March 9, 2018 at 4 am PST is the New Attack Time and Date, According to This Coded Message in the Section Hiker Blog

Once you understand that we have time travel and time shifting, you’ll come to notice that many current messages are found in old posts, just as they are found in old songs, TV shows and movies. This post caught my attention because it is from “NY Breakfast” and these Greys and Reptilians eat humans. The time and date of the message itself is the message. Note that within the text of the message the poster “added 4 miles” which means they added 4 hours to the time. So subtract four hours. That is 3:59am and all of their first string attacks occur in the US between 3 and 4 am. (See our decoding of 25 or 6 to 4 by Chicago, and “24 before my love and I’ll be there” in the Greys’ song Roundabout by Yes.)

Here’s the entry again below. We can make sense of it because: (1) we are on the lookout for messages about the attack; (2) we are familiar with their methods; (3) we know that this SectionHiker website is put up by their leader (Kodiak); and (4) we have their code words, which you should print out for when we lose power. The messages will continue but you won’t be able to reference the cheat sheet online.

We know the attack starts “left of West” (off the West Coast)  because we are on the Tether with the Parents and the Greys, and Reptilians. But they tell you about it in the REM song “It’s the End of the World as We Know It.” (We also know that 6pm news hour there will be attacks on “foreign towers” because of this same song.) Our messages are everywhere, you don’t have to dig too hard to find them, once you know the context (attack), the background (read the blog), and the code words, and once you grasp that the messages are everywhere. Even on billboards, street names, and clouds in the sky.

We know the attack starts off the LA Coast at between 3 and 4 am. We know that “New York” is a code name for the upstairs people (see the Code Word Lexicon). We know that “I’m going back a number of years” is totally superfluous to this post, except as code meaning. Thus the entire first sentence appears to be a jumble of stuff about an incident that caused a delay and a hassle, which is what we are experiencing right now, from their point of view. They planned to attack on Christmas morning. Now with broken chains and gummed up works… But, in mid sentence the topic shifts to the present plan. “Added 4 miles” … to what? Look around for some math to add that too and you’ll find 7:59 which is 8am EST and 5am PST, but now subtract what NY Breakfast added. And we have 3:59. In Los Angeles. They will retrieve their breakfast. We also know that they use “summer” for human life and “winter” for Greys in control. “Winter is Coming” is their catchphrase, and their show. They are “always in winter.” In other words, they are Greys. “I wouldn’t be able to pass without them.” What does that mean? Probably telling the upstairs people, the Greys and the Reptilians, and humans who attack from upstairs and down, that they won’t be able to move on to the next version of Earth without first retrieving the souls in this time loop. Encouragement for them to attack.

“Threw out the day” is an intentional misspelling. They add misused or misspelled words to highlight those words as particularly important. We tell you in the Code Word Lexicon that the “lifespan” for each time loop version of Earth is called a “Day” and it corresponds directly to Hera’s lifetime. When she dies, the “Sun” goes “down” and the “Day” has reached its end. They are saying here that this post is about “throwing away the Day.” The final attack on this time loop.

The Greys are code numbered as “Nines” in the Family, so it could be that March 9 is not the right date. That “9” could just be about the Nines. Or they could move the date again. 

A “habit” is not in the code word lexicon but it refers to a nun’s habit, which is a reference to being “Catholic.” The Greys and Reptilians are aliens and a code word for them is “Cats” while humans are code-worded as “Dogs.” The Cats use Catholic a lot to reference “Cat” and they do the same thing with other words, in an attempt to avoid others decoding their plans. It is imperative that some of you learn how to do this, as we will not be able to talk to you directly anymore after the attack begins. The power will be out. The Tether will be cut.

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 3.09.08 PMThere’s another sickening message in the comments. This one below talks about the “Black Hole Sun” we tell you about which are spaceship vacuums that literally suck humans up and pulverize them like in War of the Worlds (which you should consider a documentary). “Grandpa” is Kodiak letting people know it is he, the Family “Godfather.” And “money” is the Greys’ code word for human beings. Kodiak is also talking about “Hera” as his wife (he does this as a coded reference, she is NOT HIS WIFE). Kodiak says that his “wife” is a “not really” which also is a lie. A “not really” means an alien hiding as a human. A Nine or a Two. This is Hera’s Blog about how the Nines and Twos are planning to harm the humans, and are harming the humans. Needless to say to sane people, she is not one of them. 

There is more in the message. “Money followed by backpacking gear appearing out of a delivery truck” all is a message, as is “a wormhole exit in disguise.” In fact this Grandpa post informs the previous post. “Backpacking gear” refers to surgical equipment they use to torture innocent men, women and children, specifically the balaclava as a terror mask, and machetes. “Delivery truck” refers to the “surgeons” as they call them, who cut off victims’ legs and arms and rape their torsos until they die. A term for these people who do this is “loopers” because they use time travel to attack people as we explain on the blog. Another term is just “trucks” or “pickup trucks.”  When they tag a female to be tortured to death they call her “the bride” the “wife” or “expecting” or “pregnant.”

Thus, Kodiak is saying that the “truck” with surgeons to gut Hera will “deliver” her. It’s also a reference to the movie Deliverance and to the biblical idea of deliverance. All together Kodiak is promising that any attackers who step up to torture Hera, their Creator’s wife, to death will be vacuumed up during the “alien attack” but that he will grab their souls before their bodies die and give them a secret escape through a private exit. Their vacuum will be wormhole exit in disguise. Thus allowing them to move on to the next version of Earth without being tortured and consumed by the Greys and Reptilians. The “Uke” post below it lets people know it’s a Grey talking, with “Hmm?” because Question Marks are a symbol for the Greys.  The attackers also are called “sock” as a reference to evil sock puppets, which is a old story but Kodiak’s longtime followers will get the reference.

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 3.44.11 PM.png

There you have it, another contract offer from Satan himself. Kodiak is Satan. Hera is your Creator’s wife. You humans may win another round of being preyed on and having your memories wiped, as you enjoy preying on the other humans here, if only you’ll torture Hera to death. Without Hera being tortured to death, they just can’t move on to the vacuuming and consuming of all the other humans here. And they can’t move on to new prey in new situations in a new time loop version of Earth.  End of message.

Does that sound like a “prize” you might want to win? And why can’t they move on and just kill Hera along with everybody else? Because Hera is your Creator’s wife and Kodiak is the Devil. Hera must die as “Jesus” killed by her own people via torture. Otherwise, because Satan is displeased, he’ll just keep this time loop of Earth turning to spite you.

Here’s the entire blog post where these comments are found. Probably there are other coded messages in the comments because Kodiak is SectionHiker, the poster of the main blog itself. But get a feel for how these hidden messages pop up so that you can be on the lookout for messages.


via Backpacking External Attachment Guide: How to Carry Gear On the Outside of a Backpack – Section Hikers Backpacking Blog


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