voice, and all the Code talk about “killing his uncle” which is a reference to the Panda Rape Club, who make their victims call them “Uncle” just like the John Podesta videos attacking a child at a Heavy Breathing Show. They call John “Father” because he’s Kodiak, Satan. They call Kodiak’s fellow attackers, his “brothers” … “Uncle.” This video below is in code and it is about someone blowing the lid off some activity of one of the “Uncles.” They use news stories to pass messages.


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  1. I know I shouldnt send comments that much but I noticed a guy on YT who claims to be a christian and has green shirt with a pizza on it and red symbology in background at times to. He also has the number 3s in the back. He claims to be helping people by uncovering a lot of conspiracy. But has way too many symbology in his videos someone also commented with flower icons. I made comments on his site but then deleted them. Its Robins Hood. It makes me mad that no one can do anything about whats happening and how some are deceiving others.


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