“The Scream” Is About The Greys (Edvard Munch) – Master Painting Mirror Images Explained

That is from a mirror image of Edvard Munch’s The Scream, meaning two copies of the images opposing each other. That doubles whatever is there. This is a standard Illuminati method of concealing information.

We’ve been showing you DaVinci stuff over the last couple of days. He was head of the Illuminati and it is an openly Satanic organization led by Baphomet (Kodiak now holds that “title” and probably also was DaVinci). So it is not surprising that DaVinci’s “Jesus” works when mirrored turn up with all sorts of Satanic images. He was Satanic and headed up a Satanic world domination organization! Even his Jesus in The Last Supper, when mirrored, appears complete as Baphomet.

But I did not expect to see three Greys appear in the mirror image of Edvard Munch’s The Scream. Please watch the short video below. We have to brace for this horrific imminent attack. It seems that no one is listening. The Greys plan to cause an Earthquake and Tsunami on the West Coast, and hit the West with walls of sound (acoustic weapons). They plan to split the US somewhere near the Continental Divide and wipe out the Western Half. Ordinarily they kill everyone, but they seem to have modified their plans because they have no more human souls to torture if they kill everyone in this time loop. Or as their leader Kodiak, the Devil, puts it, he’ll be “out of luck” (human souls) “the day the music dies.”

They call their attacks on humans “Harvest,” (including the attack at Mandalay Bay’s “Harvest Festival”), and their messages about limiting the attack to the Western half of the United States look like this example from an Apartment Therapy/Kitchn blog email (they use those blogs to pass messages, they use everything to pass messages). This is a “half-baked Harvest” and if you tilt the photo to the left by about 15 degrees, the soup shows a rooster left with a baby right with his head at about genital level if the rooster were a human man. The figures are underlined to aid those in the know to be able to see the intended image. And the underline itself looks possibly also sexual. They are insane Grey aliens who think of little else besides raping and torturing humans, and consuming them, mostly children.

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 12.00.09 AM.png

Last night’s Golden Globes with beloved “Oprah” and “her girls” (the Reptilians! “Girls” is their code word) all were wearing “#Time’sUp” badges. That was not about the rape culture. It was a rally by them because humanity’s time here is up. Everything on the air is sinister. Look at all of your celebrities eyes over at MarinoDelfino’s YouTube channel. They all are Reptilians. Look at all of their videos flashing Baphomet hand signs, Satanic hand signs. Understand that there aren’t many humans here in this human farm where they breed humans to torture and consume, and brace yourself for this impending attack.

Compare these three stacked Greys in Munch’s The Scream with the three stacked Greys in the cloud photo taken by Hera of “Alien vs. Predator.”

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Other beings are also seen in the mirrored image of The Scream, look closely because they are stacked like totems. There’s actually a lot of stuff going on in these images.

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The video where those images came from has other very interesting images from other paintings. It’s short.


And here’s a Last Supper video. In just one image from the Last Supper, we found about 30 different faces. Here’s a slide show of the faces, and below that is the video:

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via WoW! Hidden Image Exposed in The Last Supper Painting! – YouTube


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