Humans Go Missing Everywhere, Incl. Many Children at Halloween. Where to? “New World Order” Says Reporter (#Satanic #Illuminati)

This video points out that humans have been mysteriously vanishing for the past couple of years, hundreds and thousands of them. In fact many since this video, because it doesn’t account for the new opportunities created by the Earthquake in Mexico, Fires in California, and Hurricanes in Texas and Florida. Where have they gone? The are victims of “The New World Order” explains a reporter at 6:34. this is how we pass messages in news, shows, and songs. “New World Order” is the catchphrase of the Satanic Illuminati. They kill people, lots of people. They are headed up by Greys and Reptilians.

Not all the people missing are victims, however, because many of the Greys and Reptilians living among us are taking off to prepare to launch their impending attack on humanity here. The natural disaster evacuations give them cover so that neighbors don’t wonder where they all have gone.

Here’s the video, which is alarming but most interesting because someone in the media did pass the quick message that the disappearances are part of some Illuminati plot. The plot is to attack the humans here on Earth, as we’ve been focused on in most of our posts for past few months.

Their attack will happen any day. Get an MP3 player and a solar charger, just in case you need it. We send messages in old songs, but when you get them because we use time shifting to do it, you’ll already have been singing those songs for 20 years. Only now will the meaning make sense. They are current news in old songs. Please do as we suggest, without delay.

See 6:34 for the New World Order reference but watch this whole video. By the way the “black woman named “White” and wearing white, while singing her heart out all over “Texas” represents Hera. (at 3:15) “Texas” is Code for Kodiak and also his domain of Earth. Kodiak is Baphomet, but we know him as Kodiak, head of the Travelers and Illuminati. Hera is an Illuminati “One” or “White” color in the Family, because her soul is white. She has been very vocally warning people all over the Western US, and shouting on here and on You Tube to whoever can hear about what is happening here on Earth (ie “Texas”). But there seems to be a dearth of Human Beings around to hear her singing her warnings. (Shown by the empty shelters where “Ms. White” is singing.) We hope you can hear us.

via People Are VANISHING into THIN AIR All Across America (2017-2018) – YouTube




  1. Several Million people each year including children are sacrificed yearly in the basement of golf clubs to the Parts of the abomination that maketh desolate that’s stored in nigh every golf club that exists, check for yourself just go to a golf Club go near the basement, sense past all the blocks and you’ll be able to feel it’s presence.


  2. Also heard that Trump is a shareholder in Raytheon, Raytheon is involved in weather manipulation, weather warfare. Jared’s brother has a chipping/RFID comp. and heard they sup 5g.


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