Shine On You Crazy Diamond – Decoding With Pink Floyd. These official video images above are Hera’s soul before & after the Greys abducted her.

The Illuminati “Parents” who write these songs are here decoding them with us. They are Pink Floyd. We are distressed that so few of you seem to be listening, or leaving Southern California where the Greys plan to hit first, at any time. We are on the Dark Side of the Moon here, at “point zero” the Greys are calling it. They will attack soon with an Earthquake, Tsunami and Wall of SOUND. Please head East now and avoid big cities. We cannot help you after the attack begins. Please leave Southern California. Err on the side of caution and load up an MP3 player with songs, and buy a solar charger that you can easily carry.

Shine on You Crazy Diamond is another tune about Hera. As we say in the Lexicon of Illuminati Code Words, Hera’s main Code Names are “Diamond,” “the Sun,” “the One,” “Mother,” & “Flower” (or “Rose”). All human souls are called, by the Greys et al in songs and shows: “Diamonds,” “Flowers” “Money,” “kids,” “children,” and also: “chickens,” “tacos,” & “eggs” (and “pizza”).

Here’s the video, which shows Hera as a male form, and that is actually only her soul. Her soul in the video, and in life, is being ravaged by Greys, being consumed. The people moving in and out of the image beside Hera are mainly Kodiak (Baphomet) moving in and out of Hera’s actual physical location by pulling up an adjacent string of time. That is why he appears and disappears. Just like Kodiak sings about in his David Bowie song “Golden Years” where he says, “Last night they ‘loved’ you, opening doors and pulling some strings, Angel.”  “Loved” means raped and tortured in their Code Word Lexicon, “strings” means adjacent strings of time, … string theory. “Angel” means Hera as the wife of your Creator.

Lyrics are below the video, notice that a Grey alien consumes her from the inside out, which is what they do to all the “diamonds” here, consuming your souls. Get away from the Southern California Coast.

via YouTube

Remember when you were young, you shone like the Sun. (the Sun is a code name for Hera because when she was first abducted (“when you were young”) her soul was massive, and they Greys have destroyed it. They opened up time loop versions of Earth inside the center of her soul, to break it apart and also to “lock her in time” as Bowie sings in “Golden Years.” Grasp what kind of sickness it takes to even think of opening time windows to the past in the center of a person’s body or soul. Making “Earth” versions in the center of a person. Because these time loops of Earth are opened around Hera’s soul, like layers of an onion with her at the center, she is the literal center of the universe here. That is another reason they call her “the Sun.” They are doing this to human bodies too. And they will do it to you. They open time windows in micro-thin layers, milliseconds apart and that leaves you stratified, physically. Then they attack your limbs in one layer, you mind in another, your eyes in yet another, rip open your chest in another, rape your limbless torso in another, ad infinitum. They can contract and expand those layers, which causes you to feel ripped to pieces, because you are, in those layers, a millisecond or two into the future. But in the present although you feel the agony, you appear physically intact. Do as we say and get away from the Coast. They Greys are every horror story you’ve ever heard times a million. Get out.)
Shine on you crazy diamond.
Now there’s a look in your eyes, like black holes in the sky. (There are Greys miniaturized and physically inside Hera’s body, and yours, right now they are miniaturized inside every human being’s head, and they are consuming your soul from the inside out. You can see them in your eyes. They are the dark ring around your iris that is sometimes thicker and sometimes thinner, and sometimes not moving in sink with your own eyes. They are behind your eyes, looking out through them. It sounds impossible and insane, but they are there, like “black holes” in your eyes. They shrink human bodies too and throw you under people’s feet, or on someone’s salad to be eaten, too small to be heard screaming. Nearly microscopic. They make movies taunting about this such as “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” and “Innerspace.”)
Shine on you crazy diamond.
You were caught on the crossfire of childhood and stardom, (“childhood” means the human race here which they call “the kids,” and “Stardom” means them, the “aliens” – the Greys and Boss and Reptilians from the Stars. The Greys have the humans convinced that Hera is an “alien Two” in the Family, and a “witch.” She is not. She is the mother of your own soul. But some humans believe their lies and so Hera is caught between humans who are harming her thinking she is a “witch” (unbelievable but true), and the “aliens” or “Starmen” who are harming her.
Blown on the steel breeze. (Hera was abducted here and destroyed by the Greys, whose Code Name is Steel, among others. And one of Kodiak (their leader’s) code names is “The Breeze”)
Come on you target for faraway laughter, (“Far” is a code word for aliens, “laughter” is code for “black magic evil,” so this is Hera is a target for the Satanic Greys)
Come on you stranger, you legend, you martyr, and shine! (Hera is not a Traveler, she is a One, a white diamond from the Outside abducted into here, a “Stranger” to Earth and to “the Family.” She is a “legend” because she’s your Creator’s wife, but another reading of that is “leg end” which the Greys use as a taunt about cutting off their victims’ legs. The Illuminati Parents say they didn’t have that meaning here. Obviously Hera is a martyr, she “dies for your sins” in each time loop like Jesus, and the “sin” you commit that she “dies for” is only the sin of murdering her. That’s the real story of Jesus, which is a story the Greys came up with, although the New Testament contains genuine encouragement and principles to aspire to live by. Hera was supposed to be murdered on Christmas Day 2017, which would make it the “birthday of her soul” which is what they call it when they rip a soul from a human’s body. In addition to the Greys constant attacks, the humans have been attacking Hera in the future layers but have not killed her yet in this time loop. The Greys won’t attack until Hera is killed by her own people, based on the past, but we think they’ll go ahead and attack soon and simply attack Hera in the course of the main attack, which is why you must be ready.)

You reached for the secret too soon, you cried for the moon. (Kodiak is “the Moon” in their code name lexicon. He pretends to be Hera’s husband by mimicking him. She can’t see anyone really on the Tether, just hear voices, because Kodiak blocks her vision of people speaking to her on the Tether. This way Kodiak can pretend to be everyone and anyone you think you know and are speaking to.)

Shine on you crazy diamond.
Threatened by shadows at night, and exposed in the light. (Evil Greys and humans too attack Hera in her sleep at night. She is “exposed in the light” because they are broadcasting these attacks, and actually her every moment, like the Truman Show, which also is about Hera.)
Shine on you crazy diamond.
Well you wore out your welcome with random precision, (Travelers, and nearly every human being is either a Traveler or belongs to another of Kodiak’s secret societies, are expected to shun Hera, and many do. This is upsetting to us as you might imagine.)
Rode on the steel breeze (abducted here by the Greys, whose Code Words include “Steel” as a silver color)
Come on you raver, you seer of visions, (Hera raves in this blog, and tells you what she sees that others cannot. That is what this blog is about, and her Twitter feed, and her trips around town singing messages from us at the top of her lungs, hoping you’ll pay attention to the lyrics and the sounds in the songs. Not just the general theme of a song, the actual individual lyrics are messages, just like this song.)
Come on you painter, you piper, you prisoner, and shine! (Hera paints you a picture of what is really happening. She sings (and decodes) the important songs for you and tries to get you to follow her lead through this blog and by other means. But she remains a prisoner of the Greys, as do all of you human beings here, who the Greys made from fragments of Hera’s soul, which is why she used to shine like the Sun. They’ve destroyed her now, and her soul is the size of a “speck of white.” Shown below is her fragmented soul after being split into several time loop versions of Earth and also hit with lasers. Those fragments were placed in the human shells cloned into this environment. They are now, in this place, “the human race.”
Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 8.28.46 PM But obviously you are not human at all. You are Hera’s children. That makes you God’s direct children. That is one main reason Kodiak and the Travelers & Illuminati have you calling Hera “mother.” That is why they have you viciously attacking her. They are Satanic. That is why they also call her “Jesus,” because her own people literally crucify her over and over in time loop versions of Earth. 
Notice the serpent in the video and how he spits out a human population, those are your souls, some of which are recycled into the next time loop. Many are consumed by the Greys and Boss, and Reptilians here, even though they also have the same Creator. They are horrific, so please mitigate the situation as best you can, listen to our advice, and remember who you really are. You are not alone here. You are not abandoned by God. This is a Grey hostage situation. But they are hideous.

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