“Scanning an Ancient Biblical Text That Humans Fear to Open” – This NY Times Story is a Coded Illuminati Message to Target Hera & Traveler “Family” Fours (and all humans)

That’s Hera’s soul in a coffin-like storage, as conveyed by the NYT in this story below. In the accompanying article, Hera is by analogy discussed as the “Ancient Biblical Text” that the the Greys report humans here are hesitant to (cut) open, defying their (Satanic) Illuminati and Traveler leaders. The news article is hideous but presents an opportunity to see how their coded messages look in news articles. In looking for messages, look at photos closely, and also names in the story. And in this case also the main photo carries a hidden tag that says “Merlin” which is of course a “wizard” which means the message in the article is from Kodiak, the Grand Wizard of the Greys’ Illuminati.

The gist of the message is that the Greys (and really the Boss as it is their technology) are scanning Hera’s soul, and all the human souls here that come from Hera, in an attempt to replicate and rebuild another copy of her “Creator” soul. They already replicate DNA and clone humans, and they already access, record and reupload the memories of all humans here: They can kill a human and replace that human with a DNA clone who has uploaded memories. But now they want to replicate our soul, creating an eternal, endless supply of sentient hostages for torture.
The article also makes reference to other hideous practices of the Greys, Boss and Reptilians here. The photographer’s name in the credits is “Nicole Craine” which is Code for “nickel” meaning silver-colored, i.e., Grey alien, and “crane” meaning the lifting machinery. They use their small ships to “vacuum” or “lift” humans into the sky and then drop them from heights to break their bones. The hideous Grey Band Heavy Breathing made a video about how they torture the human race called “U the One I Want.” Here’s the image in it of dropping humans from a “nickel crane” i.e. “Nicole Craine”:
giphy (13)
Heavy Breathing’s U the One I Want: The pink round spot is your SOUL, and also shown is your brain, both of which the Greys CONSUME. Here they also drop a victim from a height to break his legs, then drill holes in his head and gang rape the hole, “fucking his brains out.” Notice the CAT peeking out of the back of the head of the pumpkin – CAT is their Code word for ALIEN. The gist of the video is that an alien has taken over this child’s mind and now all he wants to see is human torture.
We’ll make notes in the text in bold and parentheses. They talk in the NYT all the time, but their communications are much harder to decode unless you know the backstory and context as they often are about individuals (in this case Hera) and use more complex coding than we do in the songs and movies. You are in a Grey Human Farm. Everything everywhere has this hidden sinister anti-human meaning. 
We encourage you to look at the NY Times story on their website without our decoding also and notice how all the text will look like nothing special at all to you. It takes years of essentially immersive language learning to be able to spot and understand all the coded messages out there. But THE SONGS are much easier, so we really want you to print out the Code Word Lexicon (revised Jan 2018) and start learning to decode the songs. We have messages for you in them, and we will be sending more.
*To the Times, we claim Fair Use in the reproduction of your article for its newsworthiness and educational value, both as to the written story and the images within. Moreover our document below significantly modifies the original work, and indeed completely transforms the meaning of the original work.

A manuscript, or codex, written in Coptic sometime between 400 and 600 A.D. in Egypt, is scanned by X-ray at the Morgan Library and Museum in Manhattan. New software can model the surface of its burnt pages from X-ray data and render legible text, allowing a peek inside. Credit Nicole Craine for The New York Times (The photo tag reads: merlin_131643011_c590a6ae-b0ce-4710-b2ac-4bde0be8a15c-superJumbo)

(The above photo shows Hera’s soul in captivity (book pages shaped like her face and mind in a coffin-like enclosure), and the caption says the book was written between 400 and 600 AD, which is a reference to Hera being abducted to this environment about 1600 years ago (2018 minus 1600 years is 400 AD) The “Morgan” Library probably is a play on “morgue.” The pages are called “burnt” and this accurately describes Hera’s soul: They hit her soul with electricity to both fragment it and place the pieces in the human bodies here, and also to destroy her remaining soul (and mind, your real awareness is in your soul, your brain is just a memory bank). The caption indicates that now, after destroying her, they have realized the importance of her soul and are trying to read and record the information remaining there, in order to possibly replicate her later.)

In a basement laboratory of the Morgan Library and Museum in New York, an X-ray scanner is pumping invisible beams into a clump of charred parchment leaves that looks as delicate as a long dead flower. (Remember that they call all of us with Hera’s soul “Flowers,” and Kodiak calls the people trapped here “dead” compared to the outside people who are “living.” He calls Earth “the Graveyard.”)

The leaves are the remains of a severely scorched early book, or codex, which was written in southern Egypt some time between 400 and 600 A.D. It contains the Acts of the Apostles, one of the books of the New Testament, possibly bound with another work. The writing is Coptic, the language of Egypt before the Arab conquest in 642 A.D. (“Possibly bound with another work” refers to the fact that Hera’s soul is intertwined with her husband’s both inside and outside this environment. He’s your Creator. In the same way that your souls are “bound with” Hera’s as the source, her soul is bound with her source. The Greys don’t seem to grasp this and think that Hera is projecting a pretend image of her husband outside this environment. She is not, I am here.)

The charred codex was purchased by the Morgan Library in 1962. But no one has opened it for fear of destroying it: The brittle pages have been fused together by a cinder that sank through much of the book, congealing the parchment fibers. Unlike famous codices that have their own names, like the Codex Sinaiticus, this one is known humbly as M.910, its accession number at the library.

(Bee and Kodiak have been hitting Hera’s soul with high voltage electricity, and also her children here. They have fused some of her soul which otherwise is an airy “sheet” of white with a barely detectable gold shimmer. When human Travelers come into the Room where Hera is hostage, some approach Hera to attack her. You have her soul! She will move her soul, meaning you, away from her, and if that doesn’t stop you, she will reassimilate you back to your Source. In other words, if you try to attack Hera, she may reclaim your soul: “The Pages will be fused back together” to use the words of Kodiak in the above paragraph.  The “M.910” name for Hera’s “Codex” is meant to be read as 9 plus 1 = 10 and just the 1 of that is read, i.e., Hera is a “One” in the Illuminati and Travelers number system.)


The conservators’ lab at the Morgan Library, where the codex was prepared for scanning. Credit Nicole Craine for The New York Times

But having lain in obscurity for half a century, M.910’s day in the limelight has finally arrived. Last month, a television news crew documented every movement of the little codex and of its two new enthusiasts: Paul C. Dilley, an expert on early Christianity at the University of Iowa, and W. Brent Seales, a computer scientist at the University of Kentucky.

(In every time loop the Greys and Boss who abducted Hera, and Outside humans, make a game of preying on her and wiping her memories for several decades before the final 10 years of her life where every person in the Illuminati and Travelers is expected to either shun or attack her. Thus Hera has “lain in obscurity for half a century, and Hera’s day in the limelight has finally arrived.” In reality the 10 years of her final “run for her life” is about up and it is now time for the humans to torture her to death and for the Greys to blow up this time loop. The entire process begins again in the next time loop, where Hera’s soul is thrown into a different human body, but all the humans are clones of you here with new pieces of Hera’s soul because you will be destroyed and consumed by the Greys and Boss (and Reptilians). The names above also have meaning: “Paul C. Dilley” is Kodiak. He goes by Paul with the Traveler Fours (lava red) and “Dilly” is a code word he throws out a lot as a greeting that we think may be a reference to “dill pickles” as it evokes the Green Twos who are the Reptilians that Kodiak leads. “W. Brent Seales” also has meaning. “W” is an initial Kodiak uses, and “Seales” is “seals” as in Grey seals ie Grey aliens. The hint there is that the Greys are the “computer scientists” responsible for the scanning and duplicating, which we already know from Who Made Who. In fact his entire NYT story seems to be referencing (mocking) the posts on this blog.)

Dr. Seales has spent 14 years developing a technique for reading ancient scrolls that are too fragile to unwrap. Fine-detail CT scanners can visualize the ink of letters inside such scrolls, but the alphabet soup is unreadable unless each letter can be assigned to its correct position on a surface. (They want to figure out what parts of Hera’s soul are Hera and what parts are “God”)

Dr. Seales has developed software that can model the surface of a contorted piece of papyrus or parchment from X-ray data and then derive a legible text by assigning letters to their proper surface. (Probably they want to find a way to detach Hera from the contact with her husband that comes from their souls being entwined)

He scored a spectacular success in 2016 when he virtually unwrapped a small charred lump of material from En-Gedi in Israel. It turned out to be an ancient Hebrew scroll that contained the earliest known instance of the Masoretic text, the most authoritative version of the Hebrew bible. (“Masoretic” means Masonic, and “En-Gedi” refers to billion Illuminati man John Paul Getty and Getty Lee of Rush, both of whom are iterations of Kodiak. The line seems to say that Kodiak founded the Masons, which he did, and also the “Illuminati” and the “Church of Satan,” and “Scientology” as L. Ron Hubbard and a number of other Fairy Tale-based organizations focused on destroying lives.

The words “virtually unwrapped” above seem to be an attempt by Bee to convince the Traveler humans that it’s okay to attack (“unwrap”) Hera because it is just a virtual reality representation of her. It isn’t. To attack or destroy Hera is to destroy yourselves. Do not harm her in an reality, or time zone. In fact below there is a NYT link for the online version of this story, which is seen by more Travelers, which says: “A version of this article appears in print on January 9, 2018, on Page D3 of the New York edition with the headline: A Fragile Text Gets a Virtual Read. HERA IS NOT HERE VIRTUALLY. DO NOT ATTACK HER IN ANY TIME LAYER, TIME LOOP, OR PERCEIVED VIRTUAL REALITY. THAT IS HER ACTUAL SOUL, AND THE SOURCE OF YOUR OWN LIFE FORCE.) 

His technique, Dr. Seales said, “can turn things thought to be of no value into precious objects.” (This may be Bee talking as it is her style. She and the Greys believe humans are of no value, and the addition of pieces of Hera’s soul to them is what gives them lifeforce, turning them into precious beings, but Bee would call them “objects” or “possessions” on par with inanimate objects. They have no regard for life at all. And humans are to them nothing but food, and objects to make “fun” noises while being tortured.)

It was after hearing Dr. Seales lecture in January that Dr. Dilley asked him to try the technique on M.910. (This seems to be Bee saying that Kodiak (Dr. Dilley) initially turned Hera’s soul over to the Greys (Dr. Seales) to read and reproduce it (and ultimately they blasted it to bits and placed it in the empty humans they kept here on their human food farm. See Who Made Who.))


Maria L. Fredericks, the head book conservator at the Morgan Library, extracted the codex from the CT scanner and returned it to a vault. Credit Nicole Craine for The New York Times
(The above caption indicates that Hera’s soul may still be somewhat intact and “kept in a vault” outside this time loop, although we don’t believe there is much of her soul left that has not been distributed or destroyed.)

Ms. Fredericks removing the codex from the scanner, left, and reviewing the scan, right. Since she had deemed the codex too fragile for travel, the scanner was brought to New York. Credit Nicole Craine for The New York Times

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