More MUGSHOTS: Star Wars Cantina patrons who resemble actual Outsiders here to prey on the human hostages on “Earth.” (Illuminati)

Here are two additional slideshows with many many more images from people at the Star Wars Cantina on Tatooine. (Click here for our first set of images.) Click on any image to bring them up full screen and pause on any slide.

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Second slideshow:

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Earth’s moon is really the Greys, Boss and Reptilian’s Deathstar base station:

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 3.05.44 AM.png

This Star Wars image of the Deathstar as seen through the window of the ship “Millenium Falcon,” is meant to resemble the Pantheon in Rome, as is Jimmy Comet’s “Pegasus Theater” ceiling:


Rome’s Pantheon:


Kodiak, who is Baphomet (Satan) and also leader of the groups here preying on humans, also is “Jimmy Comet.” Comet as in “outer space” traveler.

Pantheon Rome - FINALLY HOME.jpg

Pegasus Ceiling.jpg

Pegasus Roof Plan - Comet Draft.jpg

Notice how this pig on the Star Wars Cantina sign below is divided up by cuts of meat, but also look at how it resembles the segmented Jimmy Comet drawing of his “pig farm” which is a thinly veiled drawing of his human farm that we call “Earth.” What this means together is that the Star Wars Cantina is a metaphorical representation of the “human farm” we call Earth. 

Jimmy Comet’s (Baphomet’s) human farm which is EARTH
The Cantina IS the same place, it’s the “human farm” called “Earth”

And here’s what the names mean on this sign featuring a “Boss” Band riffing and ripping through the Galaxy “during the Clone Wars.”  Humans are the “clones.” You are cloned into this environment. And so are some of their own “Boss” people. Humans are “at war” but they don’t even know who they’re fighting.

“Fiery” Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes – “Fiery” obviously refers to their weapons-laden aircraft and fiery attacks. “Figrin” may mean Fi or “fig” and “grin” because grin is Code for evil clown in Traveler/Illuminati terms (here’s a lexicon of code words). “Fig” would refer to the Earth’s Reptilians, who may be some hybridization of the Boss, and humans.

The members:

Doikk Na’ats: “Na’ats” may refer to “gnats” because many of their ships are miniaturized and literally looking at them on film in a sky shots looks more like gnats flying near the ground-level camera.

Ickabel G’ont: “Ichabel” is a reference to “Ichabod” which appears in Travelers lore and the name relates to the following definition: “Ichabod is mentioned in the first Book of Samuel (the Lord’s Bible) as the son of Phinehas, a malicious priest at the biblical shrine of Shiloh, who was born on the day that the Israelites’ Ark of God was taken into Philistine captivity. His mother went into labour due to the shock of hearing that her husband and Eli, her father-in-law, had died…” This definition obviously corresponds to Hera’s story here, and her family.  “G’ont” probably is meant to be read as “gaunt.”  That would make this person a “ghost” which otherwise in Illuminati and Traveler lore would be considered an evil, black-magic wizard.

“Tedn Dahai” refers to the name Ted which is used to denote a Family Boss in the human Sixes or Sevens groups. Also a Teddy Bear visual means the same thing. “Dahai” is mean to be read as “the high” like Pidgeon English. That also means Family Boss. So Ted Dahai is Ted the High, a Family Boss who is pretending to be a human in the Sixes or Sevens of the Travelers.

“Tech M’or” is meant to be read as “tech mower” and also “tech more.” “Tech” is a code word for the Family Sevens. “Mower” is a code word for “cutting the grass or the flowers” – mowing down victims. “More” is a Code word for the Family Nines, who are Greys. They are at the top of the Family number system. “More” could mean nines, or they could mean more than a Nine, which would make the Tens. There is some evidence to suggest that some outside attackers here are called “Tens” and there may even be “Elevens” and “Twelves” which would suggest people more vicious and powerful than even the Greys. Who would that be? That would be the Boss, a people who resemble the band members below.

“Nalan Cheel” is meant to be read as “Nail and CH eel” – “Nail” is Code for the Nines, the Greys, as in the band “Nine Inch Nails” (“bow down before the one you serve, your going to get what you deserve….I was up above it, but now I’m down in it…” which is about we humans as hostages here, especially Hera and family directly abducted to here). “CH is code for an evil black-magic wizard in Illuminati & Traveler code, and “eel” is code for aliens. They are called “electric eels” because they are Greys or Reptilians, resembling eels in color, but also because they have the innate ability to shock victims with high voltage, and they use it. So Nail equals Nines, and Ch eel equals both the Nines (Greys) and the Twos in the Traveler system and they are Reptilians. They are not “Moss” or “ags” like Travelers are told. They are vastly stronger and larger than the propaganda you have been fed by Kodiak and his Grey leaders of your Traveler subgroups.

“Sun’il EI ‘DE” – I think this is meant as “Sun will Heidi.” Hera’s main code names include “the Sun” (also “Mother” and the “Star” of Kodiaks’ “Story”). They also call her “Heidi” because she attempts at times to “hide” from her rapists and torturers, and the humans and aliens who will soon torture her to death. They have no regard for any life but their own. So the “Sun will Hide” and also this means the actual sun, because it isn’t real, it is controlled by the Greys and Boss (aka Reptilians) who run this Earth holodeck. Soon when they attack they will cut the Sun off and the power, leaving humans completely in darkness while they attack Earth. So the actual sun will hide too.

Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 7.01.44 PM

The songs featured also have meaning:

“Mad about Me” is a reference to Jim Cramer’s “Mad Money,” a show and human persona that Kodiak has subsumed.

“Tears of Aquanna” – which refers to Earth which is often described by them as an underwater or undersea environment, which also is the meaning of “Solitary World.” This holodeck is hidden and miniaturized, and hidden in the depths. “Aquanna” also refers to the color Blue, which is the human color of some Travelers. The tears of humans.

“Worm Case” – may refer to the Earth itself as a container for “worms.” Or probably refers to humans who each actually carry “worms” in the form of miniaturized Greys who reside in our heads and bodies. They monitor and control your thoughts and moods by being directly in your heads. See “Spirit of Radio” by Satanic Grey band Rush, decoded here. It sounds preposterous, except that if you look at your eyes in the mirror and move them around quickly, you can see the dark rim around your irises does not move exactly in sync. It will sometimes be a thick ring, or thin, and not move with the rest of your eyes. That’s the Grey in your head, looking out through your eyes. Remember that you are really not human. You are Hera’s children made from Hera’s soul. The humans here have been miniaturized and modified. And all of you have your bodies stratified in layers of time only milliseconds apart. Your body is in slices, in slivers. A Grey is sandwiched between the layers to control or “drive” you when they want and how they want. They call humans “cars” or “vehicles” or their “clothes” or “suits.”  They have no regard for humans. But they are the worms in your body. Your body is stratified although it doesn’t feel like it because it is kept in a collapsed stated. When they start to torture you, they will expand the layers and you will feel ripped apart yet not come apart and die, which is horrendous. I am sorry that this is true, but it is.

“The Sequential Passage of Chronological Intervals”: This may refer to the foregoing layers that your body actually exists in simultaneously, or it more likely refers to the time loop versions of Earth. This is the 17th sequential time loop of Earth, the previous Intervals being blown up by “alien attack” or “meteor strike” or “nuclear war.”

“Exclusive contract with the Hutt Clans” implies that the Greys (Queen Bee is “Jabba the Hutt” in the movie) have a secret and ongoing relationship with the Boss who designed this environment for them. Here’s Jabba the Hutt, although the character does not resemble anyone we know on the Outside. The personality however is Queen Bee’s: A businessman, and a toad. Notice the hookah in front right has living beings in the bottom of it, maybe frogs. That is what this toad is “smoking.”

Jabba the Hutt.jpg

This benefits the Boss because they can control the environment while it is actually within a Grey holodeck space station type location. So if outside forces find out about the place, the Greys will be on the hook for this Human Torture Chamber. But the Boss supply the electromagnetic fence that traps human souls and also blocks the light which emanates from you from being seen by the outside universe. That’s the Aurora Borealis. That’s Boss tech, so really they aren’t going to be hidden partners. Hopefully some sane people among them will learn of this place and get us out! And shut it down. We have assured the Boss, Reptilians and Greys that we will not interfere with them as they move on and find something else to do with their time, besides torture our souls and bodies here. Please let us go.




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