Panda Club rapists and torturers choose a new victim among the women blogging about hiking. They can track you. (#Pizzagate #Pedogate #Travelers #Illuminati #PandaClub)

I’ve been explaining the Panda Club of pedofiles and rapists ever since Jimmy Comet’s Instagram was published chalk full of “panda” images and “panda cumhole” references. A panda’s face resembles the hockey masks they wear when attacking victims to make them more terrified.

If you Car Men have a soul that you value, downstairs or upstairs, you will stop attacking women and children. We can find you, and send your soul back to its source. You aren’t worthy of the honor of borrowing it. 

The Panda Club takes over the comments section in this hiking blog post. See if you can understand the coded usernames and song references. When you see something very obvious like the first guy’s response, always look very closely at everything else on the page for code talk. There’s a Panda Club rapists code word thesaurus toward the end of our larger Illuminati and Travelers Code Word Lexicon to help you decode.


via 10 Songs Every Thru-Hiker Needs On Their Playlist – The Trek



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