The Greys and Reptilians will attack. They do keep pushing back the date.

Nothing really has changed. I apologize that we have not been able to update this blog and likely will not be able to update the blog in the future.

The Greys and Reptilians are talking about attacking on March Ninth. But they also are talking about Easter, which is April Fools Day, and Kodiak and Bee call their Satanic followers and coterie generally “fools.” So I interpret April Fools Day to mean “the Devil’s Day” or along those lines. In other chatter outside of our direct tether communications with them they have been talking of putting off the attack until 2019, but I don’t think they will wait that long. They talk of “running out of time.” I am sorry I don’t have specifics other than to get East of the Continental Divide and avoid cities, and do not come back West under a false sense of security. Please print out the code word lexicon on the front page so that you’ll be able to follow our messages in the future. Although the blog won’t be accessible once things begin, we will continue to update the songs already in this system with new lyrics and new information. Even if you know a song and think you understand its meaning, keep listening to it because it will become applicable again as we update the lyrics. When we update the songs any changes are made at the point of origin, so you won’t notice the changes most likely, but you will notice that what you are listening to has current relevance, especially if you know how to read our code words. Please print them out.

We are so sorry that we cannot stop them. There is nothing that they want. They are attacking humans for their entertainment.

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