East Coast Winter Storm “GRAYSON” Brings a “BombGenesis” aka “BombCyclone” – This is YOUR WARNING OF THE GREYS IMPENDING ATTACK

They plan to actually attack “left of West” – or from the West Coast. They plan to attack at any time. They plan to wipe every living thing off the Earth, triggering a new Genesis in Biblical terms. They plan to Bomb the Earth, but will “ride in on a wave” which means they will trigger an Earthquake and cause a Tsunami. Get off the West Coast if you can. 

Get a small MP3 player and load it with music and buy a solar charger. We can send you messages even in old songs by changing the words. They likely won’t send and EMP because it will cancel their own methods of communication. But they will cut the power and “satellite” access, and “the Tether.”  Read our posts. Print out our Lexicon of Code Words, so that you can understand the messages in the songs.

via Winter Storm Grayson to Undergo Bombogenesis, Bringing Damaging Winds, Heavy Snow, Blizzard Conditions to New England Thursday | The Weather Channel

This is what we’ve been warning about, understand it!

YOU DROPPED A BOMB ON ME (also SEE THIS POST and THIS POST) and all the posts on the front page of the blog):

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  1. you are right and i know theyll do it soon i just wish i could make more people know whats going on i have a trackerimplant in the base of my skull and my doctors wont do anything to get it out they take xrays and delete it from the xrays so they can tell me that there is nothing there but i know when attacs will happen because i can feel a humming from where the implant is right before they happen and ive been feeling it strnger for days now i felt it before that malaysian flight went down and before robin williams was killed but they made it look like a suicde i know he was gonna expose some greys and people that help them but they wanted him quite i try to tell peopel about he warnings that are around us a ll the time if they only wantt o pay attentionbu t they all think i am making it up or that im sick i know some people that help greys have been told about me and my implant so they keep telling me and everyone else im crazy but i dont know how to let people know what is is i have some disastersupplies but i dont think its gonna be enough do you know any other way we can get people awake because nobody will listen to me we need help tellng them


    1. It’s such terrible news that it goes against your own nature to believe that something horrific could have been at work here for decades while we live our lives and better ourselves. This is how the Greys and Reptilians (aka Boss species outside) do things. They enjoy living a life of preying on people before a big attack. You aren’t sick. But as far as the implant goes, don’t worry so much about it. They don’t need an implant to prey on you. They can use directed energy to cause the humming and the pain, without anything physically there. So if the implant is there, removing it won’t take you off their radar. And right now every human is on their radar. A MAJORITY of the population are Greys and Reptilians here, so it’s no surprise that doctors may not be helpful, or even family may try to “Gaslight” you into thinking you are crazy.

      I call it intentional ignorance. It’s very annoying and also dangerous for you since they can try to have you committed for “talking crazy.” It is less stressful for you to give up trying to convince them. Just don’t talk to them about it, it won’t improve much of anything. Know that you aren’t alone, and that there are people here trying to help us. The information is out there for those people who want to make the effort to look and understand. There are hundreds of YouTube channels describing all of the insanity presently happening in the world. You are not alone. Many of the people who would dismiss your fears are the same who write trolling comments on YouTube. They have a vested interest in creating a dismissive environment. They like to prey on individuals and they like to stage an entire massive attack, by surprise. So they will belittle and dismiss people who suspect that pure evil is ON THE MARCH NOW. I’ll read this again tomorrow and maybe add something. Got to get some rest and it sounds like you could use some too. I am sorry that you are being targeted and harmed.


  2. fuck off asshole this is seriuos its not funny the things that are hapening to me and other peo ple i dont evenknow if your a real grey or boss like hera calls them or if your a kid who likes to laugh a t hurt people your probably targeted to and when they hurt and kill you i know youre going to wish you listened righ tnow

    you should at least rea d the articles here even if you think were wrong it wouldnt hurt to have knowlege of all of whats going on but dont make fun of us its what they want you todo


    1. He’s an actual Grey, Karen. Get an MP3 player and a solar charger. Start listening to lyrics and compare them to the Illuminati Code Word Lexicon on this blog. Print it out so you’ll be able to collect our messages after they cut the power. Read the examples here of how to decode songs. Don’t delay. And stay away from the coasts. Remember that more than half the “humans” here are Greys and Reptilians. They really are. Most of the media are Reptilians. Look at the many videos here and at MarinoDelfino’s YouTube channel. Our news will come in songs. The news on TV news broadcasts is THEIR diversion, and also their method of communicating with each other. It’s much harder to follow than the messages in the songs.

      He’s a “Them,” because he has adeptly summed up the entire situation that we’ve been trying to explain on this blog over months and months, in one or two sentences.


  3. Sisyphus | ˈsisəfəs | Greek Mythology
    the son of Aeolus, punished in Hades for his misdeeds in life by being condemned to the eternal task of rolling a large stone to the top of a hill, from which it always rolled down again.

    This “Grey” makes a comment that gets straight to the heart of my (Hera) and our (Humanity) situation. We are in a Grey-created “HELL,” the Greys are Satanic and seek to destroy their own Creator and his “flock.” And this Earth is but one among several time loop versions of “Earth” that exist because the Greys opened multiple time windows into the past. They control the window, and they have time travel, and therefore anything we do to try to help ourselves causes them to go back to an earlier point in time and prevent that action from occurring. So this statement by “Grey” above has hit the nail on the head.

    AND THEY DO, ACTUALLY, LAUGH. They have no soul and no heart. No need for “meaning” to their existence. They are Hedonists who are FULLY OCCUPIED with torturing humans, especially children. They are utterly hideous.

    A person who believes that the pursuit of pleasure is the most important thing in life; a pleasure-seeker.


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