March 2017 warned that a “Twisted Wave” is coming. Now new story of “Fast Radio Burst” signals from “space” are being called “Twisted Waves.” Those are the Greys, coming at any moment.

On March 13, 2017 we posted the decoding of several conversations which together sent the message that it a “Twisted Wave” was set to be delivered as a Christmas gift to mankind, from the Greys. The Greys are Satanic. The messages said Christmas and also that it was “time to say goodbye, kids” because a “Twisted Wave was coming.”

That Twisted Wave actually was scheduled to hit Earth on Christmas morning, but was delayed by the Greys because they are having a hard time finding humans here to torture me to death in the present. (Don’t attack me in any time zone as they can collapse down some of those “future layers” and make those “my present.” )

Anyway yesterday another “Twisted Wave” was detected in “outer space” and astronomers are calling it a Fast Radio Burst signal whose modulation becomes twisted because it passes through a heavy magnetic field before reaching our receivers. That wave is not billions of lightyears away as you are told, that’s the Greys sitting just outside this Earth “dome” that they already control, sending signals, possibly either to give their people hiding in humans a heads up or just to create an idea in human minds that they Greys are out in space somewhere distant so you” realize when they attack soon that it is an “alien attack,” which will up the terror factor.

Here’s the link the our past discussion of coded talk of Twisted Waves. The image below is from Mars Attacks, a movie warning about the Greys’ plan to attack. The Greys call themselves “Martians” although they are not from Mars. 


Now because of this new story we also understand what exactly a “twisted wave” means to the Greys. The wave is still headed our way, and the West Coast is intended to be hit first, with an Earthquake, Tsunami and acoustic walls of sound (massive sound guns).

TWISTED WAVE Fast Radio Bursts.png

via Astronomers find a new twist to mysterious radio signals from space

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