This Is BEE, “Queen Bee” of the Grey Aliens, Here Popping Up on Curbly To Make a Joke About Torturing Humans Here Inside Their Cage That THEY CALL “EARTH”

Nothing has changed. Print out the code word lexicon on the front page of this blog at the top and keep it with you. If you get caught out without an MP3 player or solar charger, you can still sing songs in your head and collect our messages. When we update songs it goes back to the point of origin and so that song will seem to have always been that way, yet it contains current news from us from upstairs in the future. “When you feel down and out, sing a song….. Get yourself what you need, sing a song.”

The Parents.

Here are some other images of Bee that we’ve shown you here before, and also here.

Bee is known as “The Teacher” to Travelers, while “husband” Kodiak is “The Preacher.”  –  That is why she is dressed like a school marm in this blog photo. The Preacher and the Teacher, they control “China Grove” and also lead the Twos who they call the “trees.” Hence the name China GROVE. Kodiak’s code name is China. (Click the China Grove link for that song decoded.)

Compare this blogger’s own image of herself as “Me Gray” below to these other actual depictions of Bee on television and in movies:

The Master in Dr. Who”



And Frau Farbissina from Austin Powers, which is German for “bitter”:



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