Holiday Joy: Pizzagate’s Jimmy Comet is Head of the Illuminati (Baphomet and also “Bennie”). “Bennie and The Jets” (The Greys) Plan to Attack Earth At Any Moment. It begins with an EARTHQUAKE, which is what is depicted in this photo.

Comet’s comment is “HOLIDAY JOY” – What does that mean to Jimmy Comet? It refers to the Greys’ plan to (1) Cause and Earthquake and Tsunami in Southern California (HAARP device; “Walking on a wave she came….Looking for her silver light“; and (2) Split the US along the Continental Divide, using massive lasers located on hidden spaceships.

Holiday Joy.png

Here’s ELO’s “Can’t Get it Out of My Head,” warning that the “silver light” will arrive “walking on a wave.”  Here’s our decoding of Kodiak’s REM song “It’s the End of the World as We Know It,” explaining that the Continental Divide will “drift,” and also that the Greys will arrive “Left of West and coming in a hurry with a fury, breathing down your neck.”

Here’s Comet’s aka Kodiak’s band Yes’s album cover showing the split, beginning in South America and proceeding along the Continental Divide.


The Simpsons also is a reliable message vehicle we use to communicate, and has a similar image of the US split in two at the Continental Divide (cannot recall which episode). Below is Kodiak, drinking a “Martini” which is Code for Martian, which is a code everyone in “The Family” uses for the Greys or “Traveler Nines.”  Kodiak is head of the Greys and he is standing holding “the Greys” with a picture behind him, which indicates both that the message is from the future: the picture is what we call a “window” ie time loop, and behind him indicates that the picture refers to a time that has passed, meaning this past time loop of Earth where you now live.  In the rear-view picture is War of the Worlds carried out atop a Led Zepplin. Earth is that Led Zepplin. We here are in a Grey space station, on their holodeck, where they have opened a “time window” or “time loop” version of Earth to prey upon the humans here.

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 12.34.05 AM
Kodiak, head of the Illuminati, enjoying a Martini, code for “martians” which in turn is code for the “Greys,” as War of the Worlds plays out in the window behind him (in THIS past time loop of Earth).

giphy (21).gif




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