Earth is a Holodeck, Interactive 3-D Augmented Reality (Simulation): A Few Articles Explaining the Greys’ Technology (#SIMEARTH)

We on Earth have far less advanced technology than the Greys Outside who hold us hostage. But even humans here can understand the nature of your reality by understanding that the technology does exist to place live human beings inside a simulated reality environment. You are on a holodeck like on the Starship Enterprise. It belongs to the Greys, but the Boss race designed and built it. Both races are running around here as “humans” and “Reptilians” and are preying on the human race.  Please read about the tech that humans do know about and have access to, and understand that far more advanced tech exists and is being used by the Greys and Boss to hold you hostage on their human farm. 

The first story explains that humans are beginning to understand that much of the “universe” we think is there, isn’t. In truth everything out there is simulated inside this environment. There’s there, there, but you can’t see it, reach it, or even measure and quantify it from here.

Below this we’ll explain a couple more articles:

Simulated Universe


via Simulation suggests 68 percent of the universe may not actually exist

It requires no special technology on the human side, the viewer’s side, to become part of an immersive augmented reality environment. The Greys built such an environment on their holdeck physical space, and then cloned a population of humans and animal into it. You are in a physical space but much of what you see around you is actually 3-D holographic and augmented virtual reality. Even entire cities and countries that you hear about and see on the news.

Eighty percent of the population here that you hear about and see on the news, doesn’t exist in this Earth holodeck environment.  Of the 20% of the 300 billion who are here, about 10-20% of you are human beings rather than Greys and Reptilians in human bodies. But you don’t belong in the human category either, in fact. You come from Hera and our Creator. Your soul carries your awareness. You were put into these cloned human bodies by the Greys to bring “life” to their human farm here. You are God’s children and they hate their own Creator, and therefore they hate you. They also eat humans, and you are trapped in human bodies. It makes no sense and there’s no “justification” for this insanity, they hate, and they prey on people.

No headset required for this human to view augmented reality and feel like he’s immersed within in. Imagine how these would seem to be born into such a reality? This is all you know, with no idea that things are augmented. Do you know that they fly planes on a treadmill? Pilots don’t know this either, but they move the scenery past you, not you past it, for much of the miles of air travel. They stop planes dead in the air, to catch the plane up to it’s flight schedule. People have been catching this on video on YouTube lately. I saw a commercial boeing jet suspended mid-air just the other day but by the time I pullover to get a video the plane had been yanked into an adjacent future time string, which makes it invisible to us here since we can’t see the future. We can travel there, however.

Augmented Reality

The Greys hypnotize you in your sleep. They can send inaudible tones to direct to skull and this deepens your sleep and allows your defenses to be down sufficiently for them to “robot” you around as though you are awake. They to this to people. They can move you out of your own bed and into an adjacent time loop as you sleep, wake you in an hypnotic state, prey on you and then put you back in bed with no awareness you’ve gone anywhere. They are doing this to the humans on their human farm. 

Hypnotize you in sleep.png

The link for this story is here.

Here’s a story showing that even humans have teleportation technology. Imagine what the Greys holding us here have for teleporting tech. The Greys hypnotize you in your sleep, then teleport you out (often to the future so there won’t be scars or marks) to rape and torture you, and bring you back. They do this to humans everywhere. They can beam themselves right into your house. Watch War of the Worlds, which shows the attackers “beaming in” basically via what appears like riding a lightning bolt down to Earth from invisible ships in the sky. Except that they don’t need highly visible lightning bolts to move you. They can move you reasonably invisibly. It all sounds nuts but it’s what’s going on. We have rudimentary versions of the tech, which at least should confirm for you that what the Greys are doing is scientifically feasible. Imagine the most evil and vicious people in the universe with this advanced tech. This is what they are doing with their superior technology. That tech probably comes from the Boss. They must be stopped from using it to prey on your Creator’s family and the humans here.


Chinese Teleporting Tech


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