It’s Time For Me to Die, According to Illuminati Leaders (Hint: I’m “Jennifer”) (@jimmycomet #Pedogate #pizzagate @FBI)

Perhaps it’s our @JimmyComet tweets decoding his Instagrams. Comet is a human persona of the Illuminati leader that we know and call “Kodiak.” A half-hour ago we posted a tweet at our @CatchAComet twitter account that decoded the below Instagram as a torture chamber. Now, by name, the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel is calling for my demise. Here’s a link to our earlier blog post showing you how the Illuminati leaders use movies and shows to pass messages, in that one using “Back to the Future” to pass information literally from the future back to rapists and torturers in Jimmy Comet’s “Panda Club” about who I am and where to find me at different points in my lifetime, even though when the movie came out these events had not yet occurred. They actually had occurred, what happens is that we see what has occurred and then throw the information into a movie or song and throw that song or movie “back in time.” 

Anyway, this is the Tweet that netted the very loud “hit” order in the above photo. They all know my name here, because they learned it by watching Back to the Future. And now that you know my name, here’s a link to Mike Pence(!) also taking a hit out on me, on CBS News with anchor “A Mason.” (That’s Illuminati “Eye on CBS.”) Also, it makes no difference that these programs may show up as “pre-scheduled”: they throw the schedule back in time, in real time. We do the same thing. Download our decoder cheat sheet updated last week (Jan 2018) here, it’s important that you be able to detect and make sense of our many messages to you from the inside and the outside of this “Earth” environment. Please don’t delay. When Hera dies as they have planned, they stage an attack on this time loop of Earth, which we’ve blogged about numerous times. Load up an MP3 player and get a solar charger. We will try to send you information in the lyrics to songs. When we throw lyrics back in time, or whole songs, that means you will know the words already. You’ll have sung them for 30 years without realizing there’s a current message in the song. Nearly every song has messages. Most every song you sing has messages about what is happening.

Here’s the Comet instagram we just decoded that garnered a hit order on “Jennifer.”

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 1.19.12 AM

GOALS is torture - NILAY LAWSON - chair, light, head in fire.jpgTorture chamber.jpeg

In fact everything on the screen is Code, including the background news story banner that says “Consequences of Trump’s Words and Actions,” which is a message that this “hit” order is a consequences of my “words and actions” posting Comet’s Instagrams.


Look at the other entries above: “Love lies bleeding” and we’ve explained that “love” is code for torturing a victim by cutting off their limbs and gangraping them until they die, in the Code Word Lexicon. “Forensic Files: Beaten by a Hair” refers to Comet’s victory over Hera, and Comet is the “hair,” just like in this Bennie and the Jets video (Jimmy Comet is Bennie) by Elton John. The image of Bennie below shows Bennie as a black magic voodoo priestess (he’s Baphomet) and he is wearing “electric boots and a mohair suit.” The same thing is meant by “Unraveled: Ordained to Kill” on the screen, which is a reference to a black magic priest (Illuminati)…”ordained” with license to kill Hera.

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 10.31.17 PM

The show above is called “Unraveled: Ordained to Kill” which means not only killing Hera but also destroying Hera’s soul (“unraveling”), which they do. They hit her soul with lasers to fragment it but they also strip sheets of it off with lasers as they spin her soul, which they mock in this scene from Shakespeare in Love, and also in this image of Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams” where fan blades are the metaphor for “unraveling” Hera’s soul:

“Speck of Evidence” on the channel guide image also refers to Hera, who Baphomet in his Mick Jagger persona calls a “speck of white so fair and pale,” referring to all that is left of her soul after they’ve hit it with lasers and also unravelled it, in his Rolling Stones song “She’s a Rainbow on the “Their Satanic Majesties Request” album. The “Deadly Formula” program in the guide is self-explanatory. Mick Jagger is another human persona of Baphomet (Sympathy for the Devil: “Please allow me to introduce myself, … I’ll lay your soul to waste.”)

And here’re the shows coming up later this morning on the same network. “The Greenhouse Jungle” refers to Jennifer in Code as a “flower” which we’ve explained in our Code Word Lexicon. They call all human souls “Flowers.” The next Colombo episode is “The Most Crucial Game.” That refers to what they call the “Game of Love,” in which the chosen victim, here “Jennifer,” has her arms and legs cut off and then is gang-raped until she dies. That’s what Jimmy Comet’s Panda Club does to their child and adult victims, as we’ve explained numerous times on this blog, they call stalking and attacking victims their “Game of Love,” just click the category tag under the headline to read more about it.




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