Decoded: James Taylor’s “Carolina in my Mind” is a Panda Club Rape and Torture Song

As human beings, all of your souls shine a bright, white light. James Alefantis is the same Satan who operates James Taylor’s “human suit.” His followers “like” the above photo because it looks like the infant’s Soulshine is visible.  They spend their entire existence talking of and seeking opportunities to torture human bodies and souls, especially those of children. And when a victim’s body is (literally) gutted, his soul inside his body brightly shines and is highly visible to the Greys. The get sexual satisfaction from destroying bodies and souls. They don’t have souls, but they do hide in human bodies among us, and they add a “sheet” taken from Hera’s soul that disguises them to the humans here, so that they also look like humans with human souls. The Greys add the colors to your human souls to divide you and keep you occupied with their lies, rather than thinking too hard about your surroundings and how preposterous their “science” tales are about the history of humans on their Earth prison holodeck. This particular version of Earth or “window” or “time loop” into the past has been open since 1955. That it is the entire actually history of your Earth.
It is also very hard to believe that Kodiak (Baphomet) could control so many entertainers, but he does. If you are unwilling to be occupied and steered around (“driven”) by Kodiak and his Illuminati pals, your celebrity career will not happen. They also occupy many many non-celebrities. Sometimes there are real humans in those bodies being “driven” around by Kodiak and friends, which is why they call humans “cars.”  They also call them “clothes” or “suits.” But often they are human shells with a Grey roboting that human body around, hiding behind a sheet of human soul that does not have its own awareness. It is very hard to wrap your head around the idea that other living things could view humans only as “hotards” to be raped and tortured. But that is what the Greys (and Reptilians) are doing to the humans trapped here in their human farm. 
Here’s James Taylor talking in Code about raping and torturing human victims. Probably he is a full time persona of Kodiak’s. All of his sweet-sounding songs are about rape and murder, and annihilating the human race. (“Fire and Rain,” “Shower the People” included.)
Going to Carolina
In my mind I’m gone to Carolina (the Panda Club members and all Illuminati or “upstairs” people who come down to Earth to “visit” and prey on humans, have full access to watch any rape and torture show via “the Tether,” which is a 24/7 video conference call that takes place on the inside of participants’ heads, projected on the inside of your forehead or behind your eyes. Many channels on the Tether have rape and torture “shows” with live people occurring nonstop. “Carolina” is a code word for the rape and torture shows. And “in my mind” means he’s watching the show on the Tether broadcast.)
Can’t you see the sunshine? (the “sunshine” refers to the soul of the victim. Every soul here comes from Hera’s soul, all of your awareness really is in your soul, your brain is a memory databank and motor skill coordinator but your cognizance originates in your soul. To give their human food farm abductees actual human life, they abducted Hera and blasted her soul to bits, and put those fragments with awareness into their human body “stock.” They brag about this in Who Made Who, their video by AC/DC. These insane Greys are obsessed with destroying bodies and souls. They are Satanic. Their code name for Hera is “the Sun” and “sunshine” refers to her soul being tortured, or any of you who have a soul as well)
Can’t you just feel the moonshine? (The opposite of the Sun is “the Moon” and that is Kodiak. He’s Satan. The victim can “feel the moonshine” of being tortured by Satan and his Panda Club. The Panda Club is a reference to Jimmy Comet, another of Kodiak’s personas, who began calling their attack hockey masks “pandas” a long time ago. The panda face resembles hockey masks they wear to terrify the victims, especially children. “Feel the moonshine” also is a reference to the Greys, whose code names include “feel,” which is “female,” a code word for a witch, and “eel” as an “electric eel” because the Greys can shock you (and they shock a lot of people).
Ain’t it just like a friend of mine (“friend” is a code word the Greys use. The also call their attack spaceships “friendships” as Code, so humans won’t know that they will be “offering their friendship to the human race” in the near future, for example)
To hit me from behind? (they plan a surprise attack)
Yes, I’m gone to Carolina in my mind (they rape and torture their victims, just like their leader Kodiak does)
Karin, she’s a silver sun (he is calling someone a Silver Leader, probably his “wife” Bee, Queen of the Nines (the Family number for the Greys))
You best walk her way and watch it shine (“Best” is code for the Greys. He’s saying, “You Greys should head over to Queen Bee’s, she is murdering a human and you can watch their soul shine as it is cut out of the humans gutted body. They then consume the human’s soul, and their brains. But this song appears to be about Hera, and they torture her soul and fragment it but they leave enough of it to throw her soul into the next human body and begin the hunting game all over again. They hunt her and prey on her for decades before murdering her)
And watch her watch the morning come (The “morning comes” when Hera dies. Each time loop version of Earth, including this one, stays open for the lifespan of Hera. Once they kill Hera, they call that “sunset” and they blow up that time loop and move Hera’s soul into the next time loop version of Earth, into a different human body. Opening that new time window in the past to give rise to a new Earth population is called “morning” and beginning Hera’s life again in that loop is “Sunrise.” So he’s saying “go watch Bee torture Hera to death and then torture her soul, and watch Hera’s soul shine while Bee tries to destroy it)
A silver tear appearing now (Silvers are Greys and they don’t cry, and they don’t feel anything for humans. They have no empathy and no families of their own. A “silver tear” is ejaculate. They are that base and gross that they enjoy this song and these coded references)
I’m cryin’, ain’t I? (Grey code words are in the negative, while humans are stated in positive terms. For example “the Haves and Have Nots” would mean the Humans and the “Human Nots” the not human, i.e. alien. Thus an “ain’t” is an alien. James Taylor is saying “I’m cryin’ the tears of an alien; I’m an alien” which means he’s ejaculating while watching the video of Hera being tortured as it is broadcast directly into his head via the Tether.
Gone to Carolina in my mind (now that you know a few code words and concepts, since raping and torturing is the only context there is when dealing with the Greys, that is all they do and think about, this last line now should easily make sense to you. In his head, watching the broadcast on the Tether, he’s immersed in the rape and torture of Hera’s body and soul)
There ain’t no doubt in no one’s mind 
That love’s the finest thing around (“love” is their code word for raping and torturing a victim, and “fine” is a Code word for the Greys. So when the “finest thing” is there, “love” is happening “around” there)
Whisper something soft and kind (they talk in the victim’s ear, saying terrifying things, and they do it from a millisecond into the future (time travel) where the victim hears them but can’t see them because the victim can’t see the future. That’s what is really happening in their “black magic shows.” More like Grey Tech on display.  Here’s James Taylor’s other James persona, Jimmy Comet, showing Instagrams that reference this “whispering something” in the victim’s ear. The one on the left shows a comment from Adrian_Parsons of “Same time zone, different times.” It’s the “same time zone” because you can see the attacker whispering in Comet’s ear, rather than how they actually do it by whispering from a “different time zone” a few milliseconds into the future, where the victim cannot see the attacker although they are literally right there in the room with them. (Obviously a terrifying situation for victims. This is also how they do chemtrails…. all the sky trails, no planes. That’s “Same time zone.”
 But “different times” also means something. “Time” to Travelers generally means “the authorities” and is put more like “who’s got the time” which means, which Traveler color/number group is in control of this environment. Sometimes the Sevens (humans) “have the time” or control over a scene, and sometimes the Nines (Greys) “have the time.” The Greys always have the time, in reality, but they let the other Family Groups believe they have their own territories where they are in control. They aren’t. It is only ostensible. “Different times” in the comment means that whoever is whispering in Comet’s ear is a different Traveler/Illuminati Family Color/Number group than Comet.)
And hey babe, the sky’s on fire (as we explained everywhere lately, the Greys plan to blow up this time loop of Earth while Hera is dying. So the “sky’s on fire” must mean that Hera is dying, and all of the humans made from her soul in this time loop also will die around the same time, via their planned “alien attack.” “Hey babe” is meant to be an asshole remark of one of Hera’s human rapists, who kill her, looking up and noticing that, “hey, the sky is on fire” and realizing at that moment that he’s dying too)
I’m dying, ain’t I? (Hera’s attacker realizing he’s also going to die, just as Kodiak explains in his Don McLean song “American Pie” decoded here.)
Gone to Carolina in my mind (Kodiak watching the human rapists realize they also will die even as they are killing Hera, via the Tether broadcast)
In my mind I’m gone to Carolina (watching the show on the Tether)
Can’t you see the sunshine?
Can’t you just feel the moonshine?
And, ain’t it just like a friend of mine
To hit me from behind?
Yes, I’m gone to Carolina in my mind
Dark and silent, late last night, (Hera’s “last night” alive will involve the “late” which is Code for the Greys, and they attack in the dark. The Greys, and human attackers too, move their victims to another time loop, with no light whatsoever, to add to the terror. They also paralyze the victim and their vocal cords so that they can’t scream. “Dark and silent” are the “late” on Hera’s “last night”)
I think I might have heard the highway call (Kodiak saying it’s time to catch a lift with the Greys out of this time loop before it gets blown up.)
And geese in flight and dogs that bite (“Birds” is a code word for the Greys in the spaceships, “geese in flight”; “dogs that bite” also probably means the Greys because the Travelers think the Greys are not aliens but evil wizards. They do not realize that the Nines with “silver” as their Family color, are Greys. So to Travelers the Nines are “dogs” which is code for humans but they are still considered black magic wizards. There is no magic here on Earth, you are in a Grey holodeck environment and all you see are the products of Grey Tech and time travel tech. The Illuminati know that the Nines are Greys and therefore call them “cats” as they do the other alien race, the Reptilians (the Traveler Twos are Reptilians, they aren’t plant-based lifeforms as Travelers have been led to believe). “Dogs that bite” the other dogs, who are the humans, would be the Greys)
The signs that might be omens say (Kodiak writes a script for how Hera’s life will be lived in each time loop of Earth and how many humans here, as his “characters” will live their lives. He also writes an “End Game” script for the “finale” to each “show.” The entire Earth is the Truman Show, where Hera is Truman, but also all the other humans are scripted, steered and broadcast, and preyed upon, with memories of attacks wiped from their minds. Kodiak writes certain “waypoints” into his scripts so that his Satanic alien followers know what action is coming up next. They watch for “the signs” and “signals” of Kodiak and his personas, to clue them in to where the story he has scripted is heading next.  It is not a fictional story, these are real people, really being tortured, maimed and destroyed.)
I’m goin’, I’m goin’ 
I’m gone to Carolina in my mind (“going, going, gone” is what the two lines together say, and that is just a brag that Hera and the human race here are “going, going, gone” as the attacks play out, as planned.)
With a holy host of others standin’ around me (This is written from Hera’s perspective. She is your real Creator’s wife and Kodiak mocks this in many songs. There will be numerous followers of Satan surrounding Hera, like with all their victims. They are insane Satanic and mostly Grey aliens. They cut off the victims arms and legs, cauterize the wounds without pain killers and then gangrape the victim’s torso and their skull and brains, until the victim dies.)
Still I’m on the dark side of the moon (Refers to the completely black environment where they transport the victim to be killed. They move the victim literally to the backside of the moon, or to another empty, pitch-black time loop of Earth with no inhabitants. This line refers to Hera and where she will be transported.
And it seems like it goes on like this forever (they torture victims’ bodies and souls at the same time, and they do this for months and even years and decades for some children and adults, before the victim finally dies. They do not aim to kill the victim, the goal is to enjoy raping them and maiming them until they die of their injuries, as Jimmy Comet himself (he’s Satan) explained in this interview“I love ping-pong, . . .You play to win, kind of, but you’re not trying to kill your opponent. You’re trying to have a good time.” (“Ping-pong” is common Code language for gang rape.))
You must forgive me, if I’m up and gone to (this is a Hera-as-Jesus reference. All of the attackers’ “sins” are “forgiven” because Hera dies for their sins. Meaning she dies because of their “sin” they commit of murdering her. Since she dies for their sins, they are “forgiven” for the murder of Hera, but also the murders of her family, and her human race. The entire human population will be destroyed on Earth and then the time loop closed. Once it is closed, there is no record of the attacks ever having occurred. All is forgotten.)
Carolina in my mind
In my mind I’m goin’ to Carolina
Can’t you see the sunshine? (can’t you see Hera’s soul shining like a “diamond” as she is being tortured?)
Can’t you just feel the moonshine? (the people on the Tether who tune in also can feel the sensations of the attacker or the victim, whichever they choose.)
Ain’t is just like a friend of mine (“friends” are Greys, but it also might mean “enemy” generally)
To hit me from behind
Yes, I’m gone to Carolina in my mind
Gone to Carolina in my mind
And I’m goin’ to Carolina in my mind
Goin’ to Carolina in my mind
Gone, I’m gone, I’m gone
Say nice things about me ’cause I’m gone south now (“nice” is a code word for the Greys. “Nice things about me” means surrounded by Greys. This entire line is from Hera’s perspective. “South” is Code for Hell. So Hera is surrounded by Greys who have dragged her to Hell, and to the physical location of the dark side of the Moon to be killed in the dark and silence there.)
Got to carry on without me, I’m gone (the human race will then face months of torture by the Greys and Reptilians, back on Earth, without Hera to try to steer them in any direction. Eventually they will be destroyed and consumed. Their souls will be tortured and some of them consumed as well. But since Kodiak has no more pieces of Hera’s soul left with which to make more “new human beings,” he will save some of those souls to “recycle” them into the next time loop of Earth, where Hera, and they, will be put into new human bodies with a different “script” by Kodiak of how their lives will “play out.” Kodiak mocks this practice of scripting the human hostages’ lives in the movie “Trading Places,” where rich old guys place bets on how a human will react to being destitute or highly successful, or facing other planned adversities and disabilities. This Earth is a human farm for the Greys. It is horrendous beyond words. We are sorry we cannot stop them. But we will never stop trying to get you out of here.
We now that it is hard to imagine that such a lovely song and singer could actually be so sinister and hideous. That is how they operate under the radar of the humans. You must get used to this. It helps to look at the lyrics in writing rather than just listening to them. But everything here on the airwaves is made in the context of the Greys and Reptilians (the Boss race outside of here) holding every human being hostage in their human farm. Humans here exist solely for the purpose of being preyed on, raped, tortured and eventually killed and their souls destroyed. You are living the “Life of Pi.” Just like that movie, the truth is so excruciating to fathom that instead you would believe you are living out a different story entirely.
But while Pi’s mind chose a different story for what happened to him while lost at sea, you instead are fed this alternate reality by the Greys using memory and mind-control technology, and hypnosis. Their chemtrails are designed to make you easier to control in this way. They feed you false memories of events and good times in your distant past. They feed you the actual memories of the humans from the prior time loops as well and those memories get incorporated into your own. Everything feels solid and real, but it is a grand lie. They especially attack all of you, at night. When you are sleeping you are more easily hypnotized. When you are hypnotized the things that happen to you don’t get absorbed into your long term memory. They also then feed you strange dreams while you are being attacked so that those dreams take up your short term memory. You likely won’t remember too much detail about the dreams either.
But you won’t even be aware that you have been attacked in your sleep. They drag your physical body into the future and attack you there where they can cut off your arms and legs and rape you, and then move you back to the present, where this hasn’t happened yet, and this leaves no scars or marks, or traces of any kind. They also can grab your soul and pull it out of your body. They throw your soul into a cloned human body of anyone male or female, usually children’s bodies, and they rape and torture you to death in that body, which they hypnotize you into thinking is your own body, so that you will be as terrified as any other child victim.
After killing you there, they throw your soul back into your own body and you wake up feeling maybe paralyzed in your bed (which you will think is some normal “sleep paralysis” symptom), tired, drained, sick, or sore all over but with absolutely no memory of going anywhere. For some of you, they will actually physically blanket your minds with internally broadcast voices both friendly and evil that only you can hear, and perhaps also try to persuade you to do terrible things. This often is diagnosed as Schizophrenia.  We don’t know if there are humans who have that disorder genuinely without the Greys and Reptilians actually making those voices in your head. They also can make “hallucinations” of people you can see in a room that others with you cannot see, by quickly moving that “apparition” into and out of your “time zone.” They stand a few milliseconds into the future from you and you cannot see them. They move closer in time to you and they start to become visible. When you draw someone else’s attention to them “appearing” there, they recede back to the future and out of sight. I’m not certain how, but they also could conceivably appear just to you and not to others in a room.
They mock this situation in their Rush song called “Spirit of Radio.” They are the “companion unobtrusive,… undemanding contact in your happy solitude.” –  “Begin the day with a friendly voice, a companion unobtrusive. Plays that song that’s so elusive (because it is only in your headand the “magic music” makes your morning mood.” They are the voice in your head, and they use technology and tones imperceptible to you to control your moods. And they also steer your thoughts. “Emotional feedback on a timeless wavelength.” That means they control your moods and thoughts with biofeedback, and “timeless” is code for untraceable in origin. “Time” is code for whoever is in control of a situation. So the Greys have “the time” because they are in control. Whichever Family Group is in control of a location or situation has a full recording of everything that transpires there. Every single thing humans do is recorded. But their mind-control is emitted on a wavelength that is untraceable by the humans. It is “timeless.”
They are doing these things in one form or another to all humans here, all the time. That is the entire point of this Earth existence. It was created by them for the purpose of torturing humans for their sexual gratification. They also eat the humans and eat their souls as well. There is a movie available on Showtime called “Extraterrestrial” that is a “fictional” horror movie (not the documentary of the same name). That movie shows exactly what the Greys do, the mind-control and instant hypnosis, the insane “penetration” sexual attacks (they will create holes in your body and in your head to have sex with). Insane, hideous, unfathomable horrors.
The movie doesn’t show it, but the Greys do speak English – They are hiding in humans! They can hear your thoughts as well.  So you can speak in your head to them, or out loud, and they’ll hear you and understand you. Here’s one example of a hiding Grey, this one going by “Free Thinker Silver” (silver meaning a Grey) on YouTube. He’s talking in Code to the Greys here. Remember that he is not talking about the humans. “There will be suffering” is about the humans. And “you can escape” is a pep talk for the Greys here. There is no escape for their human hostages, the entire human race here on this “Earth. “
When they do launch their attack, understand that it will not end favorably for us. And make your plans accordingly. We are telling you about this horror so that you can make decisions for yourself, so that you aren’t completely dazed by the attack and miss some opportunity to help yourself or your family, frankly, by killing yourselves if they are at your door to avoid some of the torture. We also are telling you this because you have a real Creator outside of this prison who is devastated that the Greys and Boss (and Reptilians) are doing this to people. Know that you are not forgotten here and that this will come to an end. Know that in the meantime you are in a Grey Grid and surrounded by Greys and Reptilians in human form. They are in your families and in your group of friends, they are your coworkers and as one Reptilian said in this press conference, as the former Governor of Kentucky, they even worship at the pews with you every Sunday. They are here. Trump is one, he’s a Kodiak persona. They are here and they are in control of all world governments, and everything else.

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