Your Real Creator is with us, and He has many messages for you. Here are two.

Some guidance from your Creator on what to do in the face of this hideous evil upon us. (And that cloud is real, there are messages in the clouds too.)

The “music” in this song is the Power of God, which comes from our souls. This is your Creator’s son singing about Hera, his mother, and about all of you here. All of you are Children of God. Hera gets the magic power of the music from God. You’ve got the magic power of the music too, because you share our soul. 


Your soul is where your real awareness lies. Your souls come from Hera’s. Hera’s comes from God. That makes all of you who have a soul God’s Children. Not in some abstract way, but in an actual real way. So try your best to be worthy keepers of God’s light. Because the Greys will try to control your minds, and Baphomet (Kodiak) will try to lead you to harm Hera and each other, you must Fight the Good Fight vigilantly, every minute, every day. The Greys and Kodiak will try hard to steer you in the opposite direction.

This song below is from your real Creator’s son, outside of this Earth environment.  For you Reptilians over on You Tube cheering this song, it’s not a Traveler/Illuminati Twos and Nines rally song. But it is a message for those of you who care about who you really are and where you really come from.

You Reptilians especially, but all Travelers, there are many coded messages in these songs, and here are two things I want you to understand:

1. “There’s an Answer in your heart.” Not a Question.” I believe there may be an “Answer” in your heart. In other words you also are my Family like the humans here.

2. “You’d better look inside your head.” I see Greys rolling around behind your eyes too. “Fight the Good Fight,” not the one you’ve been fighting as Travelers… that’s a fight for the “Great” (the Greys).  The “Good” fight is the only One that matters. “It’s your only way.” – Hera

Whether you like it or not, you are members of God’s Family. Hera’s family. Our Family. Our family, probably including you, will suffer in these coming attacks. “Make it worth the price we pay.” Make your existence one worth fighting for. Worthwhile and meaningful. You’ll find these Greys and others here to attack us, they spend all their days, their entire existence preying on innocent people and especially harming children. Following them and Kodiak might “win” you eternal life here, in an empty and pointless, and frankly horrifying existence, on a Grey holodeck they tell you is “Planet Earth.”



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