This Instagram is about FARMING HUMANS. Illuminati leader Kodiak, called Baphomet, also is Jimmy Comet. On Twitter @CatchAComet, we’re decoding his Instagrams.

We’ll decode one or two everyday, for as long as we can. We have all the Illuminati leaders on our “Tether,” including Baphomet himself (Kodiak), “wife” Queen Bee, the Traveler “Parents” aka Illuminati leaders, our kids, and the Greys (“Family Nines”) and Reptilians (known as “Boss” outside of Earth and known as “Moss” or “Twos” to the Travelers, they are not moss, they are very dangerous) as well as numerous humans representing each Traveler Group and innumerous “Gets” or Black Magic Wizards. Also on with us is your real Creator, from Outside. Together we make this blog. Since Kodiak is Baphomet, and also is Jimmy Comet, we’ll show you the hidden meaning in the Jimmy Comet Instagrams.

This Instagram above is a diagram of Kodiak’s (aka Comet’s) human farm. The note in the bottom right corner says “Tom’s Creek.”  Kodiak poses as “Tom,” as head of the Family Threes. Tom’s Creek refers to the actual electromagnetic fence that holds the human souls in this “Earth” environment (you are hostages). The fence shields the human souls here from being seen by the Outside universe. To the Outside this Earth looks like a Grey space station. The fence is seen within Earth as the Aurora Borealis. The Boss provide the electromagnetic shield and human soul fence.


In the Instagram, “Lock up Mom and Give extra Food” refers to Hera, who they call “Mother” because she is your Creator’s wife and they blasted her soul and used the pieces to give real life to the empty human population on this human farm. (See “Who Made Who” decoded here.) They also harvest her eggs in each time loop and fertilize them by various humans and implant the children in the women here. That makes Hera the “Mother” of the human race on this farm. Hera is the main hostage here, but they also prey upon all of her human children. The Greys and Boss holding her actually give her extra food but bar her from exercising. Kodiak calls her “The Fatted Calf,” a “sacrifice to Satan.”

Comet changes his instruction in this Instagram to “No extra food!” and this may mean actual food, or it may mean “information.” He may be issuing an order to his followers to stop supplying Hera with information about this human farm he and the Greys and Boss (hybridized as “Reptilians”) call “Earth.”

You Travelers should note the color designations of the various animals on his “Farm.” You are his human cattle. Noted are “Blue Sows,” “Red Sows,” “Black Sows,” “Boars,” “Green Sows” and “Feeder Pigs.” Other notations include: “Americana,” “Welsummer,” the “Old Barn,” “New Barn,” “Production” location, a neighboring “House,” something called “Marans,” and a “Waterfront” along “Tom’s Creek.” Kodiak is a Grey and yet is occupying human forms and hiding behind sheets of Hera’s soul, and pretending to be the head of each of the Family Colors. Kodiak poses as Psyche (2), Tom (3), Paul (4), Denis and Robert (6), Kodiak and Queen Bee, and also “Nymph” (7), and Psyche and Queen Bee (9). He’s also head of the Twos, who are not Moss but Boss, and are in here as “Reptilians.” Kodiak also claims to be a “White One” but he is not. Hera and her family are “Ones” and “White.”  In fact all of you with human souls are White, it is Kodiak and the Greys who put those colors onto your souls. The Greys call you “Diamonds” and “Flowers” and Kodiak calls you “Chickens” that he breeds. And in this Instagram you are Sows. Sows for breeding and for slaughter. Kodiak is Satan and his Greys and Reptilians are Satanic.

Joe Wills and Thom Iccor “like this” Instagram and know exactly what it means.

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