Make a Deal With the Devil: This is an actual contract offer written by the Devil.

Thank you for not killing Hera. That is Satan himself you are defying. This is Kodiak talking in the story below. He is Jimmy Comet, and here he very obviously is offering a Deal With The Devil to find someone to torture Hera to death, with the promise of the rewards of Pizza, Fish, and Fries from the “Devil’s Kitchen,” a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Greys.  The photo above is of Jesus in DaVinci’s Last Supper, held up to a mirror, which gives a vivid image of Baphomet. Nothing here on Earth is as it seems. Baphomet is Kodiak, is Jimmy “Comet’ as in outer space Comet. He is unfortunately in control of this space. But you can defy him. And hold on to your humanity, which is what he seeks to trade for Pizzas, Fish and Fries, below.

Here’s his post on The Trek, and we’ve decoded it below this.


via Defying the odds on the Great Ocean Walk – The Trek

To translate, KODIAK head of the Travelers says… “will get me to Twelve Apostles.” …he’s looking for some of his “Gets” aka Twelve Disciples to kill Hera.

“We named a swimming pool after him.” Kodiak has a “swimming pool” waiting with Hera’s name on it.

“There is no safe place in this park to shelter and survive a bushfire.” There is nowhere that humans can run to and escape this “alien attack” by the Greys and Reptilians. So you should follow my orders, implies Kodiak.

“I get to hear the laughter of kookaburras and the shrill song of cicadas.” Still looking for some Gets to kill Hera!

“Koalas get great PR for their cuddly properties but they sound like the devil and if you stand under their tree they’ll likely piss on you.” Yes, Kodiak reiterates, HE IS LOOKING FOR GETS!

“I also see feral cats. Cats don’t belong in the Australian landscape and these ones look glossy and well-nourished from chowing down on native wildlife.” … He’s implying that Hera is a “feral cat” who needs killing for attacking humans. Ironic, since Kodiak is head of the Greys and also the Reptilians! Those are the real cats.

“The trail is busy enough with overnighters but despite good access from the walk’s asphalt cousin, the Great Ocean Road, I meet only a handful of day hikers.” Despite the fact that our local Police and other law enforcement (“asphalt cousins” as in “ASP” which is a snake, from the “Great Ocean” – Great means GREY) agreed to give “the Good” access to Hera by looking the other way, Kodiak doesn’t see too many people from upstairs down here “for the Day” attacking Hera in present or future time layers. (There are no “virtual” layers, that is the real future you attack Hera in, and the Greys can compress it down to the present any time they want. Don’t attack Hera in the present or the future. And thank you for not attacking her now.

“A woman at Parker Inlet (identifying Hera, because her last name in Back to the Future is “Parker”), gives me a peach (claims Hera’s a Two (“pea”) and a Witch (“ch”) – “peach” – (SHE IS NEITHER, she is your real Creator’s wife, a WHITE ONE), and tells me when her kid grows up she’ll be out here too with a pack on her back. (Kodiak swears that whatever fragments of Hera’s soul survive these attacks will be back in the next time loop to be attacked again for her entire lifespan, as the primary target). Near Castle Cove a man tells me I should slow down and enjoy the views. He doesn’t understand. I am part of the view and when he is taking the trash out or mowing his lawn at home I’ll still be here. (Kodiak thinks you’ve been misunderstanding his orders and that that is why you are ignoring him. Meanwhile, Kodiak can’t blow up this Earth time loop until you “slows” aka humans murder Hera, because that is how he wrote the script for how this time loop ends….The Humans torture the source of their own life and soul to death, like Jesus, and then the Greys blow up the humans and torture them to death. That is Kodiak’s script and he wishes you idiot humans would get on the ball. It is very inconvenient for Kodiak to have to sit around and wait for you humans to understand his orders!

“Access is good but don’t expect to buy your Vegemite along the way. There is no resupply so you’ll need to carry your food from Apollo Bay. Cape Otway lighthouse has a café but it’s nearly $20 just to get through the gate so I opt for a soda from the small souvenir store instead.” – You can get to Hera but you won’t have tools here available, you must bring your own surgical equipment to torture God’s wife to death. She is disguised as a Two because a Two Get is inside her body giving off colors. (True, Hera’s soul is down to a couple of tiny “white specks” as Kodiak himself calls them, and those specks are being held together by a couple of Twos to create the impression that Hera is a Two and should be killed. Kodiak also says: “to get through the gate so I opt for a soda from the small souvenir store instead” he’s hoping the “small Gets” will do the job since the regular human crew has declined to do so.

HEY, THIS IS KODIAK TALKING, SATAN HIMSELF! or as Kodiak puts it: “The day before I’m due to finish I reach Devils Kitchen campsite at noon.” This is Kodiak’s Kitchen putting out this particular written piece of DISGUSTING FOOD for you all to ingest here.

“The day before I’m due to finish I reach Devils Kitchen campsite at noon. I need to be at Twelve Apostles, ten miles away, by 10.30 the next morning or I will miss the public bus back to Apollo Bay. I have booked a campsite at Devils Kitchen but decide to forfeit the fee and hike on to Princetown recreation reserve just a few miles from the walk’s end. There, I kick aside a lot of dog poo “… If you don’t get her tortured to death soon, Kodiak will leave you here – cause you to “miss the bus” outta this time loop before the ALIEN ATTACK, where you’ll be deep in the shit, with the dogs (humans)…

“Princetown’s store (that’s PRINCE OF DARKNESS to you plebes) advertises “coffee” and “vegetarian food.” (You can consume the souls of Threes and Twos). “Across the road the tavern advertises pizza, fish and chips and beer.” (You can attack children (pizza), human souls (fish), and chips which are french fries, code for little boys, over here on the “Dark Side of the road” where the “Beer” live (beer are the Greys). The choice is obvious. (Of course it is, for Jimmy Comet!). I eat fish and chips, drink a beer and feel great (“feel great” means the Greys, COME JOIN THE GREYS and attack children and human souls), knowing that although everything kills you in Australia (since you are going to die anyway, may as well join the Greys and enjoy your life attacking children) I have so far defied the odds.” (Greys don’t get killed, so come join us. The “finish line” of rewards will be waiting for you! But first you must torture Hera to death.)

I hope that helps Kodiak, maybe some human or Get with a soul, who hates their own Creator, and his wife Hera, the source of their own souls, will step up and be the person to bring down all of humanity by kicking off the domino effect that ends with the Greys torturing them, their elderly parents, their newborn children, their wives, and ALL OF THEIR SOULS, before eventually after long torture consuming them body and soul as Pizza, Fish & Fries! Sounds Greyt.



    1. Admittedly it sounds like CRAZY TALK right up until you see the pattern. Seeing their messages is a lot like looking at one of the paintings of squiggly lines where you have to stare at it for hours (or in this case days) but then images of unicorns and rainbows pop up. Invest the time to see the patterns. It is most easy to see them in the songs. Start with the songs we decode here and music videos. Once you see, you’ll understand. There are message all around us. Heck, start with Secret Messages from ELO. That’s the Electric Light Orchestra. That one we have not decoded here.


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