When a hiking blog FULL of digital images says “It’s Time for Digital Leave No Trace,” they mean it’s TIME TO WIPE OUT EARTH USING ADVANCED TECH, AND LEAVE “NO TRACE” OF THE HUMANS WHO WERE HERE.

Above is one image from this “Modern Hiker” Blog post about leaving NO TRACE. They are Greys and Reptilians and they intend to wipe everything and everyone off the face of this Earth, leaving NO TRACE. Look at the shadows in the image and you’ll see two small human figures on the bottom left looking back and up at the creatures in the sky coming to attack them.

Here’s the rest of the post, which is full of coded references to attacking Earth’s human occupants. We no longer have time to decode these for you. See this Lexicon of Code Words and our many examples here and learn to decode their messages and ours. 


via Is it time to Update the Leave No Trace principles?


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