“Old Master” painters and “Classic Composers” aren’t as old as you are told. Here’s the 70’s tune “All By Myself,” which is sung to a Rachmaninoff concerto, both probably composed by the same guy, at the same time.

This is just a quick example to show that basically the same small group of “Illuminati” people (aka “the Parents” or the “upstairs” people) have a role in shaping just about every song you hear. Nearly every song with lyrics contains a message about what is happening here. Some are informative, some are encouraging, and some are hideous such as Rush’s “Freewill” about how we are “prisoners in chains” while “they” are not (it’s an overtly Satanic band, and they also are Greys). Yes is another Satanic Grey band, and their hideous songs are Roundabout and Long Distance Runaround, among others.

Click those links above for our decodings of those songs. The Greys plan to attack soon and will cut “the Tether” and also the power. Get an MP3 player and solar charger, we can update “the news” by throwing new verses into old songs. When we change a song, or make a song, using the time machine, the change takes place all the way back to the origin. So that means that songs you’ve been singing for 30 years have current information in them. Pay attention to every lyric, every word, and every sound as those are cues as to what the lyrics really are about. Print out our Travelers and Illuminati Code Word Lexicon to help you figure out the messages in the lyrics. Look at our many Lyrics decodings by clicking on the Lyrics category tag to see how we do it. Remember that it’s much easier to get the message and meaning by writing down the lyrics and then thinking them over. At least that works much more effectively for me. Same with TV and movie dialogue. Write it down and then try to make sense of the message. Everything, everything is a message. Usually a current message and all of them informative, even the hideous ones about the plan to wipe out the humans (Roundabout and Long Distance Runaround, and also Rush’s Fly by Night, and 2112 Temples of Syrinx).

Here’s Rachmaninoff, the title is: Piano Concerto No 2 in C minor Op 18, II. Adagio-Sostenuto.


And “Eric Carmen” singing a tune to the same melody. “Carmen” is Code for an “Outside” or “upstairs” person. They come down from upstairs and into waiting “soulless” human bodies down here. They call them clothes, suits, vehicles or cars. This guy is a “Car man” – so he’s from upstairs, outside of the Earth prison environment. “Eric” means something too. It means he’s a boss or a “Get” which is an “evil wizard.” One code word (sound really) for them is “Er.” So his name tells us that he’s a “Get” from “upstairs.”



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