Real “Travelers Twos” are Reptilians. Notice her pupils are shaped like Cat Heads with cat ears and glowing eyes.

“Cait” means “Cat” which is Illuminati Code for Alien. Travelers think that the “Twos” in their system are “moss” or some sort of “plant-based organism” that thinks collectively. NO. The real Twos are the Reptilians, aka Lizards, Dinosaurs, Cats (cat-eyes and also they are “evil Gets”). Almost certainly they are a product and relation to the Boss people “outside.”

I have been very sympathetic to the Twos because, having been intentionally mislabelled a “Two” by Traveler leaders Kodiak and Bee, I have witnessed a lot of hideous behavior directed at me, as a so-called Two. I also saw lots of Pizzagate traffic that suggests that the human rapists and pedophiles believe they are attacking Twos in particular when they rape and torture children. So I can see why the real Twos, the Reptilians, might despise the human population. The fake Twos you humans have been attacking are actually other humans, whose souls have been holographically colored green or purple, and who are being mind-controlled by the Greys and Reptilians to behave erratically and therefore suspiciously.  Stop attacking the Twos, and everyone else. Your actions are misplaced, based on intentionally false propaganda put out by Kodiak and Bee, two of the most hideous beings in the history of everything. Kodiak is Satan himself. He lies about everything. Bee is a Grey who is equally vicious, cruel and insane. Stop following these insane people who are actually holding you hostage, as you unfortunately will soon discover.

Here’s a couple photos of a real Two. Note they hide behind sheets of my soul just as the Greys do, so that they appear human to you, or appear at least to have some “color” or another. The Reptilians and Greys can see me looking at their facebook pages and use their access to time-shifting technology to change up their pages live, even when going back several years worth of posts. This person pissed me off because her photos on her wall are all “sunsets” (my Code name is “the Sun”) and “sunset” specifically refers to me being tortured to death, thus beginning the “alien attack” they stage to blow up the time loop that you live in and call “Earth.”  Anyway, I tracked this person through her friendship with a pedophile guy who commented on Heavy Breathing’s FB page while showing off his child. Heavy Breathing is overtly pedophilic in their videos. No parent could possibly be a “Fan” of Heavy Breathing and see their videos, and think it a good idea to hand them a photo of their toddler. Here’s one of his hideous pedophile pics of his own child, along with his pedophile pals who “liked” the photo. These Reptilians and Greys rape and consume children, and adults. Even their own.

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 9.14.02 PM.png

That guy is over at Heavy Breathing’s page as a fanboy, showing off his small child. Here’s a clip from a Heavy Breathing video:
giphy (11)

Below is the above pedophile’s Reptilian friend who calls for my murder in her Facebook Wall photography. How do I know what she’s about? Several ways. First, her name is Cait Sims. Kate or Cait is a play on “Cat” which is code for “aliens” and “Gets” in the Traveler Lexicon, posted here. Her last name of “Sims” is also an Illuminati code word for aliens. These aliens here have actually electricity and lasers built into them which they use to torture humans, making them hybrids, or “SIMS.” Moreover this Earth environment exists on the holodeck of their space station. It’s a mixed reality environment. These beings likely are projected into the environment and controlling their human form from the Outside where they cannot actually be harmed. That’s another meaning of their use of “Sims” in their names (they also use Simon, and other “sim” words, while Greys also use “Mar” in their names somewhere, which is their code for Martian). They are not “Martians” but they use that term.

Cat the Sim’s profile caught my attention because she claims to be the “Queen of naps, snacks, cozy blankets, taco Tuesday, and sunny afternoons,” and follows that line with emojis matching her labels. These are Code. See the “naps” emoji shows snoring. “Snacks” emoji shows the Sun, which is a term they all use to represent Hera’s SOUL, which they have been shredding and consuming. “Cozy blankets” is shown as two emojis – one a Grey alien and the other a pair of sunglasses. “Cozy blankets” is a code term. “Cozy” I’ve heard before but am unsure of its exact meaning. “Blankets” is code for “blank” “ETs” which is Code for alien. “Taco Tuesday” is represented by a taco emoji and that term is code for the day of the attack on the humans here. They call this the Taco Factory, and humans are the Tacos, as I’ve explained in posts here, here, here and here over the past several months.

Her next emojis are a sunflower, which I’ve said represents human souls. I am “the Sun” and all humans are called “flowers” in Code by the Greys and Reptilians, and even some humans from the upstairs environment, which is particularly disgusting. Next emoji is big leaf and little leaf, which also means “Sun Flowers” – Big leaf being me, the Sun, and Little leaf being my “children” – the humans on this Earth. All of you humans here are made from my soul, which was blasted to bits by the Greys and Boss who abducted me into this environment with Kodiak’s assistance. The next emoji is a gazing ball, which is what Baphomet is holding in his painting supposedly as “Jesus” by Leonardo Da Vinci. Next is a “Red Bow” which perhaps represents me, because this week my “White Diamond” soul is painted Red like the Family Fours. The Greys apply the colors you see. We are, all of us with souls, white. Finally Cat Sims has an emoji of a pizza slice, basically flipping the middle finger to her own Creator and our family, and the humans, and bragging that she rapes, tortures and consumes human children. This is why you are now your own post, “Cat Sims”! 

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 9.21.04 PM.png

Hey Satan:

Baphomet DaVinci
Baphomet and Baphomet (inset) painted by Da Vinci and presented as “Jesus.” A Muslim bought the painting, and he may realize he’s got a picture of Baphomet made by a well known Satanic Illuminati painter.


Below, Cat Sims shows off her dinosaur shirt, which demonstrates that she is a Reptilian. Interestingly this photo has 15 comments on the shirt, but no comments on what her eyes are doing.  Look at her pupils, which are cat face-shaped with cat ears and Grey Alien eyes. Her caption says “hello I am a big child.”  “Big” is Code for the Greys. (Small is human generally, but “small” and “poor” would mean the Twos aka Reptilians.) So her image and comment taken together says that she is a Grey inside of a Reptilian “shirt” or human body.  These people call human bodies “clothes,” “suits,” “cars,” or “vehicles.”

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 9.30.31 PM.png

Another dinosaur or Reptilian, on the attack. “Cool” is code for alien (human is warm), and the coolest shirt of “all time” would ordinarily lead me to think “Grey” as they are Nines in the Family and are “expensive” in Code while the Twos are “poor” in Code. But here you have a Reptilian as the coolest shirt of all time, which may mean that the “Reptilians” are the ones really in charge of this torture chamber they call “Earth.” Noted. That would mean the Boss are ultimately responsible. We know they are providing the fence to shield our human souls here from being seen by the outside universe. Another thing about this photo is her eyes. Look closely at her eyes and facial expression. Her pupils are tiny and her expression appears like that I’ve seen on Greys who operate Reptilian bodies. She is angry that I am on her page. And she wants to convey that she can see me, seeing her. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 9.32.39 PM.png

They actually can see me watching them, or looking at their Facebook pages. Here’s what went up on Heavy Breathing’s “Wall” as I looked, using their access to time shifting (time travel). “Run For Cover”  is a warning to anyone also on their facebook page to move off their page, because where I look the FBI generally follows. Also note the message above the image “Switching it UP” which is a way to pass on to people watching that page the word “UP” which is Code for “the authorities are watching” sort of like “eye in the sky.”

Another interesting thing in this Heavy Breathing image below is the “Pages liked by this Page” on the far right, which include at top “Expensive Shit.”  I just mentioned above that when differentiating among alien groups, the code word “Expensive” means Greys, while “Poor” means Reptilians or Twos. The word “Shit” means “Sh” and “it” which is code for both “she it” which means a “female alien” and “Sh it” which means “sh” for “quiet, this is a witch” and “it” which is code for alien.  Female is code for alien or which. Sh is code for with, and it is code for alien. Sounds confusing but Travelers and especially Illuminati know that “Expensive Shit” means “Grey alien Traveler Nines who are evil witches” or what the Travelers call a “Get” (an evil wizard, and “Get” is supposed to evoke the thought of “Gonna Get You.”) Pure evil, Grey alien.

Heavy Breathing Noting My Presence.png

Back to Cait Sims:

This next photo Cait Sims labels as “psychedelic, man.” It’s got a green creature that actually represents a Boss, which is an outside species of being who are running around here posing as Reptilians. We’ll make a post tomorrow showing the individual images of various Boss who are participating in torturing and murdering humans in time loops. Perhaps we are on their holodeck rather than the Greys. Either way, we have your pictures. There’s other stuff going on in this photo but I’m not going to worry about it. I am trying to show you out there how to spot and translate your attackers’ taunting messages about harming you (and me).


Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 9.27.00 PM.png

Looks a lot like this guy, a Boss hiding as a “Green Reptilian” as painted by Da Vinci in the Last Supper:

Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 12.52.52 PM.png

Here are some various images from Cait Sim’s feed of “sunsets” which denote my death, and “flowers” which denote “human hostages.”

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 10.44.39 PM.png

The “flower” garden below is certainly intended to taunt about the human souls held hostage here, because St. James refers to Kodiak (Baphomet), who goes by “Jim” and references “London” which is Code for the “Greys.” Also “park” is a Code word for Earth, which they also call their “playground.”

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 10.45.33 PM.png

At seeing all of the above, and knowing Cait Sims was changing her past Wall in real time because she could see me looking at it, I held up my middle finger to my laptop camera. This was the next image on her wall as I scrolled down. She looks like Kodiak in this photo. One human persona of Kodiak’s is Nicki Minaj.

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 10.45.42 PM.png

Another photo on her wall, signifying two things, Illuminati “mirror images,” and also her comment of “Twinning” which is what I call it when the Greys clone the humans here and in various time loops of Earth. They can create “twins” of any human here by copying their DNA and then uploading your memories into a new soul who shares your DNA, and your memories. They are effectively your identical twin, although your lives will diverge from that point forward. They can twin you at any age or point in your life. Some on YouTube have noticed that some celebrities resemble their former selves, but aren’t the same person they used to be. That is because they were twinned.  Hopefully by now you see how evil these beings are. They not only are preying on our family, and all humans, but they also brag about it constantly, and everywhere, including in songs, TV shows and movies.

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 10.45.56 PM.png

One final picture from her wall, which I include because within the nebula-looking “cloud dust” there are alien faces. At least two Greys and probably others.

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 9.27.58 PM.png


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