The Simpsons is a Message Vehicle for Time Travelers. They Report that EARTH is the “23” – of the 9/23 (923) references everywhere. The “9” refers to the Greys. That is their Illuminati Family Number. (See other posts here about 923 and the Mandalay Bay “Harvest” attack)

This short Simpsons video below shows in images and dialog that “Earth” is the “23” referenced in numerous TV shows and movies as part of “923.”  The “9” reference we know is the number assigned to the Greys in the Illuminati “Family” color and number system.  The Earth is “23” references are at around 9:39. But there are a couple of other important messages in this Simpson’s video. The first is confirmation that this Earth is surrounded by an electromagnetic shield that obscures the human souls here from being spotted by the Outside environment, that is what the orange and blue static is:

giphy (23).gif

Also on the below video, from a different episode, the same “23” confirmation. The Greys call the Outside “New York” and “Gate 23” below is for “New New York.” This environment was built by the Greys as a human farm. The same clip shows also that Gate 23 leads to the “Independent Republic of Texas.” Kodiak, head of the Illuminati, is code-worded as Texas (and also Colorado). Kodiak is Satan. And thus his “Republic” is Hell. That is what this Earth environment is: A Grey-made Hell where humans are trapped and preyed upon. Every few decades they blow up a version of their holodeck Earth, where you are now, via an “alien attack” or “meteor strike” or some other scenario.

giphy (22).gif

“923” therefore means the Earth, which is inside the Nines (Greys) space station. The above clip comes from the “Holidays of Futures Passed” episode in 2011. Kodiak (Baphomet) also is Jimmy Comet. One of his Instagrams shows the Earth fractured and he has tagged it as “Holiday Joy.”  They were supposed to attack Christmas Day. We are still trying to persuade them to call off their attack. Given that this is the 16th time loop opened by the Greys, and destroyed by the Greys, we realistically are not optimistic. We want you to get a solar charger, an MP3 player, and walkie talkies. They will cut communications, including “The Tether.” They made not send an EMP because that may affect their own communications on the ground.  They are already here, in human bodies, and in the sky, cloaked. This is their time window, inside their grid. Please read this blog for more info.

Holiday Joy

Here’s the Simpsons vide, which we also decoded here. We update the info here as the coded meanings become more apparent.


The Architect of this Earth matrix environment is Col. Sanders (Baphomet aka Kodiak). Kodiak calls himself “the Chickenman.” Humans are the chickens he breeds for consumption.



Warnings from Kodiak’s communications that the Greys will be closing this time loop are everywhere. Here are a few:

giphy (21).gif


giphy (20)

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 4.38.16 PM




Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 5.08.58 AM
The view of the Earth’s human targets, from the Grey spaceship above.

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 5.19.06 AM

Kodiak is Jimmy Comet, here talking at the bottom of the photo about the baby being in a catapult. See the Simpson’s image above with a baby in the catapult that is being operated by Grey Aliens?

Catapult baby Jimmy Comet.png

“The FAR Side” – a GREY COMIC. “Far” is an Illuminati Code word for the Greys. “Think” is a Traveler Code word for HUMANS.



Simpsons Black Hole
The Simpsons’ Black Hole episode – with Homer Simpson as CEO of the “Magic Craphole” that vacuums everything and everyone off the face of the Earth.

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 1.36.33 AM

Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 11.41.09 PM

Chris pulls the trigger
Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun
Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 3.37.19 PM
From Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun video and meant to evoke The Wizard of Oz.
giphy (19)
Aliens are called “Cats” in Illuminati Code, while humans are “Dogs”
Aliens are “Cats” and humans are “Dogs” in Illuminati Code. The people with control of the weather are the Greys (i.e., “Cats”). The Greys also can individually SHOCK YOU, and are for that reason called “eels” in Illuminati Code.

Download the Illuminati and Travelers’ Code Word Lexicon here, and keep it with your MP3 player and solar charger. We’ll try to send you messages in the songs. We already have been in fact! But after they attack this will be the only way we can communicate with you. We can alter old and new songs, but the Greys also use this method of communicating, so the messages will be confusing. Keep the lexicon handy. Get the word out. This blog is our only available mass communication medium, and people don’t make the effort to read it.


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