Images of the Boss and Greys Who Abducted Our Family and the Human Race into this Earth Environment, Provided by Da Vinci in The Last Supper

That guy above is a grey-colored “Boss,” not green, but apparently is pretending to be a Reptilian down here on “Earth,” raping, torturing and killing, and consuming, the “human” children that they cloned into this prison in order to prey upon. Like the images below, there are a few faces stacked on top of each other, like a totem pole. The above has a devil-horned head beneath the Boss, and beneath that, or expanding out to look at the center overall, you’ll see a Bee’s head. Click any image to view them all in full size as a slideshow. Also compare these images to the characters in Star Wars’ Cantina scene, which is posted here. Same Satan makes most every movie, and definitely he is Da Vinci. 

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Below are some images of the people who abducted Hera into this environment, and now hold Hera, myself, and our children hostage here, along with the entire human race. Surely there are others, and we will find them. The images were baked into the da Vinci painting “The Last Supper.” Baphomet (a name “Kodiak” uses) is also Leonardo da Vinci, and his recent (computer aided) “painting” of “Jesus” which just sold for $467 million to a Saudi Prince is Baphomet’s self-portrait:

Baphomet DaVinci
Baphomet and Baphomet (inset) painted by Da Vinci and presented as “Jesus.” A Muslim bought the painting, and he may realize he’s got a picture of Baphomet made by well known Illuminati painter Da Vinci. The Illuminati is Satanic, and Baphomet is their “God.” We know him as Kodiak. Kodiak was Da Vinci.

We know Baphomet as “Kodiak” and the head of the Illuminati and Travelers. He is Satan. And the Illuminati is a Satanic society. So is the Travelers, although perhaps some do not realize it. Some of you, however, surely realize this given that you are cutting off the limbs of innocent people, including children, and raping their torsos until they die. We have seen this practice, and the cannibalism advertised by Kodiak on a daily basis. The responders come around my wife Hera to attack her from “the future” or a future point in time using time travel and time shifting. We can see you from upstairs. Kodiak is Satan and what you are doing is inexcusable. Unforgivable. You must stop doing it.

Kodiak brags about his serial killer activities in more songs, tv shows and movies than we can even count. He records the entirety of Hera’s life and keeps these memories of vicious attacks on her in this and other time loops. He also keeps visual records of the Boss and Greys who come into this environment from the Outside to attack Hera, our family, and other humans here. One such record is found in his painting called “The Last Supper.”  Here’s the video showing how these images were found and recovered, with the many individual computer-generated photographs of the people responsible for this Earth, memorialized as half-images within the painting. Doubling the images shows their full facial features. This is computer-aided, paint-by-number artwork by Leonardo Da Vinci. His self-portrait is found under the painting of Mona Lisa.

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 11.02.44 PM.png

Here are some of the individual images of Boss, Greys, Baphomet and others, all of whom obviously are involved in creating and maintaining this human farm called “Earth.” We’ll go back through and eliminate some duplicates later but want to get this post put up. Here’s another link to our quick post last year about a video game called Dark Souls 2 where the players eat “Boss” souls.  Click any image to view them all in full size as a slideshow.

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More images from the video, including many the narrator missed as they are stacked on top of each other.  Click any image to view them all in full size as a slideshow.

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By the way, this “hand sign” below actually means “Grrrrr” and not anything mystical. Here’s the Greys/Reptilians in the Satanic bands Yes and Rush, whose songs are about killing humans, giving Hera the same sign as she tried the other day to reach back into the past while watching their music video and make this Yes singer drop his microphone “live”:

And here’s a bunch Reptilians modeling the same “Grrrr” attack signal in their commercial from Walmart this Christmas while playing “You Dropped a Bomb on Me.” See this link for the whole commercial decoded.  Notice the kid hugs a tiger too…”cats” is an Illuminati Code word for the Reptilians. Another Reptilian attack video with “tigers” is Katy Perry’s Swish Swish video, decoded here.

giphy (29).gif

Another copy of the Last Supper video, directly uploaded, in case you can’t access the YouTube liked copy:

Here’s another video that shows the many Satanic figures hidden in the center image of “Jesus” (individual images below the video). The narrator is passing on messages from Islam and the Quran while showing how the hidden images. Set those aside for now, some are messages and some are lies of Baphomet. They have time travel and time shifting, and use it to do hideous things, they are Greys and Boss posing as “Reptilians.” Among the things they often do is rewrite history and religious texts. Follow the good reminders but don’t rely on religious documents for historical accuracy.

Individual images, click any image to view them all in full size as a slideshow.

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Another copy of this video in case you can’t access it from the YouTube link:

Yet another mirror imaging video with additional faces found:

Individual images, click any image to view them all in full size as a slideshow.



Here’s a video of the musical composition found in The Last Supper:


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